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Natural forces reflection

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Natural forces reflection

  1. 1. Natural Forces ReflectionWildWeather Experiments:My favorite weather experiment was air pressure because it wasthe most fun.An important thing I learned about weather waswhathappens when a tornado has been formed.If I did moreexperiments, I would like to know aboutwhy magma melts.Scientific Report Writing:I wrote scientific reports about air pressure, the water cycle,static electricity and length. The easiest section to write ishypothesis because its just thinking about what will happen.The hardest section to write is the discussion because I need toknow the science.I am proud of my report ontornadoes.Research:The natural disaster I researched was tornadoDuring the research, I found it easy to speakmy words.I found itdifficult to find detail in books.I worked especially hard at writingmy speech.The best source of information was in books.If I wrote my speech again, I would try to make my speech morefunny.Delivering My Speech:I am proud of my documentary because it is a hard part of theUOI.I worked especially hard at remembering the speech.Nexttime I deliver a speech I will try to add a tornado experiment.What else?During this natural forces unit I especially enjoyed writing thespeech.After this unit, I will continue to make one more video.