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OBJECTIVES:                                      SCIENCE:                                         SOCIAL STUDIES:

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  1. 1. l OBJECTIVES: SCIENCE: SOCIAL STUDIES: Children will: rsi Living things: -The passage of time: observing the way plants grow -observe and identify plants, fruits and -vital functions and change. vegetables. -main characteristics -communicate information about the plant kingdom -conditions necessary for growth. -describe the different parts of a plant and Procedures:- observing leaves, its necessary conditions for growth. flowers, vegetables, seeds. CULTURE: -organizing and processing -Human beings´s role in: information.. -environmental preservation -Communicating information. -conservation of natural MATH: resources. -sorting,comparing and joining sets of objects. -classifying leaves,fruits, vegetables, WATCH US GROW! seeds by shape, size, color, etc. ( The world of plants) -transformations: add, take away, distribute. LANGUAGE: -oral language in: everyday contexts(dialogues, stories, descriptions, etc) -game –related contexts( oral games, riddles, rhymes, etc) -conventional contexts: greetings, requests Mtra. Graciela Bilat