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Ancient civilizations reflection

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Ancient civilizations reflection

  1. 1. Ancient Civilizations ReflectionMy Civilization: Ancient ChinaThe Research Journey:My favorite part of the research journey was note taking,becauseit was fun to learn about Ancient China.My bestresearch question was about “Legacies in Ancient China”because it was hard to find information. While doing myresearch, I found it difficult to find the information because ittook a long time and it was difficult. The most interesting thingI learned about the structure of society was that differentkingdoms organized different things like money, writing,weights and measurements.I think that the rules in society arean important legacy of ancient China because the Emperor wasvery, very important person.Report WritingI am proud of my report because I have got a lot of information inmy report.While writing the report, I became better at knowingabout Ancient China. If I wrote it again, I would improve myreport by writing more information.Archeology PresentationI enjoyed making my artifacts because we made those out of clayand clay making is fun for me.I found it difficult to makeartifacts out of clay.I am most proud of my compass artifactbecause I needed to make a teeny tiny spoon.I enjoyed thearcheology presentation because the people needed to dig everyartifact and we needed to tell what that artifact is.I found itdifficult to tell every word correctly. While preparing for thispresentation, I became better at knowing about Ancient China.What else?
  2. 2. During this unit I especially enjoyed taking to people who cameand dug my artifacts. I took extra time gathering theinformation.After this unit, I might continue to find some more informationabout Ancient China.