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Ezra Petit

  1. 1. Scarlett Ezra Petit Thank you Ezra, thanks a lot. You’re the reason why I have a better lifenow. My name is Danielle Simon, I was looking through my desk at a school inFrance, Le Siréne d’École. I figured that I lost my favourite led pencil. There’s no big deal, not like anyone will go through my desk. Wait! Ifsomeone actually looked through my desk, they’ll see the note Ezra wrote tome! I rummaged around my desk and found the note. I unfolded it and read itin my head again. “Hey Danielle, I need help! But first make sure no one reads this note except for you. Ilost the note you sent me last time! I think someone took it out of my desk! Ialso need to tell you that Christophe and you are my best friends, so don’tthink that only Chris is my best friend. I think you’re better than Chris,however don’t tell him I said that. He thinks I’m like him more than you, butactually it’s the other way around. Don’t tell him, I trust you. From Your Best Friend, Ezra Petit” That second, I knew someone looked through my desk. In the back of thenote, there was a message in messy writing. “HAHAHAHA! I’m telling Chris!” I took a deep breath then quickly wrote a note to Ezra saying that someonesaw the note and don’t worry about the note I sent him before. I realized thatif I put the note into Ezra’s desk, someone will look into it too. Quickly, Iripped the note I wrote to Ezra to make sure nobody can look at it, then Iwalked out of the classroom to find Ezra. “Have you seen Ezra?” I asked my classmate Bernard Morel. “Nope. Why?” He replied. “Nothing, just asking. I actually got to go now, class is starting.” Look, Ezra is not in my class anymore, last year he was, but this year theteachers split us apart. I needed to find him around the school in usualrecesses and lunch breaks. Most of the time, I send him notes and stick themin his desk. The teachers let us go into their classes, this thing happens allaround the school. Where will I find Ezra? I’ll ask Christophe, but what if heknows about the note? I decided to ask the homeroom teacher of Ezra’s. As I walked into Ezra’s class, my eyes caught Ezra’s desk. Miss Bonnet wasthe teacher of the class. “Hi, Miss Bonnet. Do you have any idea where Ezrawent?” I whispered loudly. “Ezra... Let me think,” She looked at the library passes. “I think he’s goingto the library,” Miss Bonnet finally said. “he took one of the library passes.” “Thanks!” I mumbled. Then I walked I made my way to the coldest part ofthe library where Ezra always go. I walked passed a couple librarians andprinters then my eyes ran into my best friend. I walked faster and faster until Ireached him. Quickly, I told him everything that happened. Ezra and I weresilent for one long second. My best friend was thinking of something, I didn’tknow what it was, but I know for sure it was a plan by that look on his face. “Aye!” Ezra finally said. “Why do these people have to care about us?! Itdoesn’t matter anymore Danielle. I’ve got this thing sorted.” “Then what am I going to-”
  2. 2. “HUSH!” one of the librarians interrupted. “This is a library not aplayground Danielle!” I nodded as the librarian walked slowly away, keeping an eye on us. “do?”I continued. “You’re going to go to school and have your normal days.” Ezra whisperedmaking sure he wouldn’t talk too loud. I nodded again as if I was agreeing withhim. However, in my mind I had a bad feeling about this plan he was talkingabout. I knew I was going to be involved in this plan and this plan he had wasprobably something he made up. Not to be mean, but things Ezra make up...good luck. I’m going to follow him everywhere he goes and text him wheneverI can. Actually, why didn’t I think about texting? That’s a good idea, I’m goingto text Ezra and make sure he has a password in order to get into his phone tomake sure no one goes into it. And I’ll make sure no one can go into myphone. I heard the school bell which meant lunch break was over. “See youaround!” Ezra whispered into my ear. “Wait!” I almost yelled. “Set a password for your phone. Make sure nobodycan go into it. I’m going to text you!” “Sure, do the same. See you Danielle!” My best friend said. “See you Ezra!” I went back into class and saw my teacher Mr. Lambert sitting on one ofthe rolling chairs waiting for the class to arrive. “I have a question, Mr Lambert.” I grumbled. “Yes? I’m always here for you Danielle.” “I have a friend that has a plan that I don’t feel confident in. He looks likehe was going to mess things ever further. What am I suppose to do?” Iwhined. “Does that friend of yours appear to be Ezra Petit?” “Well, yeah!” I said “But still, what am I going to do?” “Listen to me Danielle,” Mr Lambert mumbled. “Ezra can mess things up,but he’s still your best friend. If this plan is not about friendship, then you’refine. It won’t ruin your friendship with him, I think at least. If Ezra is confidentabout this plan then as a best friends, you should agree with him and stay withhis plan. At least that’s what I’ll do.” “What if the plan he has is not a good one that will get him into trouble?” Igrumbled. The look on his face turned serious. “Just saying, just saying.” “I know Ezra well enough, he won’t sacrifice himself for something likethat.” Mr Lambert stuttered. “You’re a good student Danielle, don’t worryabout Ezra he’ll be fine, but if you continue worrying about him, that mightaffect your grades in school.” I never thought Mr Lambert can be that strict! Anyways, whatever Ezra isup to, I’m with him. I’ll sacrifice myself for my best friend if I have to. I’ll doanything for Ezra, my best friend. I took my cellphone out then made mypassword 2, 1, 2, 0. Then, I texted Ezra. At first, I decided to make sure hehad his password so that no one can go into his phone. But I can’t wait thatlong. It’ll be after school until see him again and his bus is the first one toleave so I won’t be able to see him until tomorrow. So I thought about what Iwas going to type and sent the message.
  3. 3. “Hi Ezra, Remember the thing we were talking about in the library? I’m with you nomatter what your plan is about. I don’t care if I get in trouble. I really don’tmind. And make sure you make that code for your phone. Make sure no onecan go into it. And Ezra you have to work with me tell me your plan in thelibrary tomorrow when we have lunch break, same place where we wereyesterday.-Danielle Simon” When arrived to school the next day, I was still wondering if Ezra textedme. I hope he did, however I looked at my phone and my inbox was stillempty. I searched for Ezra around the school, but I still needed to go to classfor my lessons. The bell rang and I went to my classroom. At lunchtime, I caught Ezra going to the library when I was going to it too.We talked along the way. “Ezra! You did receive my text message! Why didn’tyou reply me?” I whined. “Calm down young lady!” Ezra said calmly. “Texts cost money, I’m savingup. Anyways, my plan is to talk to the people in the assembly on Wednesday,that’s tomorrow, I’m so excited!” “Wait! What?! That’s not possible! How are you suppose to take themicrophone out of the principal’s hands?!” I shouted as we continued walking.“Actually, Let’s go to the playground instead. I can shout there.” “Follow my lead. I’m going to say ‘Principal, I have an inspirational speechfor the assembly. Please let me talk to the students, this has been happeningall around the school.’” Ezra smiled. “I’m doing it with you Ezra! I’ll do whatever it is with you!” I yelled. “No! If you do people will start bullying you! That’s not a good sign.” “I don’t care!” I yelled again. “You will when you get bullied, I’m stronger than you. Only I’m going to bedoing it. Not you!” Ezra shouted. I figured no matter what I said Ezra wouldn’t let me to speak with him, so Idecided not to argue with my best friend and nodded. When I saw Ezra’s face,I turned around. He looked as if he didn’t want to do it. Then I turn back. “ Ifyou don’t want to do it, you don’t have to. No one is forcing you Ezra. You’remy best friend, I’ll do anything for you.” “Who said I didn’t want to do it?! It’s my plan! Of course I want to do it!”Ezra shouted even louder. “Okay, okay. I just want you to know that I’m available anytime.” I said. We both walked back to class wordlessly. I didn’t dare to talk. Ezra scaredme when he shouted at me just now. The day after yesterday, I thought about what will happen in the assembly.What will my best friend say? What will Chris think about the note? I saw Chriswalking around the hallway. “Hi, Chris.” I whispered. “Go away! I don’t want to see you! Ezra likes you more than me! It’s notfair! How are you better than me?!” Chris screamed. He knows! Chris knowsand he just offended me. “Who told you?!” I asked “No one! I just saw the note!” Chris moaned. “It was in your desk and frommy best friend! Not yours!”
  4. 4. “I know how you feel Chris, you still weren’t suppose to look through mydesk, that’s my privacy!” I murmured. “There is private stuff in there! Luckilyyou only looked at note, what if you looked at something else?!” “I’m sorry Danielle, I couldn’t help it!” Ezra’s ex-best friend shouted. “Mybest friend wrote a note to you and he might like you more than me, so Ilooked at it! I didn’t mean it Danielle, I’m sorry.” “Apology accepted.” I said simply as I walked away to the assembly thatwas going to start in a few minutes. When I reached the assembly, I saw Ezra. “Mr Piéiré (the principal),something has been happening around the school, I have a speech that I wantto announce to the students.” “How long will that take?” Mr Piéiré asked. “1 minute.” Ezra answered simply. “Then help yourself.” Mr Piéiré said as he handed the microphone to Ezra. “Attention students!” Ezra said into the microphone. “Do you ever feel thatyou don’t have enough privacy? People have been going through Danielle andmy desks.” I blushed as everyone looked at me. Christophe was furious. “Ithink people should stop doing this because if you have something private inyour desk and you don’t want anyone to look at it and someone saw it, youwon’t feel good.” Ezra continued. “So don’t look through other people’s desks ifyou don’t want people to look at yours.” That speech was not as inspirational as I thought it would be, howeveralmost everyone agreed with Ezra including Christophe! Bernard agreed too!Since Bernard is one of Christophe’s best friend, I thought he wouldn’t agreewith Ezra, but he did! “What did you think of my speech? Was it touching?” Ezra asked. “Um... It’s fine!” I stuttered. When Ezra and I looked through my desk, there was a note from Chris. “Hi Danielle, I’m sorry that I offended you today, I won’t do that again! I’ve learned mylesson! I won’t look at your ‘private stuff’ again! Sorry once again! Christophe Morel “I guess my job here is done,” Ezra smiled. “I don’t need to say that everagain! YAY! At least I guess so, right Danielle?” Looks like Chris decided to not look at people’s privacy! I guess eventhough people do something wrong they can still make a difference! Andbullies, if you want to know who’s idea that was, it’s not mine! This is one of the things Ezra did to change life at school. The future will bebetter without people looking at my privacy. Thanks Ezra!