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  1. 1. About integers By Clifford Chan
  2. 2. Here are a few words you needto know in order to calculatenegative numbers.Negative numbersPositive numbersIntegerPlace value systemNumber line
  3. 3. IntegersA positive number , a negative numberor a zero but not a fraction or a decimal.A whole numberWhole numbers greater than zero arecalled positive integers. These numbersare to the right of zero on the numberline.
  4. 4. Negative numbers A number less than zero We use - to show a negative number. A positive number could change to a negative if the sum you have is less than the number you are taking away.
  5. 5. Positive numbers A number greater than zero We use + to show a positive number A negative number plus a positive number will result in a positive number if the positive number is bigger than the negative number.
  6. 6. Number lineLine marked with numbers used to showoperationsCould be a line to help you calculateAddition and subtraction.
  7. 7. Place value systemThe value of a digit depending on it’splace in a number.In the place value system there is ones,tens, hundreds and thousands. Itcontinues until it reaches infinity.
  8. 8. Integer rulesPositive + negative =positive or negativedepending on the questionNegative - negative=positive ,example-2 - -3=1 It would equal to 0 becauseNegative - negative =positive. But If itwas -2 - -1 It would then equal to anegative because the negative is largerthan the positive.