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Question 6


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Published in: Art & Photos, Technology
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Question 6

  1. 1. 6.) What have you learnt about the technologies from the process of constructing this product?
  2. 2. Photoshop – Used to manipulate images that would appear throughout the magazine, on the Front Cover, Contents Page and Double Page Spread. InDesign – Used to create the layout for the Contents Page and Double Page Spread, as well as adding articles and images to create the final magazine. Digital Camera – Used to capture my own images, using different angles and shot types . Blogger – Used to record the progress I made during the construction of the magazine. Blogger shows drafts, final versions and evaluations of my progress. NME Magazine – Used as inspiration for my own magazine, I used the NME website and magazine to look at features and layouts, to see what should be included in an ‘Indie’ magazine.
  3. 3. Using Photoshop. The first screen shot shows the Original Image, as I captured it, in Photoshop. I chose to edit the background, as it made the image of the artist stand out, and appear more professional, as though it should be in a magazine. To do this, I used Curves, and a magnetic lasso to cut over the image of the artist. Finally, I edited the blue shade of the jacket, making it bolder. To do this, I changed the hue of the image. I found Photoshop a very effective way to edit images, as it allowed me to change the colours and shapes of images to fit the style of my magazine.
  4. 4. Using InDesign. Using InDesign allowed me to make a layout for my Contents Page, and my Double Page Spread. In the first screen shot, I have the general layout for my Contents Page. InDesign allowed me to place boxes where I wanted to place images and text, and made it easy for me to edit the placement and colour scheme easily. After placing the images from Photoshop into the boxes, I edited them further by adding a drop shadow behind them. This effect was used on every image, and made the Contents Page appear more professional and creative, making it more appealing towards my target audience. I found InDesign an effective way to create a layout for my magazine, as it was easy to edit.