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Soares Update


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Cassius & Marian Soares give us an update on what has been happening in their journey in India and back here in Australia.

Published in: Spiritual
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Soares Update

  1. 1. So what have these guys been up to in India anyway?
  2. 2. Growing! Riley is now 19 and Sophie is 17
  3. 3. And mutiplying!! Meesha married Spencer last September
  4. 4. Making sure their kids get even more culturally confused 
  5. 5. St. Patrick’s Cathedral – 10,000 members
  6. 6. Christmas outreach
  7. 7. Training Catholic believers in cross-cultural missions
  8. 8. People from a variety of backgrounds come each week
  9. 9. Our seekers & team members on one of the Sundays
  10. 10. Marriage Coaching
  11. 11. Marriage Coaching: 3 essential elements Believes that the marriage relationship is capable of growing & changing for the better. Engages with couples where they are motivated to grow & change. Keeps them responsible to set goals and take action to heal, strengthen & protect their marriage for the purpose of living their call as a team of two for the Kingdom of God in this world.
  12. 12. Monthly support group at our home since Aug.2011
  13. 13. MC workshop at YWAM conference in Bhopal
  14. 14. For a church in Goa
  15. 15. In English, Tamil & French in Pondicherry!
  16. 16. Inner Healing for lasting freedom
  17. 17. Currently on a 1-year sabbatical at ‘Youth With A Mission’, Melbourne
  18. 18. Please do pray for us! Thank you! If you want to know more or keep in touch, Facebook: Cassius Soares Marian Soares