Smile a lot


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Smile a lot

  1. 1. t Carolrhoda Books, Inc./ Minneapolis
  2. 2. Text and illustrations copyright ©2002 by Nancy CarlsonAll rights reserved. International copyright secured. No part of thisbook may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmittedin any form or by any means—electronic, mechanical, photocopying,recording, or otherwise—without the prior written permission ofCarolrhoda Books, Inc., except for the inclusion of brief quotationsin an acknowledged review.Carolrhoda Books, Inc.A division of Lerner Publishing Group241 First Avenue NorthMinneapolis, MN 55401 U.S.A.Website address: www.lernerbooks.comLibrary of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication DataCarlson, Nancy L. Smile a lot! / by Nancy Carlson. p. cm. Summary: A frog explains how smiling is a great way to getthrough life’s ups and downs. eISBN: 1–57505–187–7 [1. Frogs—Fiction. 2. Smiles—Fiction. 3. Conduct of life—Fiction.] I. Title.PZ7.C21665 Sm 2002[E]—dc21 2001005926Manufactured in the United States of America1 2 3 4 5 6 –JR– 07 06 05 04 03 02
  3. 3. thleen, an d Ka ede re skating coaches ever! D bes t figuTo the f ooTw lve years of fun! Keep smil for t we ing! you ank your number o ne skating Th from mo Love m, Nancy
  4. 4. Life has all sorts of ups and downs. That’s why you should always
  5. 5. Smile a Lot! !S It’s much easier than complaining.
  6. 6. When Mom makes oatmeal with prunes for breakfast . . .
  7. 7. Smile a lot! And ask if you can help her make chocolate chip pancakes tomorrow.
  8. 8. Then figure out what to do with your oatmeal.
  9. 9. Smile a Lot! ! It helps you make friends.
  10. 10. If you’re the new kid in school, don’t sit in a corner frowning.
  11. 11. Smile a lot! You won’t be alone for long!
  12. 12. Smile a Lot! ! It confuses the tough guys.
  13. 13. When the tough guys are hogging the swings . . .
  14. 14. Play on the monkey bars and smile a lot! The tough guys will think you’re having more fun than they are.
  15. 15. Soon you’ll have the swings to yourself!
  16. 16. Smile a Lot! !S It gets you through the hard times.
  17. 17. When you only get three words right on your spelling test . . .
  18. 18. Just smile a lot and no one will know you only got three words right.
  19. 19. And when you show the test to your mom and dad, smile a lot and tell them you’ll do better next time.
  20. 20. Then study hard and next time, you might get a perfect score!
  21. 21. Smile a Lot! ! It gives you lots of courage.
  22. 22. When you have to go to the dentist for a checkup, smile a lot!
  23. 23. You’ll discover the dentist is really not so bad.
  24. 24. You might even get a prize or two for bravery!
  25. 25. Smile a Lot! !S It helps you reach your goals.
  26. 26. When you have to run a whole mile at soccer practice, smile a lot!
  27. 27. Smiling takes a lot less energy than moaning and groaning. Then you can run so fast that . . .
  28. 28. Your coach just might start you at forward in the next game!
  29. 29. When nighttime comes
  30. 30. And you’re starting to fall asleep . . .
  31. 31. Smile a lot because
  32. 32. You’ve had a pretty good day!