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Genre research pop_music


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Genre research pop_music

  1. 1. • The first time that a song was referred to in the Pop Genre was in 1926, meaning that the piece of music had “popular appeal”• Grove Magazine Online, stated that “pop music” began in Britain in the 1950‟s, when it was used to describe a mix of rock and roll, and upcoming music styles from the youth.• Artists associated with the genre are ABBA, Beatles and the Rolling Stones• In the early 1960‟s, the definition of „pop music‟ often got confused with „beat music‟ in the UK. Furthermore, in the USA, it got mixed up with „Rock and Roll‟.• „Pop‟ is often linked with pop art and pop culture, which referred to upcoming, media-culture products, mainly created in America.• In the late 1960‟s there was a generic division between pop and rock music. This started the branding of music.• Pop music was seen as accessible and commercial, in comparison to rock which wanted to represent authenticity.• In Simon Frith opinion, pop music is produced • "as a matter of enterprise not art" • "designed to appeal to everyone" • "doesnt come from any particular place or mark off any particular taste“ • "not driven by any significant ambition except profit and commercial reward ... and, in musical terms, it is essentially conservative” • "provided from on high (by record companies, radio programmers and concert promoters) rather than being made from below ... Pop is not a do-it-yourself music but is professionally produced and packaged”
  2. 2. • “Most successful female recording artist of all time” – Guinness Book of World Records• Madonna‟s tour, “Confessions…” was the highest grossing tour by any other female artist.• Sales • Singles – 75 million • Albums – 175 million• Billboard‟s Hot 100 Singles Chart include 12 No1 singles• In the UK, Madonna has had 60 „Top 20‟ singles. This is more than any other female artist.
  3. 3. • „Best selling musical groups of all time‟ – EMI• Most No1 singles than any other musical group • 23 – Australia • 22 – Netherlands/Canada • 21 – Norway• Most No1 albums than any other musical group • 19 – USA • 15 – UK• Highest number of weeks spent at No1 • 174 – UK • 132 – USA• John Lennon and Paul McCartney are the most successful songwriters (in terms of chart position).
  4. 4. • Biggest Selling Album Of All Time (Thriller) – Guinness Book Of World Records• Most No1‟s in 1980‟s• Most No1‟s by a Male Artist (13) – Billboard “Hot 100” Singles Chart• Best Selling Video released by an artist (The Making of Thriller)
  5. 5. • 50‟s – Frank Sinatra, Doris Day, Bing Crosby, Elvis Presley• 60‟s - Cliff Richard, Dusty Springfield, Tom Jones, The Shadows• 70‟s – ABBA, Elton John, Cat Stevens, Fleetwood Mac
  6. 6. • 80‟s – Whitney Houston, Billy Joel, Madonna, George Michael• 90‟s – Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, MC Hammer, Spice Girls• 00‟s – Pink, Rihanna, Enrique Iglesias, Robbie Williams
  7. 7. Current Pop• Modern day „Pop‟ has become extremely varied. From R‟n‟B singers to Soul Artists.• Most artists have a brand linked to them, this could be anything from a picture, to a font, to fashion sense. These artists have brands to make them easier to identify and recognise. Although this is more obvious with current artists, it is debatable that it started back in 1950‟s with celebrities like Marilyn Monroe. Her image was known throughout the world.• Compared to other decades, present „pop‟ music has become very sexualised, especially through music videos. Most artists promote themselves with their sexual appeal.
  8. 8. Sub Genre: Soul
  9. 9. History of Soul Music• In the 1940‟s/1950‟s Gospel and „Doo wop‟ music were trending, „Soul‟ was created from a mixture of the two.• Ray Charles, Sam Cooke and James Brown were some of the first soul artists to be recognised in this genre.• Soul has adapted since the beginning of the genre, presently artists such as Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin and Amy Winehouse are associated with the genre.
  10. 10. Where is it now?Many people consider soul music to be 50‟s/60‟s music. However manyartists incorporate soul into their sound. People such as… •Paloma Faith •Leona Lewis •Jason Derulo •Cee Lo Green •Beyonce •Duffy