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  1. 1. MeasurementBy Alph a-Ad ve n tu re r 9
  2. 2. Measurement Description Measurement Definition Some words describing measurementMeasurement is a word describing howto find the length, width, time, volume lengthand many others . It is also describingdistance like meters and yards, or inch widthand centimeter , those are all terms ofmeasurement. But you are also able to volumemeasure time and temperature withhours ,minutes, celsius and fahrenheit mass
  3. 3. Some tools we use to Measure The thermometer The Clock A thermometer is used to A clock is used to tell time like measure temperature like a.m and p.m or seconds hours celsius and fahrenheit . and minutes there are analog clocks and digital clocks The Meter Stick The RulerMeter sticks are used to measure The ruler is used to measure smallmany things like walls hallways objects like paper .and many others .
  4. 4. We use measurement dailyWe use measurement daily like when you need to see how tall you are or whenyou bake a cake you need measuring tools . Sometimes when you want to seehow much you weigh you also need measuring tools. But even if you do notknow it, measurement is all around you, clocks and thermometers aremeasuring tools too.
  5. 5. The Metric system The Metric System The Basic Metric Prefix Kilo = 1000The metric system is what a lot of Hecto=100people use daily , like centimeter,meter, kilometer and ,millimeter. Deka=10There is something called the metricprefix which is a term to put aheadof different measurements likecentimeter and centiliter. Deci=0.1 Centi=0.01 Milli= 0.001
  6. 6. The Customary systemThe Customary system ConvertingThe Customary system isinches, feet, yards, and 12 inches = 1 footmiles. This is an oldsystem that was used by 3 feet = 1 yardthe British now even theyuse the metric system ,and 1760 yards= 1milenow only a few people innorth america use it. Thereis also pounds gallons andmany other complicatedones .
  7. 7. Converting bet ween systems Customary Metric Metric Answerinch Centimeters 2.54 Centimetersfoot Meters 0.3048 Metersyard Meters 0.9144 Metersmile Kilometers 1.609344 Kilometers
  8. 8. Measurement and MaterialsMeasurement and materialsare connected in many wayslike you need measuring toolsto see how long you need yourstructure to be or how heavy itshould weigh.
  9. 9. Google Hope you enjoyed