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Synopsis questionnaire analysis

  1. 1. Synopsis questionnaire analysis Grace Sheridan
  2. 2. How old are you?
  3. 3. What is your postcode?
  4. 4. What is your gender?
  5. 5. Have you seen any short films?
  6. 6. Can you recognise specific themes or issues within the synopsis? Answers: ‘Yes I could recognise relationship and drug issues’, ‘Drug issues and protection’, ‘drug use, relationships and sister rivalry’, ‘Drug abuse, romance and relative relationships’, ‘drugs’, ‘protection’, ‘drug abuse’, ‘under age drug abuse’, ‘drugs and alcohol abuse’. A high percentage of my results show that they have some understanding of a drug issue being represented. They have all successfully pointed out an issue/theme within my synopsis. These results have shown me that some of my issues and themes are clear for my audience to depict. It enables me to carry on with my selected themes and issues within my synopsis. Overall the majority of the results recognise a drug issue and have been able to pick out a variety of themes and issues. This will impact my creative process as I no which of my themes and issues are easily recognised and which need more detail to become visual.
  7. 7. Was there anything you particularly liked within the synopsis? Answers: ‘The characters were portrayed well’, ‘the focus to drug use that is represented’, ‘I liked the sense of tension that built up’, ‘the realism’, ‘the use of expression’, ‘the place/setting’, ‘I liked how it reflected the youth of our generation’, ‘It keeps the reader attracted as its interesting’, ‘the tension within the two sisters’. The results I have received show a variety of parts to the synopsis that my audience liked and were attracted to. The results were a mixture of answers. The results show the parts people were interested in therefore i can see things that were not mentioned within my results for being liked and I can pay attention to so I can create them more attractive and interesting to my audiences eye. Overall the majority of the results showed a range of answers to what they liked within my synopsis, this is going to help impact my creative process because I now no what is popular within my synopsis and what is not.
  8. 8. Can you visualize the idea? Explain why. Answers: ‘Yes because of the detailed description’, ‘Yes because it is very detailed’, ‘Yes as lots of adjectives helped set the scenario within my head’, ‘Yes because it is well written’, ‘Yes because of the descriptive text’, ‘Yes as it is a situation which often occurs within our society’, ‘Yes because you can identify and relate to it’, ‘Yes because I felt a sense of familiarity’, ‘At some parts I can because of its detail however the ending structure needs more’. A high percentage of the answers to this question selected yes however there was one person who stated ‘At some parts I can because of its detail however the ending structure needs more’, this shows that I need to focus and pay attention to the end of my structure and create it clear to my audiences eye. Overall the results have pointed out the positive aspects of my idea being visualized, this shows I can carry on with my idea as the majority could visualize my idea. This will impact my creative process because even though there was a high percentage who were able to visualize it I have found out I need to improve my ideas ending so that It is easier for my audience to visualize it.
  9. 9. Were you able to relate to the protagonist? Explain why. Answers: ‘Not really as I' am not a teenage girl taking drugs’, ‘Yes because I have seen people in that position’, ‘Yes because I have experienced situations like this with others’, ‘Yes because I can relate to the experience’, ‘yes because I have friends who do illegal substances’, ‘Yes because she is a similar age to me’, ‘Yes as some of my friends are similar to her’, ‘Yes I could relate because the situation reminds me of past experiences’, ‘Yes because she is the same age and gender to me’. The majority of my answers agreed to being able to relate to my protagonist, however their was one response which stated they couldn’t relate due to the difference of gender, these results shows that it may be harder to make the opposite gender connect/relate to my protagonist. I need to focus on ways in which I can enable both genders to relate to my protagonist. Overall the results have shown successful ways in which people can relate to my protagonist due to similar real life experiences and that the protagonist is the same gender and age, however the results also showed a small factor could not relate to my protagonist due to gender, This will impact my creative process because I need to pay attention on creating my character in such a way that both genders can relate. The results have made me think that my character Daniel could become a stronger part of the story.
  10. 10. In what points in the reading did you feel emotionally engaged? Answers: ‘when the drugs appeared as it causes tension’, ‘within the drug scene and when Macy was spying on her sister’, ‘when the drugs are being inhaled’, ‘when the drugs were being taken’, ‘when Macy felt uncomfortable and stared shamefully’, ‘the prier pressure issue and drug scene’, ‘when the drugs become involved and it effects the relationship between the sisters’, ‘when you could tell Macy and Molly felt a longing sense for the boy Daniel’, ‘the arrival of the two sisters’. Some of the results have shown that
  11. 11. How would you sum up the main themes/issues of the story? Answers: ‘substance abuse’, ‘the issue of drug abuse as an attempt to impress others’, ‘They involve a lot of common issues that teenagers will experience and I think they are very engaging because they are issues people can relate to’, ‘They include serious issues we have in today’s society’, ‘different views on drugs’, ‘intenseness of drugs’, ‘drugs and sister rivalry’, ‘teenage phases’, ‘protection’.
  12. 12. Do you think the story works in a 5 minute time period? (if no explain why) Yes No Slice 3 Slice 4 Answer (for the person who said no): ‘Although the theme and story is good, it is a lot to read and take into imagine all in 5 minutes’.
  13. 13. What were the most visual moments you notice? Answers: ‘When the girl is drinking shots and when the tension and awkwardness built when the drugs appear’, ‘description of facial expressions’, ‘when she smokes the drugs’, ‘when the drugs are being inhaled’, ‘description of the sisters arrival’, ‘prier pressure of Macy doing drugs’, ‘smoking the substance’, ‘the drug abuse and when sexual relationships begin to form’, ‘I felt visually engaged when the girl partook in smoking the joint’.
  14. 14. Did you read it more than once? 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Yes No
  15. 15. Is there anything you would personally change within the synopsis? And why? Answers: ‘I would make it even more detailed’, ‘I would change the outcome because I didn’t like Molly getting judged because of her choice to smoke’, ‘I would change how much happens in the short space time’, ‘I would change the wording used’, ‘I would use a broader range of phrases’, ‘create it a bit more exciting’, ‘present it longer with more detail’, ‘some of the wording’, ‘the wording and particular phrases used’.
  16. 16. Do you think this story is relevant today? And why? Answers: ‘Yes as prier pressure is happening more often these days’, ‘Yes as teenagers are very much delved into harmless substances yield to peer pressure’, ‘Yes due to all teenagers being infatuated with others and hooked on drugs’, ‘ yes as it is an issue which occurs all the time’, ‘Yes as it is a common issue within society’, ‘Yes it shows are generation’, ‘Yes as it revolves real life issues we have in society today’, ‘Yes because nowadays, these kind of situations become real life experiences for people’, ‘I feel this story is very relevant with the youth of today because a lot of young people can associate themselves with the characters’.
  17. 17. Do you think it is important within society? And why? Answers: ‘Yes as younger people are getting ignored which leads them ending up rebelling through drugs and alcohol’, ‘Yes because it is a perfect example on how pre judgements are made today’, ‘Yes because it is in our society at the moment’, ‘Yes as people will be able to relate to the story and characters due to real life experiences’, ‘Yes it shows the danger of drugs’, ‘yes as a large amount of people can relate to it’, ‘It is important as it shows the portrayal of society today’, ‘Yes it sends a good message to young people’, ‘No films aren't important to society’.
  18. 18. Does the story include characters that are usually not represented? If so who? Answers: ‘No teenagers are often represented’, ‘No’, ‘Yes teenage British girls are commonly under represented’, ‘No’, ‘yes, teenage girl drug addicts are not commonly a main character in films’, ‘yes as teenage girl groups into drugs are not usually portrayed’, ‘No’, ‘No it does not’, ‘I feel Macy is a character that isn't usually represented because young people are usually shown in a negative light’.
  19. 19. Do you sense a strong message? If yes, what? Answers: ‘Yes a strong message of drug awareness and the effects’, ‘I feel a lawfully correct message which is not to use drugs and how it affects you socially’, ‘strong message of behaviour, safety, drugs and relationships’, ‘I see a strong message of drug awareness and the effect it has’, ‘ a strong message of drug awareness’, ‘drug awareness’, ‘strong message of the impact of drug use’, ‘No it is unclear at what happens at the end’, ‘Yes don’t do drugs’.
  20. 20. Is there anything key being represented? If so explain. Answers: ‘pier pressure within teenage groups’, ‘Yes young people’, ‘drug use within British youth’, ‘yes peer pressure through Macy’, ‘drugs’, ‘drug effects on relationships’, ‘drugs and parental control’, ‘Everyday life experiences for people’, ‘I feel the key representation is the youth of today’.
  21. 21. Can you identify any types/groups being represented? Answers: ‘Teenage youth’, ‘I feel like the lower class youth of today is being represented through this story’, ‘Yes young groups of teenagers’, ‘young peoples society’, ‘yes kids of today’, ‘sisters, age and social class’, ‘young youth’, ‘teenage girls’, ‘young people’.