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The Fake Gospel: Session 19


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Published in: Spiritual
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The Fake Gospel: Session 19

  2. 2. LAST WEEKGod wants us to know stuff because he wants us to become stuff and do stuff.Look at the context and you will discover the meaning.
  3. 3. GALATIANS 6:6-161Brothers, if someone gets caught up in some kind of sin, thoseof you who are spiritually strong should try to restore thatperson in a spirit of gentleness. You should also be watchful incase you are tempted yourself. 2You need to bear one another’sburdens because in this way you are fulfilling the command ofChrist. 3If anyone considers himself special when he isn’t, he isonly fooling himself. 4Each person should test their own actionsthemselves. When you do that you can take satisfaction in yourown progress without comparing yourself to someone else.5Each of us must accept personal responsibility for our ownjourney.
  4. 4. GALATIANS 6:6-161. When someone gets mixed up in this legalistic stuff gently help them back to knowing Jesus2. Don’t allow yourselves to be fooled by the persuasiveness of this religious rubbish.3. Take up the burdens of others as if they were your own.4. Being right and being the best doesn’t make you special, so don’t start fooling yourself.5. Keep taking responsibility for your own journey lest you start to believe you are the person with all the answers.
  5. 5. Get a picture ofwhat is going on
  6. 6. GALATIANS 6:6-166The person who is taught God’s word should respond by sharingtheir worldly goods with the person who provides theinstruction. 7Don’t be deceived for a moment. God will not bemocked. Whatever someone sows he will also reap.8The onewho puts effort into satisfying the desires of anti-God humannature will reap its corruption. The one who puts effort into thethings of the Spirit will reap eternal life.
  7. 7. What is it there for?
  8. 8. GALATIANS 6:6-169Letus not become weary in doing these good things. We willeventually reap a harvest as long as we don’t give up. 10So everytime we get the chance let us do good to everyone especiallythose who belong to the family of believers.
  10. 10. FOUR QUESTIONS What information are we given? What is God wanting us to know about? What would it look like if this were happening? What do I need to do for this to happen?
  11. 11. GALATIANS 6:6-1611Do you notice what large letters I am using as I write with myown hand? 12The ones who are trying for force you to becircumcised are doing it just to try and look good in the eyes ofother people. And they want to avoid the persecution thatcomes when you embrace the real gospel message centred onthe cross of Christ.
  12. 12. GALATIANS 6:6-1613The irony is that the people who make a fuss about this don’treally keep all of the law anyway. They want to focus yourattention on circumcision so that when you comply they canboast about what you have done. 14I don’t ever want to boastabout anything except the work of Jesus on the cross. Becauseof this the world is crucified to me and I am crucified to theworld.
  13. 13. GALATIANS 6:6-1615The reality is that whether you are circumcised or not makesno difference. What matters is becoming a transformed person.16May peace and mercy be upon everyone who has determinedto live in this way. They are the ones who qualify as choseninstruments of God, the new Israel.
  14. 14. INFORMATION1. Circumcision (religious acts) by themselves don’t mean anything and don’t represent anything worthwhile.2. Becoming a new transformed person is what really matters.3. People who are doing this should be untroubled by all of the intimidation happening.4. People who are experiencing this will live lives that represent God and his purposes.5. These people are the ones that God has always wanted to have on the earth.
  15. 15. WHAT IS GOD WANTING ME TO KNOW1. Don’t get caught up in making religious issues the main focus2. Allow Him to make me a new person.3. He wants me to be free from getting embroiled in religious (etc.) controversies.4. God wants to use me to fulfill his purposes5. This is everything to do with who I am and why I am here.
  16. 16. WHAT WILL LOOK LIKE1. I will be focusing on things that enable transformation rather than religious culture.2. I will be being transformed and helping others to be transformed3. I won’t get involved in religious/cultural controversies.4. I will be fulfilling God’s purposes5. I will be God’s person, working among God’s people to see God’s purposes fulfilled.
  17. 17. WHAT DO I NEED TO DO1. Check and make sure I am not putting emphasis on religious, cultural or traditional values.2. Focus on what I need to trust God to change in me and not avoid something because I can’t do it.3. I will avoid all useless controversies over religious, culture and tradition.4. I will give my attention to what God wants to do through myself and those I am teamed with.5. I will rejoice in the fact that I am a child of God.