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Naked gun


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Published in: Education
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Naked gun

  1. 1. Naked GunBy: ElisabethComputer Class Project
  2. 2. Table of Contents Copyright Naked Gun vs Demi Moore My Opinion End
  3. 3. Copyright Copyright is when you use someone else’s work as your own without permission or notice
  4. 4. Naked Gun Demi Moore In the movie Naked Gun,  Demi Moore thought the the cover photo is of a movie Naked Gun used pregnant woman with a her body as the cover man’s head instead of a photo. She brought it to woman’s head. court but they said it was of a different woman’s body Top Gun vs Demi Moore
  5. 5. My Opinion I think that Naked Gun did use the same photo I think the photo looks exactly like Demi Moore’s body
  6. 6. The End My information came from: Gun/NakedGun.aspx