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My	  Best	  Friend	  is	  a	  Zombie	                                                                    	  A	  Short	  St...
 Benedict	  immediately	  grasped	  for	  Sajid,	  but	  Sajid	  scurried	  back	  into	  the	  room.	  Dragging	  his	  l...
Holding	  the	  sizzling	  beaker,	  Sajid	  ran	  out	  of	  the	  lab	  and	  descended	  the	  stairs.	  As	  he	  near...
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My best friend is a zombie


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My best friend is a zombie

  1. 1. My  Best  Friend  is  a  Zombie    A  Short  Story  by  Scott  Crawford  &  Grade  4        Sajid  looked  up  from  his  zombie  comic  book  and  saw  his  best  friend  rummaging  through  a  cabinet.    “What  are  you  doing,  Benedict?”  asked  Sajid.    “Reading  this  comic  book  gave  me  an  idea,’  answered  Benedict  as  he  picked  up  a  beaker  of  glowing  green  liquid.  He  started  tipping  it  to  his  lips.  “Are  you  sure  you  should  do  that?”  asked  Sajid.    But  Benedict  was  already  drinking  from  the  beaker….Riiiiiiiiiing!  The  school  bell  rang  –  Sajid  was  going  to  be  late  for  class!    “See  you  later,  Benedict!’  said  Sajid  as  he  ran  out  of  the  science  lab.  But  Benedict  only  groaned  in  response  and  clutched  his  stomach.    After  his  Chinese  lesson,  Sajid  walked  out  of  the  classroom  and  heard  a  scream  from  down  the  hallway.  Sajid  looked  to  the  right  and  saw  Benedict  lurching  out  of  Mr  Jarman’s  room.    “Look,  something’s  wrong  with  Benedict,’  Sajid  said  to  Na  Youn.    But  Na  Youn  just  ran  off  to  her  next  class.  ‘I’m  sure  he’ll  be  fine,’  said  Annie.    ‘I  guess  so,’  said  Sajid.  He  watched  as  Benedict  shuffled  closer  down  the  hallway.  He  scrunched  his  nose  as  Benedict  came  closer.    ‘What  a  terrible  smell!  Like  fish  and  rotten  tomatoes!’  said  Sarthak,  who  was  now  standing  beside  Sajid.      Most  of  the  other  students  had  slipped  into  their  classrooms.  As  they  cleared  away,  Sajid  saw  that  Benedict  was  not  looking  well.  His  mouth  gaped  open,  and  his  bloodshot  eyes  held  a  glassy,  empty  stare.  Benedict’s  skin  was  a  pale  shade  of  green.    “Benedict,  what’s  wrong?’  asked  Sajid.  Instead  of  answering,  Benedict  growled  and  suddenly  lunged  at  Sajid’s  throat.  Sajid  ducked  –  but  Sarthak  wasn’t  fast  enough!  Benedict  bit  Sarthak  as  Sajid  ran  into  a  classroom  and  slammed  the  door  shut.    “My  best  friend  is  a  zombie,”  muttered  Sajid  to  himself.    Benedict  began  pounding  on  the  door.  Benedict’s  wailing  chilled  Sajid’s  blood.  As  he  hid  under  a  desk,  Sajid  remembered  his  zombie  comic  book.  He  flipped  through,  hoping  to  find  an  idea  of  what  to  do,  but  he  was  so  scared  he  could  barely  concentrate.    “I’d  better  go  get  help,”  he  decided.  Sajid  shot  up  from  under  the  desk,  but  Benedict  still  stood  pounding  at  the  door.  Sajid  studied  the  room,  looking  for  other  ways  out.  There  were  three  windows,  but  there  was  no  way  Sajid  could  jump  down  to  the  ground.  There  was  another  door,  but  it  was  locked  and  he  couldn’t  find  the  key.  At  last,  Sajid  took  a  deep  breath  and  slowly  approached  the  door.  He  could  see  Benedict  through  the  glass.  ‘Now  or  never,’  thought  Sajid,  and  he  opened  the  door.  
  2. 2.  Benedict  immediately  grasped  for  Sajid,  but  Sajid  scurried  back  into  the  room.  Dragging  his  leg  after  him,  Benedict  followed  Sajid  but  could  not  keep  up.  Throwing  a  chair  in  Benedict’s  way,  Sajid  circled  around  Benedict  and  raced  out  of  the  classroom,  slamming  the  door  behind  him.      As  Sajid  dashed  down  the  hallway,  he  wondered  why  the  police  hadn’t  arrived  yet  and  why  there  weren’t  any  teachers  around  to  help  him.  Seeing  the  door  to  Ms.  O’Dwyer’s  room  open,  Sajid  ran  in  and  quickly  shared  his  story.  Ms.  O’Dwyer  frowned.  “That’s  nonsense,  Sajid.  Zombies  are  just  made-­‐up  creatures.”    No  matter  how  he  tried,  Sajid  could  not  convince  her.  So  even  as  Ms  O’Dwyer  tried  to  get  him  to  sit  down  and  start  his  work,  Sajid  darted  out  of  the  room,  heading  for  Mrs.  Gailis’  office.    “Don’t  be  silly.  We  don’t  have  zombies  at  BISS,”  said  Mrs.  Gailis.  “Wait,  where  are  you  going,  Sajid?”  she  called  after  him,  as  he  ran  away,  climbing  the  stairs.      Sajid  didn’t  know  what  to  do.  Why  wouldn’t  anyone  believe  him?  As  he  passed  by  the  science  lab,  Sajid  thought  about  the  last  time  he  had  seen  Benedict,  when  his  best  friend  was  not  a  zombie.  Thinking  that  maybe  he  could  find  some  answers  in  the  lab,  Sajid  entered.      The  lab  was  quiet.  So  quiet  that  Sajid  could  hear  Benedict’s  faint  wailing  from  the  second  floor.  Sajid  studied  the  room.  The  beaker  Benedict  had  drunk  from  lay  on  the  table,  with  just  a  little  bit  of  the  green  fluid  remaining.      “What  did  Benedict  say  just  before  he  drank  that?”  thought  Sajid,  wracking  his  brain.    Suddenly  it  came  back  to  him  –  Sajid  quickly  flipped  through  his  comic  book,  looking  for  clues.  There  were  all  kinds  of  scenes  of  zombies  in  the  book,  but  nothing  that  gave  Sajid  any  ideas.  He  threw  down  the  comic  in  desperation.      As  Sajid  stood  up  and  prepared  to  leave  the  room,  something  caught  his  eye.  The  comic  book  had  fallen  open,  exposing  the  last  page.  Sajid  read  the  page:  How  to  Make  and  Unmake  Zombies  –  A  Recipe  in  Two  Easy  Steps.        Sajid  skimmed  the  recipe  and  saw  that  he  could  reverse  the  “zombie  making”  potion,  just  by  adding  alcohol.  Sajid  rummaged  through  the  cabinet,  and  at  last  found  a  beaker  labeled  “pure  alcohol.”    He  poured  this  into  the  beaker  holding  the  green  liquid.  Steam  rose  out  of  the  beaker  and  Sajid  heard  a  funny  sizzling  sound.      ‘How  can  I  get  Benedict  to  drink  this?’  thought  Sajid.  Sajid  was  sure  that  if  he  even  tried  getting  close  to  Benedict,  he  would  be  bitten.  But  Sajid  was  sure  that  Benedict  would  break  out  of  the  classroom  soon  and  put  all  the  other  BISS  student  and  teachers  in  danger.  Sajid  looked  over  the  recipe  from  the  comic  book  again,  but  it  didn’t  tell  him  how  to  give  the  ‘unmaking’  solution  to  a  zombie.  Sajid  thought  he  might  use  a  water  gun  to  spray  it  on  Benedict,  but  realized  that  it  was  very  unlikely  there  would  be  a  water  gun  at  school,  and  he  didn’t  have  time  to  search.  Sajid  would  just  have  to  figure  it  out  as  he  went  along.    
  3. 3. Holding  the  sizzling  beaker,  Sajid  ran  out  of  the  lab  and  descended  the  stairs.  As  he  neared  the  classroom,  he  saw  Benedict  still  trying  to  break  down  the  door.  ‘It’s  now  or  never,’  Sajid  thought  for  the  second  time  that  day,  and  yanked  open  the  door.  Benedict  threw  himself  out,  clawing  and  flailing  at  Sajid.  Sajid  took  six  steps  back,  took  aim,  and  hurled  the  beaker.      Crash!  The  beaker  exploded  against  Benedict’s  face,  sending  shattered  glass  and  spattering  liquid  all  over  the  place.  Benedict  grunted  as  the  liquid  dribbled  down  his  face.  But  Benedict  kept  coming  for  Sajid….    Sajid  backed  away,  until  he  felt  the  wall  against  him.  Sajid  was  trapped!  Benedict  kept  shuffling  forward,  his  hands  seizing  at  Sajid.  ‘It  was  all  for  nothing!’  thought  Sajid.  He  crouched,  shut  his  eyes  and  waited  for  Benedict  to  bite  him.      “Shouldn’t  we  be  in  class?”  Sajid  heard  someone  say.    Sajid  opened  his  eyes  and  slowly  looked  up.  ‘BEN–E  -­‐DICT?!”  “Yeah.  What  are  you  doing  down  there?”  “You  wouldn’t  even  believe  it  if  I  told  you….”  said  Sajid.    “What  am  I  doing  here?  Why  are  you  down  there  on  the  ground?”  asked  Benedict.  He  looked  completely  normal  now,  just  like  Sajid  remembered.    “I’m  going  to  answer  all  your  questions.  But  first,  we  need  to  find  Sarthak.  If  you  ever  wanted  to  throw  something  at  a  classmate,  now’s  the  time.”      By  Scott  Crawford    &  Grade  4  BISS  Students