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Palma hope pitch


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Palma hope pitch

  1. 1. Palma Hope: The Artist By Emma Granfield & Grace Howells
  2. 2. Artist • The artist is a young woman, she would fit into the ‘pop’/soul genre of music. She would have a unique style but her songs are relatable to and can engage with most audiences.
  3. 3. Target Audience • Our target market is 16-30 year old women. We feel that this audience are more likely to relate to the artist as either a role model or someone with similar issues or feelings.
  4. 4. Style • As we mentioned earlier, the genre is ‘pop’/soul. However, unlike similar artists such as Rihanna or Beyonce, we will aim to present her in an approachable way, so that the target audience can associate with her. • Also, we hope to achieve an iconic style which will make her stand out from other artists in the genre.
  5. 5. Thank you for listening, Any Questions?
  6. 6. Thank you for listening, Any Questions?