5 a year in review


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5 a year in review

  1. 1. Year In Review - Grade 5A! This year we got a lot of freedom, it was completely different to Grade 4. Thebig differences were that we got lockers and our own MacBooks. That meant wehad more freedom then Grade 4 and we were more responsible then last year. Wehad 6 units in total.!! Our first unit was called “How We Express Ourselves”. It was mostly abouthow technology in the 21st century is different than the technology in the 20thcentury. It took place from August 23rd to September 24th. Our central idea for thisunit was: Changes in technology create different types of connections betweenpeople and their audience. For our summative assessment we needed to design anew communication tool.
  2. 2. ! Our second unit was called “How The World Works”. It was mostly aboutscience and chemicals. It took place from the 27th of September to November 5th.Our central idea was: Changes in matter pose challenges and provide benefits. Forour summative assessment we wrote a procedural text.
  3. 3. !My Procedural Writing (SummativeAssessment)!! !
  4. 4. !!! Our third unit was called “How We Organize Ourselves”. It was mostly aboutsolid waste around the world. It took place from November 8th to December 17th.Our central was: Decisions made about solid waste management affect societiesand the environment. For our summative assessment we did something called“Standing In The Spotlight”. We needed to talk about pros and cons about a wastemanagement system. Our summative assessment was called “Standing In TheSpotlight” because you needed stand up on your own and try convince the classthat your opinion or view is the right one.!!
  5. 5. ! Our fourth unit was called “Sharing The Planet”. It was mostly about humanrights and child labor. It took place from January 5th to February 25th. Our centralidea was: Actions can support or deny access to childrenʼs rights and equalopportunities. Our summative assessment was writing a recount and making aPSA (Public Service Announcement).My PSA (Summative Assessment for 4th Unit)My Summative Recount: It was a hot and sunny day in the U.S. When I was sitting in my littlebedroom next to the religious meeting place. It only had one window and I waspouring down sweat because there wasn’t any breeze. My parents aremembers of the religious cult. It is our family’s tradition. Everyone wanted it tostay that way except for me Elijah Aayan. Being in a religious cult is my family’s tradition. Actually at first I wasadopted and put into this family the day after my 6th birthday. I was then soona member of the cult. I have been outside before and also went to school. Imiss my school very much. I used to have so much fun learning and playing.But here everything was different. Everyday was the same I first had my breakfast, then read my book andstart basic learning for example learning nouns and verbs. Every once in awhile, one of my parents come out of the discussion with other religious cultmembers and come in my bedroom and look what I was reading or doing. Iwas also not allowed to know anything about the world outside the religiouscult. Therefore I couldn’t read newspapers, watch T.V or listen to the radio.Adding onto that I also didn’t get good quality education or choose somefriends from outside our cult. I thought that it was really unfair for all of us and stopping religious cultswould do all of us good in many different types of ways. It also denied ourhuman rights. It didn’t matter how many times I said it but they still didn’tagree. It is very boring in the religious cult. There were only 4 children in thecult, Me, Benedict, Bethel and Eleazar. None of us got along well, we never didsomething together. As far as I know none of them have been outside before. Iwanted to change that though.
  6. 6. My dream all started on Monday the 11th of February 2008. I wasthirteen at the time. All of the children were getting more mature, and wewere starting to become friends. The days passed on and it got more and moreexciting. We were making our own games and having great fun. On the Fridayof that week I got a fabulous idea. I started talking about us making a groupto protest against religious cults. We were not trying to ban them but makethem more interactive with the world around us and make them friendlier andalso give them a wider education about the world. So we all could get alongwell. Our group was getting more and more popular by the minute we soongot about 40 religious cults around the U.S to be more interactive with theworld and stopping them denying there own rights. I was really happy andproud that I achieved my dream, made a difference to the world and madeless people suffer with the denial of their human rights.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------! Our fifth unit was called “Where We Are In Place And Time”. It took placefrom February 28th to April 13th. Our central idea was called: People and placeshave histories that can be uncovered and interpreted through a variety of sources.For our summative assessment we made a small museum exhibit about people orplaces that have histories that can be uncovered or interpreted. !
  7. 7. ! My Museum Exhibit (Summative Assessment for 5th Unit)!! I experienced a lot of new things in Grade 5. One of the best things Iexperienced was on the China Trip. We went to Guizhou and visited local villages.We hiked around the villages and saw great views of mountains surrounding us.When we went to the villages we partnered up with local kids and spent the daywith them sightseeing. I really enjoyed it because I also got to practice my chinese. My Buddy, Friends and Me in the China Trip ! !!!
  8. 8. ! Our last unit was called “Who We Are”. It took place from April 26th to June16th. We didnʼt have a summative assessment for that unit because it was veryshort and our end of year parties took up a lot of time but we had a central idea. Itwas “ The human body is comprised of systems that are continually changing.!!My Learning Goals:! My two learning goals for Grade 5 were participating more in classdiscussions and being more descriptive in my writing.! Participating more in class discussions was a goal for me because I still feltquite shy to express my ideas and ask questions in front of everyone. I wanted tobe more active and not just sit there listening.! Being more descriptive was also a goal for me because I felt my writing wastoo simple and basic and didnʼt have much detail in it. I pushed myself all the timeto put more effort in it because I wanted to show that I am not lazy. ! I think I achieved both of my goals, I put much more effort and time into mywriting than the start of the year. I also feel much less shy when I express myopinions and ideas during class discussions. I think I met both of my goals by notbeing scared to get the wrong answers and putting more time, being more carefuland not rushing in my work. I think achieving my goals helped me a lot this yearbecause I got use to putting more effort, not being shy and towards the end of theyear I didnʼt need to remind myself that I need to still follow my goals even if Iachieved them.