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Canadian international school of hong kong


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Canadian international school of hong kong

  1. 1. Clifford Chan 30/1/13Canadian International School of Hong KongcThe Canadian International School of Hong Kong islocated in Aberdeen on Hong Kong Island. It has 14 floorsand two gymnasiums. Right beside the school is a 600-seattheatre for special activities like plays or visits fromvarious artists in residence.At CDNIS there are over 1845 students from 41nations enrolled in CDNIS. Another reason there are lotsof students could be because K-12’s are in the samebuilding as the K-1’sCDNIS is also one of the leading schools in SouthEast Asia. This is because of the staff, facilities,curriculum/IB, and the Chinese program. The schoolsMission statement is to develop responsible globalcitizens through academic excellence. Most of the peoplewho attend CDNIS will have a good university in thefuture because CDNIS is really strict with theirexpectation and really wants their students to have agreat future so they could have a good university to goto.The school also provides a good environment so thestudents don’t need to feel afraid. This school is wellstructured with guards and security cameras so thestudents don’t have to be afraid of going to school!To conclude, CDNIS has lots of different reasonsthat it is good. The fact that it has a good structure,it has lots of students, it has a good environment and itis one of the leading schools in Hong Kong.
  2. 2. Clifford Chan 30/1/13