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Research logs


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Published in: Art & Photos, Business
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Research logs

  1. 1. Research Logs Ross Hoddinott - Ross is a wildlife and landscape photographer, he is best known for his close-up photography which involves insects and wild plants. He tries to portray the environments inner beauty. I like his photographs of the plants as he uses the technique which blurs out the background of the photo and keeps the plant in focus. I also like the amounts of detail he captures as this makes the image look more appealing. Robert Thompson - Natural history photographer, specialising in close-up and macro photography. I like his macro lens photography as it makes the insect the main focus of the image, similar to the photographer above. He has a particular interest in dragonflies, butterflies and moths for which he has specialist scientific knowledge. He was involved in the Dragonflyireleand project in which he was very successful due to his close-up images which captured huge amounts of detail. 
 Corrie White- Focuses on water drop photography, she found different types of water drop photography as she taught herself how to do it. She uses a macro lens in order to capture the splash. I like how she uses different colours to achieve different effects as it makes every one of her images different. I also like how she manages to capture different kinds of splashes as this shows her effort and great detail into her work which i find inspiring.
  2. 2. David Yarrow – Has a passion for shooting animals and mainly shoots in black and white. He uses close up to portray the animal’s detail while also showing the whole animal. I like how he shoots in black and white photography as I find this different and more entertaining. I especially like his photographs of the tigers as he has captured them in water. Graham Owen – An artist and natural photographer, the purpose of his work is to capture, engage and express these magicl feelings, he has a firm belief that helping reconnect humanity with the environment is a positive intention. I like his macro photography as he has photographed flowers in such detail, which captures water droplets on them, this is something I found interesting as I wanted to do this myself. Keith Taylor- Works in cabridge, likes to keep his photo’s looking as natural as possible. Although he does use HDR techniques sometimes but prefers using ND graduated filters. As well as his close up photography I also like his landscape photography. He uses a macro lens to create this background blur effect, which appears evident in a lot of his photos.
  3. 3. Brian Skerry - Brian is a photojournalist specializing in marnine wildlife and underwater environments. His underwater images help bring attention to the large number of issues that endanger our oceans and its inhabitants. He has a real passion for his photos as he has lived on boats and spents months travelling out to sea in order to ahcive these images. I like his underwater images of the fish and parts of the sea as it shows lots of detail which we wouldn’t necessarily notice if we saw it in person, Michael Dykstra - ss/work-archive/ Mainly does editorial and portrait work but some of the portfolios are based around close-up. A lot of his work is heavily edited on programmes such as Photoshop showing it’s not natural like all the other photographers I have picked. I like this however because this is different as it looks like the images have been drawn rather than taken themselves. Andy Small - A professional fine art photographer who specialises in photographs of flowers, nature and landscape. He photographs contemporary colourful, artistic, modern, macro close up images of flowers, botanical, nature and landscape subjects. I like the exotic colours he uses for his images as they exaggerate the flower and the colours of the flowers. I think its interesting to look at the different colours he uses as he always chooses bright colours which defines his style of work, it would be interesting to see why he does this.
  4. 4. Damon Clarke - Damon uses macropphotography to reveal details of nature for everyone to enjoy. Damons work can also be found in advertising magazines, as well as across Europe and North America. In his work he states that he tries to capture inner beauty for everyone to see. I like his detailed work of insects, especially the frogs – I think these are interesting, as I also like how the background is blurred out to black. Alessandro Zocchi - NGM.html A scientist but also a macro photographer, he produces fine art photography and also commercial photography. I like how he has a range of portfolios ranging from wild life to animals to landscapes. He too uses the technique, which blurs out backgrounds making the insect the main focus. I like how a lot of his photos look natural; you can tell he doesn’t use Photoshop to edit a lot of them as they are already of a high quality. Andrew Osokin's- cturegalleries/9758013/Andrew-Osokins- macro-photographs-of-snowflakes-and-ice- formations.html Moscow based photographer capturing snow flakes and ice in huge detail. I found this very influential but I know this is something I could only try depending on the weather, as I would need it to b e cold and snowy. H also managed to capture ice crystals melting away which shows great detail .
  5. 5. Suren Manvelyan – Suren’s work has been published in various magazines over the world, he specialises in photographing animal and human eyes in great detail using a macro lens. I like how he manages to capture the different eye colours and also the textures around the eyes, this gives you a heads up on the animals he is photographing. Michael Patrick O'Leary- portraits Captures animals in extreme and abstract compositions, he uses dramatic lights and shadows to create unique effects. He captures lots of detail by getting extremely close to the animals. I like his images as I like how the backgrounds are plain colours, this way they emphasise the animals and specific details more. Time Flach – Photographs animals and wild life, I especially like the photos of the horses as he hasn’t necessarily captured the horse’s head close-up like you would think. Instead he has been different and gone for different parts of the animal’s body’s such as the neck. He too uses specific lighting, which exaggerates certain parts of the animal’s body.
  6. 6. Matthew Klein - &pt=1&pi=10000&s=0&p=0 Photographs food and drink close up. I found his photos very interesting due to the huge amounts of detail he captures, I also found that he uses product positioning carefully as he thinks about the angle he is taking his photos on as well as the background. For example in the image to the right you can see he has caught the big amounts of detail as you can see the glossy/shiny look coming off the cake. Ace Coote- Me/n-p3cc4 Likes to take sport photos as well as images of objects, based in south Australia. He has a wide range of portfolios however, my favourite if of course the close ups. Even though most of the objects are random he does however manage to capture them in great detail, he uses lighting to impact the backgrounds making the object stand out. Brad Sharp – acro-photography-beyond-flowers-and- little-critters.shtml Uses a lot of macro photography to capture different things. I especially like the smoke image as its different, this is inspiring and is something I would like to try myself, however I know this would be hard as to capture it in specific detail I would have to do it in the studio which is not possible.
  7. 7. Szabolcs Vass- This image I find very attractive, as it has been taken using a macro lens. I found it very attractive due to the fact you can see the flower reflection in the water bubble. I also like the huge amounts of detail on the branch; the background being blurred also emphasizes the branch and the flower reflection. Joakim Kræmer- ncredible-macro-photography-joakim-kraemer This is one of my favorite images from all the macro photographers I have looked at. She is very detailed with her work, she especially captures water droplets in different colours which I found very fascinating. Furthermore I would like to look into her work further to find out she achieves these techniques.