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Mark 1:40-45

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Mark 1:40-45

  1. 1. “You think thatyou know someone…”
  2. 2. Mark 1:40-45.
  3. 3. The Process…1. Read, Tell & Check (Information)2. Ask Questions (Interpretation)3. Pray & Be Accountable (Action)
  4. 4. 40 A leper came and knelt down before himbegging. “If you want to you are able tomake me clean” he said. 41 Moved withcompassion, Jesus stretched out his handand touched him saying, “I am willing. Bemade clean.” 42 The leprosy immediatelyleft him and he was made clean.
  5. 5. 43 Jesus sent him away with a sternwarning, “See to it that you say nothing toanyone about his but go and show yourselfto the priest and make an offering for yourhealing as commanded by Moses astestimony to them.”
  6. 6. 45 But the man left and told everything toeveryone and the story rapidly spread. Asa result, Jesus was not able to openlyenter a city but had to remain in theremote places. Even so, people came tohim from everywhere.
  7. 7. Read, Tell & Check.
  8. 8. The Q…1. What has God told us here?2. What if this happened in me?3. What do I need to do about this?
  9. 9. What has he told us?• Jesus was preaching in all towns of Galilee• Leper came to him kneeling asking (?) his willingness to heal him• Jesus was moved with compassion for him• Jesus told him he was willing• Jesus touched him (!) and healed him
  10. 10. What has he told us?• Jesus warned him not to tell anyone, but to go to the priest• The man told everyone anyway• Consequently Jesus could no longer openly enter a city, had to stay remote• People still accessed Jesus in remote places
  11. 11. If it happened to me?
  12. 12. Ask what needs to be asked..
  13. 13. Settle the willingness q?
  14. 14. Do it properly
  15. 15. What do I need to do?1. I am going to ask Jesus <this>2. I am going to stand on <this>3. I am going to respond by <this>
  16. 16. And You?