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100 things that are round


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100 things that are round

  1. 1. In no particular order,1. A circle2. A sphere3. A soccer ball4. A tennis ball5. A basketball6. A gypsy’s ball7. A marble8. An orange9. The spinning wheel of doom10. Safari11. iTunes12. Firefox13. Google Chrome14. Launchpad15. The number zero16.The letter O
  2. 2. 17. The number 2418. Bottle caps19. CDNIS logo20. IB logo21. The Earth22. Mercury23. Venus24. Mars25. Jupiter26. Saturn27. Uranus28. Neptune29. Pluto30. The Sun31. A moon32. A cheese wheel33. A full stop.
  3. 3. 34. An eyeball35. The top of a screw36. The top of a nail37. A clown’s nose38. A cherry tomato39. A tomato40. Some potatoes41. An apple42. A pear43. A grape44. A lime45. A lemon46. An orange47. A pancake48. A waffle49. Dora the Explorer’s head50. An oval
  4. 4. 51. An ellipse52. A fire alarm53. A typical pizza54. The common pie55. An egg56. Roe57. Caviar58. A plum59. An egg yolk60. Circumference x π61. Radius^2 x π62. A nostril63. A muffin64. A cupcake65. A scoop of ice cream66. A bowl67. A plate
  5. 5. 68. A cake69. A knob of butter70. A balloon71. An analogue clock72. The Wheel of Fortune73. A cookie74. A skullcap75. The lens of a pair of glasses76. A coin77. A kiwi78. A slinky79. A bracelet80. A tyre81. A sawblade82. A CD83. A UFO84. A puck
  6. 6. 85. A golf ball86. A snare drum87. A marshmallow88. 5, 10, 15, 20....89. A cabbage90. A kneecap91. A camera lens92. A coconut93. A hedgehog94. A pool table ball95. A wheel96. A snowman97. The button that closes a window on a Mac98. The button that hides a window on a Mac99. The button that enlarges a window on a Mac100. And finally... THIS SEAL: