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Code of Ethics


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Code of Ethics

  1. 1. Code of Ethics for FilipinoLibrarianship.Prepared by: Mary Grace Satoya
  2. 2. “CODE OF ETHICS FOR PHILIPPINE LIBRARIANS” PREAMBLE Librarians, mindful of their role in the development of knowledge and culture and the enrichment of people’s lives, seek the highest standards of ethical behavior in their relations with their schools, their clients/employers, the librarianship profession and colleagues, agencies and associations and the public.
  3. 3. Librarianswith theState, Societyand Public.
  4. 4. Librarians shall uphold theConstitution, obey the laws of the land,and respect duly constitutedauthorities.Librarians shall promote literacy andeducation of the public by making theresources and services of the libraryknown and accessible to its users.
  5. 5. Librarians shall uphold andpromote the right to information aswell as abide by the provisions of theintellectual property law.Librarians shall be partners with thecommunity they serve in inculcatingnationalism practicing Filipino valuesand preserving the country’s historical,cultural, and intellectual heritage.
  6. 6. Librarians withLibrarianship Profession
  7. 7. Librarians shall strive to improve,enhance, and upgrade their professionalknowledge, skills, and competenciesthrough formal and informal means.Librarians shall be vigilant in theprotection of all library resources placedunder their care.Librarians shall be entitled to a just andfair fee for consultancy and otherprofessional services.
  8. 8. Librarians shall uphold the dignity andintegrity of the professionLibrarians shall not assist in theunauthorized practice of librarianship.Librarians shall not assist in theunauthorized practice of librarianship.
  9. 9. Librarians with the Suppliers, Publishers, Dealers, etc.
  10. 10. Librarians shall provide courteous,prompt, adequate, skillful and accurateresponses to all requests for assistance.Librarians shall render impartial serviceto all library users regardless oftheir race, beliefs, age, gender, or socialstatus.
  11. 11. Librarians shall refuse gifts or favors fromclients and library suppliers for personalinterest. They shall avoid using the library’sresources to the detriment of services whichthe library renders to its users.Librarians shall keep in confidence, informationacquired in the course of professional service.They shall protect the client’s right to privacywith respect to information sought or receivedand materials consulted, borrowed, or acquiredthrough the library.
  12. 12. DISCIPLINARY ACTIONA Registered Librarian who is found guiltyfor violation of any provision in this Code bythe Board after his/her investigation shall besubject to a disciplinary action of eitherrevocation of his/her Certificate ofRegistration or suspension thereof whichthe Board shall impose thereto after his/herdue investigation.
  13. 13. End!