Linked in lunch n learn


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Linked in lunch n learn

  1. 1. 01/01/2010 Representing Defaqto on LinkedIn INTERNAL TRAINING USE ONLY Presented by Grace Simmons Date: 4th May 2011
  2. 2. Better financial decisions Who uses LinkedIn?  LinkedIn now has 100m users worldwide.  6m users in the UK – including 70,000 recruiters.  A new user joins LinkedIn every second.  59% LinkedIn users are male, 41% female.  Most widely represented age groups are 25-34 and 35-54 with 36% of users each.
  3. 3. Better financial decisions Users by Industry
  4. 4. Better financial decisions Why use LinkedIn?  To source candidates directly.  To create an interesting profile that will make prospective candidates want to come and work with us.  To build our brand through increased online presence.  To connect with others in the industry – share knowledge.
  5. 5. Better financial decisions Creating a profile
  6. 6. Better financial decisions Summary
  7. 7. Better financial decisions Experience
  8. 8. Better financial decisions Education
  9. 9. Better financial decisions Recommendations
  10. 10. Better financial decisions Additional Information
  11. 11. Better financial decisions Creating your profile: Summary  Remember that LinkedIn is a professional business tool and that by using it you are presenting yourself as an ambassador for Defaqto.  Upload a suitable photo.  Customise your profile url.  Use copy from the website and your Job Description to update your Experience section.  Make your profile interesting.  Be naïve – you may be contacted by recruiters.  Write recommendations for or Defaqto employees.  Share links or other online information on your LinkedIn account unless you are sure it is appropriate. DO DON’T
  12. 12. Better financial decisions Building your network • Search for family members, friends, old classmates, current or past colleagues etc. In most cases you have to have their email addresses to connect in this way. • Visit a member’s profile and click the Add to My Network button to the right of the member’s picture. You can also add a short personal message. • Click on Contacts, then Imported Contacts. From here you can pick and choose people who are connected to you in ways other than LinkedIn, and invite them to connect. • Click on Contacts, then Add Connections. This will ask you for your login, then will allow you to search your email contacts to find people you know who you can ask to connect. • Join up to 50 groups and invite every group member to connect with you. You don’t need an email address, because you’re already connected through the group.
  13. 13. Better financial decisions Searching LinkedIn
  14. 14. Better financial decisions SO YOU’VE STARTED TO BUILD YOUR NETWORK – NOW WHAT?
  15. 15. Better financial decisions LinkedIn as a recruitment tool • Status Updates. • Groups – job discussions. • Send messages to your connections. • Advanced Search.
  16. 16. Better financial decisions Connect with your connections!
  17. 17. Better financial decisions Get active within your groups
  18. 18. Better financial decisions Get your questions answered
  19. 19. Better financial decisions Advanced search
  20. 20. Better financial decisions Boolean search • And narrows a search by combining terms: cats AND dogs • OR expands a search to include results that contain either of the words you type in: cats OR dogs • NOT narrows a search by excluding certain terms: dogs NOT cats • Basic commands are AND, OR and NOT.
  21. 21. Better financial decisions Boolean search cont. • Use “...” to input a phrase eg. “financial services” these words must appear next to each other in this sequence. • Use a * to bring up a word in all it’s possible forms eg. invest* would bring up invest, investments, invested etc. • Use brackets to group commands together in a logical way eg. “financial services” and (invest* or funds).
  22. 22. Better financial decisions Summary • Be yourself! • Be a good ambassador for Defaqto. • Build quality relationships with your connections.
  23. 23. Better financial decisions ? ? ? ?