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Presentation 3


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Presentation 3

  1. 1. BAUER MEDIA GROUP One possible distributer could be Bauer Media Group. They are widely recognized in the music magazine distributing industry, with both digital and paper magazine publishing. One example of a magazine they distribute is Q, which has the youngest readership (young adults) of any other monthly music magazine, similar to mine. Also, they are not known to sell a very well known jazz magazine all ready, therefore there is a space on their selling market to distribute a music magazine of this genre. Unlike RnB, Rock and House magazines, Jazz is relatively uncommon, but despite this, it is still a very current type of music. Therefore, to publish a jazz magazine would be a great asset towards Bauer Media Group.
  2. 2. NATIONAL MAGAZINE COMPANY Similarly with the National Magazine Company, they are very large publisher on a global scale, which publishes many lifestyle, fashion and fitness magazines. However even though they do not publish music magazines, I do not feel it would be beneficial to use them as a publisher for their target audience is much higher than mine, which would make it more difficult to get readership towards my magazine.
  3. 3. DENNIS PUBLISHING Dennis publishing also creates many technology based magazines, which could give my magazine an online readership, however because they do not currently distribute any music magazines, I do not feel it would be the correct distributor to sell my magazine, for they are not experienced in the music unlike other media groups such as Bauer Media Group.
  4. 4. MY IDEAL DISTRIBUTOR Therefore, my ideal distributor would be Bauer Media Group for they already have experience dealing with other music magazines, however not necessarily with my genre, which would make it unique. Also, Bauer Media Group produce many magazines online. My magazine would benefit highly from being published online for it would be able to reach a wide readership of my target audience for many teenagers of this generation are very technological and spend a lot of time online. Therefore, this modernization would have a positive effect on my magazine.