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Exploration day story


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Exploration day story

  1. 1. How Dexter Did a darethat made a discovery that he shouldn’t have toldMay Viva “Hey Dex!” “wanna come to my house ?” said Phoenix“Sure man!”“just gonna ask my mom” said DexterDex was his name guys would call him he was just like theothers who would just like fun, but all changed on that playdate.It just started on one dare...Just one!Here’s the storystrait. “Dex!”“over hear in my tree house where we could talk” saidPhoenix.“I’m comin said Dexter.When they were at the tree house they both just talked likeusual, but then Phoenix said“You wanna play truth or dare?”“ Yeah I’ll play” Said Dexter“Truth or Dare?” said Phoenix“Dare” said Dexter“I Dare you to go to magder forest with me said phoenixDexter was speechless. Dexter then explained that he couldntgo because many people said it was extremely dangerous andhis mom forbidden him to enter that forest.“I know!You ask your mom if you can come for a sleepover
  2. 2. then I’d say to my mom we’ll go to the park but, actuallywe’ll go to the forest”said Phoenix.“Are you sure that we will not get caught doing this?”Dexter said“Yeah I am pretty sure that we won’t get caught doing this”Phoenix saidSo that afternoon Dexter asked his mom” Could I go toPhoenix’s house for a one night sleepover?”So Dexter’s mom said “ yes but remember to not go to themagder forest okay, but I will be sure to call Phoenix’s momto make sure” After Dexter asked his mom, he went strait tohis room and packed and went to Phoenix house. 2Ready to go,Dex?said Phoenix.Ready! said Dexter.Moooom!We’re going to the park! said Phoenix.So they both walked to the forest till they walked into theforest.Dexter suddenly trip.Ouch!What the heck was that!said DexterI think it’s a rock that looks like an egg!said Phoenix.Dexter lifted the rock a threw it towards a tree!Soon whenthe rock hit against the tree it crack in half.Hey,Dex! That rock is like a coconut maybe it as somethininside!said Phoenix.