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Passion, movement building & volunteerism


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Presented at a young leadership training at Hotel Vodno, Skopje, Macedonia organized by the Balkan Institute of Faith & Culture (April, 2013)

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Passion, movement building & volunteerism

  1. 1. Passion, movement building & volunteerism Grace Mwaura
  2. 2. 1. Influencing through Service 2. The story of Love and Leadership 3. Authenticity
  3. 3. My past, present, future  University Movements  National Youth Movements  Kenya Youth Networks  IVEN  Kenya Youth Climate Network • Regional Movements  AYICC  Global South Youth & IYCM  International movements  IUCN  IUCN Intergenerational Partnerships Task force
  4. 4. People and Passion
  5. 5. Why was leadership important for us?  For ourselves  For our peers  For the nation
  6. 6. Our Building blocks in the Movement  A vision for change  A radical spirit  An Infectious presence  Persistence  Values  A spirit of Giving  Risk taking  Dialogue  Mentoring  Mobilization strategy
  7. 7. Why we need to build the movement  The ability to move back and forth- intergenerational dialogues  Our energy and creativity  Our futurity capability and desire  Our flexibility
  8. 8. In giving, we discovered ourselves; In service, we were served; In risking our futures, we discovered a more beautiful future, and our resilience to its risks. Grace Mwaura
  9. 9. Movements & Institutions
  10. 10. Who will lead the leaders? Intergenerational partnerships?
  11. 11. What will lead the leaders? Emotional Intelligence? Love? Excellence? Radicalism?
  12. 12. Leadership: Love in Action  “We are coming into leadership (whether we like it or not) in a time of serious disruption of the status quo, which is a massive opportunity or a great stumbling block, depending on how we see it; our 'PERSPECTIVE' is very critical. My take is that we still have an old paradigm definition of leadership where we have a winner-take-all-lord-over-others mentality of who should be called a 'leader' . We need to change that paradigm; that's our first challenge as emerging leaders, writing a 'new story, a new narrative„. The emerging leaders should be exceptional story writers and impeccable story tellers”. David Wainaina, Kenya.