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Words: 538                                    Aliens Attack                           By Benedict Eugene Lim (aged 9)One S...
Quickly, Bill explained his plan to Harvard. Harvard gulped and nodded, then they racedinside the house.The boys grabbed t...
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Aliens adventure benedict eugene lim-under9-beijing biss


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Aliens adventure benedict eugene lim-under9-beijing biss

  1. 1. Words: 538 Aliens Attack By Benedict Eugene Lim (aged 9)One Saturday afternoon, Bill went to Harvard’s house to do some research about Space.The two boys were best friends and the best scientists in their Grade 4 class. Theystrolled through the streets of New York until they arrived at Harvard’s apartment block.“Hey look!” called Bill as he peered at the laptop. “Did you know there’s no water inspace?”“Interesting,” said Harvard. ”Aliens probably aren’t great swimmers, then! I wonder ifwater is their weakness?”“Maybe,” said Bill. “Hey – wanna work on our water guns?”The two boys ran down to the basement. They had been designing their super-poweredwater guns for the past few weeks. They were hoping to win a prize at the 2012 ScienceFair.The basement was dark and quiet. Suddenly Bill stopped working. ”Did you heard that?”he whispered.“Hear what?” Harvard replied.“That crackling sound. It sounds like it’s coming from the roof. Maybe we should goinvestigate.”As they climbed the stairs, they caught a glimpse out of the window. They were stunnedby the sight.Thousands of spaceships were descending from the skies and aliens were marchingthrough the streets. They were rough, red creatures, with large misshapen heads, six legsand three menacing, black eyes.“I knew it! I just knew it! Aliens ARE real!” shouted Bill.Harvard just stared in horror.The aliens were shooting bright yellow lasers out of their eyes. As people were struck,they were instantly transformed into aliens. The street was now crowded with horriblecreatures. Without thinking, the boys raced outside to help.But what a mistake! As they stepped onto the street, one alien spotted Bill and anotherbegan shooting lasers at Harvard.“We’re gonna be fried!” screamed Harvard. The boys ducked behind a car, as a lasershot over their heads. The looked at each other in shock and tried to think of some way toescape.Just then, Bill remembered his research about space. What if aliens’ weakness really waswater? He knew it didn’t exist in this universe, if that’s where they’d come from. 1
  2. 2. Quickly, Bill explained his plan to Harvard. Harvard gulped and nodded, then they racedinside the house.The boys grabbed their water guns and dashed into the battle. They blasted every alienthey saw with streams of cold water. They sprayed it high and low, trying to hit as manycreatures as possible.At first nothing happened, then gradually, each wet alien began to change shape anddisappear into the pavement. Could it be true? Were they actually melting?“Yeah! It’s working!” screamed Bill, as he sprayed another group of approachingenemies. The hoards of aliens began to retreat! Suddenly, the space ships appeared in thesky once again and the remaining aliens were zipped away.The streets of New York were safe again. People cheered and praised Bill and Harvard.They were on the cover of every newspaper and magazine that month. Within a week,Bill and Harvard’s solar water guns were in high demand. At just ten years of age, theystarted their own water gun shop to defend the neighborhood… just in case the alienscame back in 2013. 2