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Storytelling reflection copy


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Published in: Education
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Storytelling reflection copy

  1. 1. Story-telling ReflectionMy Story is called…The Planning Phase:I chose to write a fantasy genre because when you are writing a fantasy story you have awider rang of things to put into your story and what I mean is that in a realistic stories youdon’t have a lot of characters or places or even imagination. I also would say that at thebeginning my group immediately wanted it to be a fantasy space story.The most interesting thing about my main character? Well,actually I have three maincharacter’swho are Tiax, Tork and Slun. But if you want it exactly straight then I wouldsay that it is Tork because has a lot of script and at the end he tragically dies to save thepeople on Earth from the invading alien force.I enjoyed creating the setting because it was fun to talk with my group and just share ourideas and work together while writing.While making my plot diagram, I found it difficult to get all those different and all thosewonderful ideas into the plot.My best idea during planning was to create a new planet forthe story where the aliens lived. That’s where they were under the power of masterelectro.While planning this story I learned more effective ways to make my story the bestthat it could be.The Drafting Phase:It was enjoyable and difficult to write my story because sometimes I got stuck but there weretimes when ideas didn’t stop coming into my head.During the Writing Workshops, I becamebetter at knowing where to put my capital letters and periods. If I wrote it again, I wouldimprove my story by adding more detail and the new things that I learned during thewriting workshop (about dialogue, sentences and story starts).The Digital Phase:I am proud of my movie because it has a lot of effort in it and also a lot of digital work.Ifound it easy to create the storyboard because I already had my story perfectly planned onmy poster.My role was to be the scriptwriter and narrator.I worked especially hard atgetting a lot of dialogue and detail into my script.The thing I am most happy with is that Igot the story finished. While making the movie, I learned many new technology skills iniMovie. If I made the movie again, I would try to speak more clearly when I am recordingbecause I was pretty much mumbling the whole way through.Collaboration:
  2. 2. Sometimes, I enjoyed group work because I would never would be finished all that digitalwork by now because I am pretty bad at the computer (but not in computer games).Othertimes, I didn’t enjoy group work because it was just frustrating keeping Dennis on task.While working in a group, I learned a lot of new things on the computer because as I saidso that I am pretty bad at computers.During the unit, our group became better at working together and agreeing to the ideas ofother people.What else?During this story-telling unit I especially enjoyed writing my script and putting all the ideasonto my group’s poster.After this unit, I might continue to write a few little stories.