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Words: 587                                  Blaze’s Adventure                            By Sajid Hassan (9 years of age)H...
I turned to thank Seth but he was gone. I jumped for joy, and felt Horus‟ power surgewithin me. My feet left the ground an...
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Blaze’s adventure sajid hassan-under9-beijing biss


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Blaze’s adventure sajid hassan-under9-beijing biss

  1. 1. Words: 587 Blaze’s Adventure By Sajid Hassan (9 years of age)Hi! My name is Blaze. I am 12 years old. I live in Egypt in the year 2012.And I have a great story to tell you. This how it all began.One night while I was sleeping peacefully, I had a dream. Let me tell you, itwas noordinary dream. It was about the ancient Egyptian sky god, Horus.In my dream, Horusgave me an important mission.He said, "I am the Egyptian God of the Sky and I have ajob for you. Seth, the god of evil, has stolen kindness from the earth and only you cansave humanity. If you do not accept this mission, people will fight until there is no humanlife left. You must journey to the Nile where Nephthys will give you further instructions."And with that, Horus disappeared into a puff of smoke and I awoke in my own bed.The next day, I stepped onto the dry sand near the River Nile. I was hot and sweating as Itrudged toward the water. Out of nowhere, Seth‟s Animal lunged at me. It was a fierce,wolf-like creature with gray, matted fur and red eyes. I ducked as he leaped towards me.Suddenly I found myself holding a glowing sword. I attacked the beast and slashed himin half. Seth‟s animal turned into dust and disappeared.I look up to see Nephthys, the goddess of he river, rising from the Nile.“Well done, child.You have slain the wild beast. Now you must travel to toward the middle of the desert.”She turned her back to me and melted into the Nile.So I set off again. When I felt sure that I was in the middle of the desert, I stopped andlooked around. A whirling sandstorm appeared on the horizon and from its midst, Sethappeared. It was time for the greatest battle of all.I tried to trust my instincts. I prayed that Horus would be on my side. I raised my handtoward the sky and summoned a thunderbolt. It worked! CRASH! I threw the lightningand it struck Seth so hard, the impact knocked him off his feet. Seth was weak now. „Onemore thunderbolt and it‟ll be over‟,I thought to myself. I raised my hand to summon thepower but stopped in mid-air. I changed my mind. Slowly, I walked over toward Seth andreached towards him."I will not destroy you. It‟s time to stop the war."Seth was speechless. He looked at me suspiciously for a long time. He grunted andheaved as he tried to save his plan. Finally, his eyes softened and he got to his knees. Heproduced a wooden chest and held it towards me."Open the box and kindness will befree," he declared.I could hardly breathe. I hoped it wasn‟t a trick. I lifted the lid and something yellow andshiny flew into the air. Could this be the answer? 1
  2. 2. I turned to thank Seth but he was gone. I jumped for joy, and felt Horus‟ power surgewithin me. My feet left the ground and I was flying: over the desert, across the Nile andback to my home.My name is Blaze and that‟s the story of how I saved kindness. I brought it back tofamilies and friends around the world. And it‟s all because an ancient god trusted a 9-yearold kid like me. 2