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James Session #6

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James Session #6

  2. 2. 1Not many of youshould make the claimto be teachers, mybrothers.Be aware that thosewho teach will be heldto a higher level ofaccountability.
  3. 3. 2We all makemistakes in differentof ways but if aperson does not err in the way they speaksuch a person is fully mature in every otherway.
  4. 4. 3We put bits into themouths of horses andthus make their wholebodies turn about.4In the same way greatships driven by strongwinds are turned aboutby a very small rudderaccording to theimpulse and will of theperson at the helm.
  5. 5. 5 In a similar way thetongue is a very small partof a body but is capable ofgreat influence. How largea forest can be kindled bysuch a small flame. 6The tongue is capable ofcreating a fiery world of unrighteousness. It isplaced in our bodies with the capacity to be thedefiler of the whole body and can set on fire awhole course of nature that is itself set ablaze byhell.
  6. 6. 7We are able to bring all kinds of species undercontrol regardless of whether they fly in the air, walkalong the ground or swim in the sea. All of themare being and have been subdued by humans, 8Butit seems that no one is able to subdue the humantongue. It seems to be capable of un-restrained eviland deadly poison.
  7. 7. 9It seems the same tongue is capable of blessing ourLord and Father but also cursing men who are createdin his likeness. 10Is it possible that blessing andcursing could comefrom the same mouth?11My brothers theseThings should neverhappen. The samespring of water doesn’tflow fresh and bitter water 12A fig tree is not able toproduce olives or a grape vine produce figs. A saltypool cannot also contain fresh water.
  8. 8. 13Who among you isconsidered to havegreat wisdom andunderstanding? Let himdemonstrate it by hisgood life and throughdeeds that come fromhumble wisdom.
  9. 9. 14If you only have bitter jealousy and self-interestin your heart don’t boast about it and misrepresentthe truth by so doing. 15This is not the wisdomthat comes from above.This is from the earth,from natural humanityand is demonic. 16Wherethere is jealousy andself-interest there isdisorder and every evil thing.
  10. 10. 17But wisdom fromabove is first of all pure,then peaceful, gentle,humble and full ofmercy and of the fruitsof goodness, impartialityand sincerity.18It produces a harvestof righteous for thosewho make peace bysowing peace.
  11. 11. THE REVELATION PROCESSGOD SPEAKSFROM HEAVENABOUT A CURRENTSITUATIONSPECIFICSUPERNATURALINTENTION INMINDFor as the rain and the snow come down from heaven anddo not return there but water the earth, making it bring forthand sprout, giving seed to the sower and bread to theeater so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; itshall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish thatwhich I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which Isent it. Isaiah 55:10,11
  13. 13. CURRENT1Not many ofyou shouldmake the claimto be teachers,my brothers.Be aware thatthose whoteach will beheld to a higherlevel ofaccountability.S/INTENT- people will stopseeking statusand/or power- be aware of theresponsibility thatcomes withgenuine anointingfrom GodThere are peopleall over the placewho areappointingthemselves asteachers andcausing all kinds ofdamage by whatthey say.WORD
  14. 14. CURRENT2We all makemistakes indifferent ofways but if aperson doesnot err in theway they speaksuch a personis fully maturein every otherway.S/INTENTPeople will stopseeking statusand/or power thatit comes whenthey appointthemselves asteachers and beaware of theresponsibilitybrought byanointing fromGodSelf-assumedteachers don’trealize the factthat speakinglegitimately andredemptivelycomes from priordecisions youhave made to getthe rest of yourlife in order.WORD
  15. 15. CURRENT3We put bits intothe mouths ofhorses and thusmake their wholebodies turn about.4In the same waygreat ships drivenby strong windsare turned aboutby a very smallrudder accordingto the impulse andwill of the personat the helm.S/INTENTPeople will beginto exerciserestraint so thatthe use of thetongue can haveits God givenimpact for God’sloving purposesnot for human selfinterest andwickedness.People don’trealize how asmall tongue canhave such a bigeffect.WORD
  16. 16. CURRENT5 In a similar way thetongue is a very smallpart of a body but iscapable of greatinfluence. How largea forest can bekindled by such asmall flame. 6Thetongue is capable ofcreating a fiery worldof unright-eousness.It is placed in ourbodies with thecapacity to be thedefiler of the wholebody and can set onfire a whole course ofnature that is itself setablaze by hell.S/INTENTSame as before –People will notplay with matchesin the grass on theedge of a forest.Same as before –repetition denotesemphasis.Unmonitoreduse/abuse of thetongue can startan uncontrolledchain-reaction ofunrighteousness.WORD
  17. 17. CURRENT7We are able tobring all kinds ofspecies undercontrol regardlessof whether they flyin the air, walkalong the ground orswim in the sea. Allof them are beingand have beensubdued byhumans, 8But itseems that no oneis able to subduethe human tongue.It seems to becapable of un-restrained evil anddeadly poison.S/INTENTPeople of God willtake seriously thematter of trainingthemselves withrespect of the waythey use theirtongues –especially peoplewho are involvedin teaching others.People areunaware of thehigh level maturityneeded to usespeech for good –and that when it isnot working forgood it producesunrestrained eviland deadlypoison.WORD
  18. 18. CURRENT9It seems the sametongue is capable ofblessing our Lord andFather but also cursingmen who are created inhis likeness. 10Is itpossible that blessingand cursing could comefrom the same mouth?11My brothers theseThings should neverhappen. The samespring of water doesn’tflow fresh and bitterwater 12A fig tree is notable to produce olives ora grape vine producefigs. A salty pool cannotalso contain fresh water.S/INTENTThat people willbecome awarethat thisinconsistency is awarning that thereis somethingwrong on theinside that needsto besupernaturallytransformed.People don’t seethe issue whenthey use theirspeech to worshipand pray on theone hand andthen destroyother people withthe same use ofspeech.WORD
  19. 19. CURRENT13Who amongyou isconsidered tohave greatwisdom andunderstanding?Let himdemonstrate itby his good lifeand throughdeeds that comefrom humblewisdom.S/INTENTThat people willbegin to embracewhat God wantsto do with theirlifestyle issues as apathway togaining godlywisdom.People are proneto think that ifthey sound wisethey actually AREwise whenwisdom onlycomes as the endresult of a processof submitting toGod in other areasof their lives.WORD
  20. 20. CURRENT14If you only havebitter jealousy andself-interest in yourheart don’t boastabout it andmisrepresent thetruth by so doing.15This is not thewisdom that comesfrom above. This isfrom the earth, fromnatural humanityand is demonic.16Where there isjealousy and self-interest there isdisorder and everyevil thing.S/INTENTThat people willbe clear about thefruits of genuinewisdom and thoseof false humanwisdom and notallow the two tobecome confused.People arejustifying self-interest anddivision whileclaiming to bewise – they don’trealize that such“wisdom” ishumanistic and bynature demonic.WORD
  21. 21. CURRENT17But wisdom fromabove is first of allpure, thenpeaceful, gentle,humble and full ofmercy and of thefruits of goodness,impartiality andsincerity. 18Itproduces aharvest ofrighteous for thosewho make peaceby sowing peace.S/INTENTThat people willlook for the signsthat qualifysomeone whospeaks asspeaking wisdomfrom God.People don’t knowthe environmentor atmospherethat genuinewisdom flowsfrom and can’t telltrue godly wisdomfrom false humanwisdom.WORD
  23. 23. HALLMARKS OF TEACHERS WITHGODLY WISDOMIf you canread this ~thank ateacher.
  24. 24. 1. STATUS CONSISTENCY They place no value in the statusthat teaching sometimes attracts and are not concerned aboutthe attention, the power or the lack of it. They just wantpeople to learn and grow in God and are willing to serve themto that end. They are also their hardest critics – alwayswanting to see more of the shaping transformation of God andare prepared to be accountable to God’s revealed characterand purpose.2. LIFESTYLE CONSISTENCY Their words are measured andmanaged because they have been working away at makingsure their lives and their words are consistent – because theyhave been conscientious in allowing God’s word and Spirit toshape their lives, the management of their speaking is the endresult of the management of their lifestyle not the beginning ofit.
  25. 25. 3. CONTEXTUAL CONSISTENCY What they say in worship, intheir teaching and when they are “on show” is the same as theway they speak when they are in the presence of detractors andadversaries. How they speak when they are pressed bycircumstances is consistent with how they speak when things aregoing well because they have done the lifestyle “yards” and arenot unseated by those circumstances.4. PROCESS CONSISTENCY Their lives are the product of ahumility in the presence of the Word of God. They have learnedto accept it, embrace it, allow it to have its impact and produceits fruit in their lives. Because they have genuinely committed tothis process they are nor afraid to be vulnerable and don’t needto put on a show.
  26. 26. 5. FRUIT-BEARING CONSISTENCYThe wisdom they have to share has comefrom a series of character issues that are the product of the working ofthe Holy Spirit:a. Purity their lives are the product of substance that comes from a singlesource, that being the nature of Jesus Christ. They are not the product of a differentnew book, or the latest conference or of some prevailing set of opinions.b. Peace they want to work in harmony with others and do not see themselvesas being in competition with anyone.c. Responsive when they are in the company of other teachers or disciples they arewilling to listen rather than being filled with the importance of their own views andopinions.d. Merciful they are keen and willing to show compassion to people rather thanbecome self righteous judges and look down on others.e. Impartial they treat everyone the same and teach everyone the same regardlessof friendship, status or preferences.f. Sincere they hold their experience of Christ with full and complete sincerity.They are not just doing a job or putting on a show.
  28. 28. 1. STATUS CONSCIOUS They love the status and attention that being ateacher attracts.2. SEPARATION OF WORD AND LIFE They may well have fine soundingwords, but that’s all there is. They do not have the character and thestories from that experience to demonstrate that they practice what theypreach. They often have a public image and a very different personal andprivate image.3. USE THEIR PROFESSION TO DESTROY They are not capable ofrestraining the use of words that sow division, assassinate character anddestroy harmony. They promote and justify unrighteousness. Theydestroy their own lives and those who they have influenced, both family,associates and the people they have given teaching to. Evil multipliesfrom their influence
  29. 29. 4. HOLY INCONSISTENCY They are capable of speaking, worshipping,praying amazing and beautiful words that sound as though they honourGod, but then they can speak and act abusively toward people aroundthem and beyond them. They are able to speak in one way to tickle theears of one group and then contradict themselves when they arespeaking to another.5. CHARACTER AND FRUIT They are competitive and derisory regardingcolleagues and other groups. They sow and justify division. They are selfserving and often ego-driven. In all of these cases they often know andjustify their unrighteous behaviour – sometimes their success provides acover for their lack of character.6. WORLDLY WISDOM They draw much of their wisdom from thephilosophies and teachings of successful people who do not follow God.As such this wisdom sounds good, but it does not lead to a dependenceon God nor does it glorify God. It glorifies the person. That’s why theylike following it..
  31. 31. Dear scattered believersI was going to write about people abusing theiruse of speech, but since you have beentransformed by the Spirit and are mature thisletter will not be necessary.Yours sincerelyJames
  32. 32. The End[for now]