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Improper and mixed (assessment)


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Improper and mixed (assessment)

  1. 1. Mixed numbers andimproper fractionsBy: Alpha-Adventurer 20
  2. 2. How to put improper fraction into a mixed number • How to put a improper fraction into a mixed number is like this: • Have a improper fraction like 11/5, then if you want to change this into a mixed number you will have to follow: • First divide the numerator by the denominator. After you divide, you get 2 remainder 1. • The denominator 5, stays the same, the number 2 goes on the side as a whole number, and the remainder 1 goes as the numerator. • So your mixed number is 2 1/5.
  3. 3. How to put a mixed number into a improper fraction • How to put a mixed number into a improper fraction is like this: • The whole number is 2 and the fraction is 3/7, if you want to change it into a improper fraction you will have to follow: • The denominator 7 stays the same, then multiply the whole number which is 2 by the denominator 7, then add 3 to 14, 14, add 3 is 17 so that’s your numerator. • So your improper fraction is 17/7.
  4. 4. My thoughts on improper fractions and mixed numbers • I was not so good at mixed numbers and improper fractions at first, but with help from Mr. MacPherson, I managed to understand it. I figured out how it works, and thought it was pretty easy, once I do a few problems of mixed to improper, and improper to mixed.
  5. 5. Credits• Math Support on Mathletics:• Mathletics:• Mr. MacPherson by telling me how to do mixed numbers and improper fractions.
  6. 6. Thanks for watching!• Hope you enjoyed!