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Presesntation of questionnaire results


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Presesntation of questionnaire results

  2. 2. PURPOSE & AIMS• The purpose of this market research was to find out what my target audience wanted in my music magazine. This presentation will show my overall results from my questionnaire I carried out.• The second purpose of this questionnaire was to find out any new ideas form my target audience which I could include in my magazine to make it more appealing to them.
  3. 3. METHODS & TECHNIQUES• The first method I used for my market research was the questionnaire, which is where I went out and asked people questions first hand, this was quite basic as it was just quantitative answers.• The second method I used was a focus group, this was more effective as it meant I could discuss my answers and include quotes in my presentation of what my peers thought. This was qualitative research so I was able to get a mixture of both.
  4. 4. AUDIENCE PROFILING The results from my questionnaire show that the age range was most common between 16-18 and 18-21 males, the fact that most of them are quite young suggests that they may still be Town Of Residence in college with only part time jobs which shows how they may only have a small income so I may have to price my magazine lower in order 40% Harlow 50% Epping to get sales. The chart also shows that the main Hertfordshire own of residence is Harlow so this will show me what area to position my product in. 10%5 Age Range4 Employment Status3 Gender 10%2 Series1 40% Male 40% Full time job1 60% Female 50% Part time job0 In education
  5. 5. MEDIA PURCHASING HABITS Hobbies/Interests where do you usually Going to the buy your magazines 10% 10% cinema 10% Attending 20% concerts/gigs 20% online 30% Music newsagents 70% music shops 30% Sports How often do you think theHow many Magazines magazine should be brought in a month released 10% none every week 20% one 30% two 50% 50% 40% three
  6. 6. MEDIA PURCHASING HABITS• From the previous slide we can tell that most of my target audiences habits are listening to music, which is perfect for my magazine because it is drum & bass. We also know that there is a 50/50 split on when my audience will like the magazine to be produced, I also know that most people like to purchase their magazines from a newsagents which tells me where to place my product to get the most sales. The fact that most people only buy magazines twice a month tells me that I should produce my magazine once a fortnight.
  7. 7. PERSONAL PREFERENCESWhat offers would you like to Reasonable price to see in the magazine charge for music 10% Music shop magazine vouchers 20% 20% 10% 20% Codes to Two pounds fifty download music Three pounds 50% free drink at club 30% 40% Three pounds fifty four pounds what front covers do you Why do you prefer that prefer cover 10% 10% Image 20% one Font 50% two 20% 30% Layout 30% three Text 30% Color scheme
  8. 8. PERSONAL PREFERENCES• Looking at my tables on the previous slide I can tell that most od my target audience would like my magazine to feature codes to download music online. I also know that most people would think £3 is a reasonable price to charge for my magazine and considering that most of the people are young ad don’t have much money this would be a reasonable price to charge. From my feedback I know that my target audience preferred• This front cover due to the layout, so I will• Try make my layout similar to this one.
  9. 9. PERSONAL PREFERENCESFrom my charts I can tell that Colour Scheme What tone wouldmost people would prefer my 10% Red,white, you like themagazine to be the colours 10% blue magazine to… Black,whiteblack, white, red, I think these 30% ,red 10%colours will be good to use Grey,black Informal 50% ,redbecause they will stand out and Blue,white, 30% 60% Humorous seriouslook effective, they will also suit blackmy genre. My target audiencewould like me to take a informaltone to my magazine which I What artists would youthink will be good because it will like to see featuredappeal to my audience more as within the magazinethey are young. Chase & statuswas the most popular artists my Chase&Status 30% 40%peers would like to see featured Totall Recalland I think this is because he is 30% DJ Freshquite well known.
  10. 10. PERSONAL PREFERENCESThe most popular feature mytarget audience would like to What features would you like to seebe featured is the best clubs to in the magazine 8go to, then the next most 7 6popular feature is biggest 5 4tracks of the year, I think theses 3 2features are both good 1 0 Series1because it shows how youngmy audience are but how theywant to know all the clubs andstuff because of the age theyare at. I also know that my What font suits theaudience are split between magazinetheses three fonts. Music Music 10% Font 1Music. Once I get some more 30% Font 2feedback I will be able to pick 30% Font 3a certain font for my magazine 30% Font 4based on my feedback.
  11. 11. CONCLUSION• Overall I have decided to do my magazine in a informal tone because that’s what my target audience want. I have also decided to use the colours black, white and red ad my main colour chemem because my target audience like it and I think it will appeal to my audience more.