Mid Term B1 2008


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Mid Term B1 2008

  1. 1. CURSO DE ACREDITACIÓN DE LOS APRENDIZAJES DE INGLÉS ENGLISH MID-TERM TEST – NOVEMBER 2008 Name: MARK CLE / HIGHSCHOOL: WRITTEN TEST: / 50 LISTENING COMPREHENSION – - The Gender Gap - 1. Listen to the following modern couple called Tracey and Jack and do the following task.- Who mentions each activity?  Making dinner _____________  Seeing the match _____________  Doing the washing _____________  Working at the office _____________ /4 2. Now, listen again and say if these statements are true (T) or false (F)  Tracey enjoys watching football on the telly ____  Jack works at home ____  They end up going out together ____ / /3 Página 1
  2. 2. Now, read the following passage and do the exercises that follow Two People, One Breadwinner When one partner works and the other stays home, resentments may fester. Here's how to find an equitable solution. By: Deborah Siegel Ph.D. When Lisa Allen and her family moved to Kenya, she stayed home with her two young children while her husband, John, guided safaris. Five years later, they moved back to the States, and she returned to work while John—who'd lost his job - stayed home with the kids. While dual-career couples are the norm today, professional couples who can afford to have one partner stay home, usually after the children are born, no longer automatically assume that person will be Mom. This can lead to multiple formulas for resentment. Breadwinner wives - still often expected by their mates to act as social director, housekeeper, and meal planner - resent husbands who are lax about household upkeep. Meanwhile, househusbands adjusting to their new domestic roles often resent wives who tell them what to do. 3. Choose the right alternative and circle the appropriate letter (a , b, c) to these ideas.  Lisa Allen and her husband a) have always lived in Kenya, b) have lived in the USA for five years, c) moved to Kenya for work reasons.  While living in the States Lisa a) worked at home , b) stayed home, c) was the breadwinner.  In modern couples nowadays a) both men and women work , b) only men work , c) only women work .  Moms nowadays are a) considered the right person to stay home with the children, b) no longer considered responsible for doing the housework, c) expected to work and take care of the children . /4 4. Complete with one word  In Kenya, Lisa took care of her __________________.  Back in the USA John lost his _________________.  ________________expect their wives to perform different tasks. /6 Página 2
  3. 3. Now, continue reading … Anger, jealousy, and even resentment are natural in any relationship—and at times even helpful. But feelings are signals that convey important information. At-home partners who envy working spouses may be feeling insecure about their own loss of professional identity. Meanwhile, breadwinners may feel resentful of at-home partners because they hate their jobs. In some cases, the negativity you feel toward your partner is not as much about your partner as it is about your own choices… 5. a) Find the opposites of these words  helpless ______________________  at work ______________________  secure ______________________  love ______________________  little ______________________ / 5 b) Next, find words or expressions which correspond to these definitions  a feeling of wishing you had something others have _________________  the members of the couple who do not work _________________  formal for husbands / wives _________________  the ones who bring home the money _________________  in the direction of _________________ / 5 6. a) To continue the article, fill the blanks with the appropriate words Self-esteem _______________ (can be affected-can affect–can be affecting) by societal expectations, infecting even in __________ (this-those-that) couples who consider themselves the __________ (less-little-least) susceptible. When breadwinner wives envy or resent stay-at-home husbands, experts say that they ___________ (are often projected- is often projecting – are often projecting) deep-seated feelings of guilt about ____________ (his-her-their) own absence from their ___________ (child´s-children´s-childrens´) daily lives. / 6 Página 3
  4. 4. b. To finish the article, match the beginnings of these sentences with their ends 1. No one had ever before acknowledged that ___ 2. Conversely, if dads stayed home, they ___ 3. We are in a society that draws a line between ___ 4. Couples must learn to recognize ___ a) that the two arenas are interconnected. b) working women could be good moms, taking care of their children, by working. c) professional contributions and domestic ones. d) would envy or resent their breadwinning wives. /4 Adapted from Psychology Today Magazine, Jul/Aug 2007 Last Reviewed 5 Sep 2007 Article ID: 4372 Página 4
  5. 5. 7. Finally, write your reaction to ONE of the following entries to the blog in no more than a 100 words: Blog´s name: ―Women in the 21st Century” a. ― Not many people accept that working women can be good mothers‖ b. ― When the man in a couple is not the breadwinner, he feels less masculine‖ / 13 Página 5