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  1. 1. By Ava
  2. 2. WHAT IS A HAMSTER A hamster is a rodent. A rodent is a kind of mammal. A mammal is a kind of animal that feeds its babies milk. A female mammal makes milk in her body and feeds it to her babies.Here is amink. Amink is amammal.
  3. 3. WHERE DO HAMSTERS LIVE Some kinds of hamsters still live in the wild, but all kinds of hamsters can be kept as pets. All Syrian hamsters are kept as pets now all over the world, but a long time ago, Syrian hamsters only lived in Asia.
  4. 4. WHAT DO HAMSTERS EATHamsters eat both fresh and dry food. Here are the foods a hamstercan eat: fresh: tomatoes, whitecabbage, melons, grapes, carrots, cucumber, and apples. Dry:sunflower seeds, alfalfa, flaked pea, broad beans, biscuits, locustbeans, oats, peanuts, wheat, maize, and rolled barley. All thesefoods most hamsters will like. Here are some hamsters eating.
  5. 5. BABY HAMSTERS Hamsters have babies just like you and other animals. But all animals have babies in a different way. Mammals give birth to live babies, Fish lay soft-shelled eggs, Reptiles lay hard-shelled eggs, Amphibians lay jelly- like eggs, Birds lay hard- shelled eggs, Arachnids lay eggs, and insects lay eggs. Hamsters are mammals. Sometimes, a hamster will eat her babies if there are to many. Baby hamsters are called pups.
  6. 6. Do you have predators? No! But hamstershave predators. Lots of them. Hamsters areherbivores. A hamster’s predators areowls, other birds of prey, foxes, and snakes.
  7. 7. WILD HAMSTERSMost hamsters are not wild, but some still aretoday. Wild hamsters live in dry places. Theymake burrows for their family to live in. All wildand pet hamsters are nocturnal which meansthe sleep at day and are awake at night.