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Esme's Place Value Study Guide


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Here is a study guide I made about place value.

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Esme's Place Value Study Guide

  1. 1. Place ValueBy Esme
  2. 2. What is Place Value?Place value is the value or amount of a singledigit of a number. This includes Integers,Percentages, Decimals, Fractions, Ones, Tens,Thousands etc.
  3. 3. What is an Integer?An integer is a whole number, not a Decimal,Fraction or Percentage. Usually it just means anegative or positive number.
  4. 4. What is a Positive Number or a Negative Number?Positive NumbersA positive number is a number above zero on thenumber line.Negative NumbersA negative number is a number below zero onthe number line. If there is a - sign in front it is anegative number (-9).
  5. 5. What is Absolute Value?The amount or value from the number 0,ignoring the integer signs (- or +). So -9 and +9have the same absolute value which is 9!
  6. 6. Adding andSubtracting Integer Explanations
  7. 7. Adding Integers 1How to add positive and anegative? If you have a problem like 8 + -9 you subtract instead or add, so change the symbol from adding to subtracting. Also change the negative into a positive. So 8 + -9 would be 8 - 9. Than just subtract normally. If the If the number after - is bigger than the first number than the sum is a negative number.
  8. 8. Adding Integers 2 How to add Negative and a Positive?Adding a negative and a positivelooks like -9 + 8. If the secondnumber is bigger than the firstnumber the sum is a positive, if thesecond number is smaller than thesum is a negative. So -9 + 8 =negative. To solve the problem yougo the amount of the second numberto the right on the number line (Ifyou have -9 + 8, you go 8 numbersto the right). Than what number youend up is the answer!!! So -9 + 8 = -1
  9. 9. Adding Integers 3How to add 2negatives?Example: -8 + -9Remember this, negativeplus negative equalsnegative. First change thenegatives into positives.Then just add normally,after you have the sum puta negative sign in front, so-8 + -9 = -17
  10. 10. Subtracting Integers 1How to subtract positivewith a negative? If you have a problem like 8 - -9 you actually add instead of subtracting. So change the subtract (-) symbol into a adding sign(+). Then you change the negative into a positive. The problem should end up looking like this (8 + 9). Then just add normally!
  11. 11. Subtracting Integers 2How to subtract anegative and a positive? If you have a problem like -9 - 8, this is how you do it. First you need to know that the answer is always a negative. First change the negative into a positive, also don’t subtract you should add. Then add normally, when you have the sum change it to a negative. (Example if the cum is 17, change to -17) So -9 - 8 = -17
  12. 12. Subtracting Integers 3How to subtract 2negatives? A problem like -2 - -2 equals either a negative or a positive. First change the second number into a positive. Also don’t subtract, you add. Then add, -2 + 2 = 0. Hint go to the right when using the number line.
  13. 13. Thank You!