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Da vinci style


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Da vinci style

  1. 1. Introducing Da Vinci Style Journaling in Mathematics
  2. 2. Who was Leonardo da Vinci?
  3. 3. Who was Leonardo da Vinci?• Born on April 15, 1452, in Vinci, Italy.• He was the child of a landowner and a peasant girl.• Raised by his father, he began his artist apprenticeshipat the age of 14 under the artist Verrocchio.• His best-known works are two of the most famouspaintings of all time, the Mona Lisa and The LastSupper.• His scientific inquiries fill 13,000 pages, ranging fromanatomy to war machines.
  4. 4. Fascinating Factda Vinci wrote backward, so the easiest wayto read his notes was to hold them up to amirror.It’s not clear why he did that, but da Vincifilled notebook after notebook with sketchesand backward writing. About 6,000 pages ofhis notes still exist.
  5. 5. da Vinci’s Journals
  6. 6. da Vinci’s Journals
  7. 7. da Vinci Style Mathematics Journal
  8. 8. Knowledge statementNote to teacher
  9. 9. Explanation of strategy usedNote to teacher
  10. 10. Thinking Routineacknowledged
  11. 11. learning goal and prior knowledge clearly statedstrategic use of highlighter
  12. 12. Write an exit slip to review your learning Include questions to prompt further inquiry
  13. 13. mind maps are a great way to reflect and review
  14. 14. write a note to your teacher to let them know what you arefinding easy, challenging, puzzling etc
  15. 15. References: