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  • Evaluation3

    1. 1. EVALUATIONTODHUNTER, GRACE 3812AQUINAS COLLEGE 33435 In what ways does your media product use, develop or 1 challenge forms and conventions of real media products? How effective is the combination of your main product 2 and ancillary texts? 3 What have you learned from your audience feedback? How did you use media technologies in the 4 construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
    2. 2. DIFFERENCE 1 BRANDINGSIMILARITY I have not used the E4 branding for myFRAMING last shot. This is because I wanted a titleBoth shots use similar framing as both card like in the 90210 advert herecharacters are off centre.DIFFERENCE CHALLENGE DIFFERENCESHOT TYPE ANGLEClose up on Borderline trailer is able to I had my camera straight on to theshow the emotion in her face. characters face so she could look directly into the camera and break the fourth wall. I did this so that the audience could see the emotion in her eyes.
    3. 3. SIMILARITY 1NON DIEGETIC SOUND DIFFERENCE GENREBoth use soundtrack lyrics to tell the 4narrative. Downton Abbey is a costume drama on ITV1Downton Abbey “I’ll be watching you” as and it is aimed at middle aged women andcharacters spy on each other. above.Borderline “Love so good, love so Borderline is a soap opera that would bebad, it won’t die” to create a sense of aired on E4 and aimed at females aged 13-obsession. early twenties. click video to play click video to play DIFFERENCE DIFFERENCE NARRATIVE EDITING The narrative in Borderline follows a The editing in the Downton Abbey trailer chronological order of the story to explain is very fast with lots of short clips of what is going on. objects and people, whereas in the The Downton Abbey trailer leaves a lot Borderline trailer I have dip to blacks up to the imagination by having fast cuts rather than fast cuts to make my trailer of people walking around. less jumpy.
    4. 4. 1 SIMILARITY LOGO Both use the E4 logoDIFFERENCEBACKGROUND90210 title card uses a wide shot on areal location. The beach being on theright side of the picture and a city behindthis shows that it is set in Los Angelesand this is what is associated with theprogrammeBorderline uses a chalkboard made onPhotoshop and saved as a jpeg image.The chalkboard shows that the soap isschool related which is why I chose thisas the title card background.
    5. 5. 1 SIMILARITY CAMERA MOVEMENT Both of these shots are in slow motion and they both zoom into the eyes to show the emotion behind them.SIMILARITY DIFFERENCESHOT TYPE PERFORMANCEThey are both close-ups that zoom into The character in the Borderline shot isextreme close-ups of their eyes. upset and grieving for her love, whereas in the skins looks intimidating and slightly evil.
    6. 6. SIMILARITY SIMILARITY 1Conventions of a soap magazine ISSUES RAISEDMASTHEAD both in top right hand corner. Both magazines have chosen features that arePRICE both 40p, in bubble to stand out. similar, such as stalking and pregnancy.LOWERCASE both use mainly lowercase.COLOUR primary colours and feminine colours.DIFFERENCE DIFFERENCECAPITALS LOGOTv Weekly uses capitals for the emotive words.My front cover uses the actual soap logos rather than just typing the soap name. I recreated the soap logos on publisher rather than copying and
    7. 7. BRANDING 2I have looked at other soap opera logos I used the same font and styleas part of my planning in my prezi. throughout all of my final media products. I used Freestyle Script for the font of my logo for Borderline because I think the curly letters give the connotation of femininity and youth, and the soap is aimed at the younger end of the market. I realise now looking at all three of my texts together that I did not keep up the brand identity as the colours are different on the front cover. However, looking at existing soap magazine covers, they do not usually use the actual brand logos.
    8. 8. AUDIENCE 2NARRATIVEThe same storyline has been used for The characters are telling the same storythe billboard and the front cover. This is and showing the same emotions in allalso the main theme that runs three products.throughout my trailer. APPEARANCE I tried to keep the clothing the same on each product. I made sure Sasha had a black hooded top on to keep the emo stereotype but because I shot the front cover separately the hair is slightly different. However, in real soaps, characters do change their appearance from episode to episode. Character planning in prezi.
    9. 9. INSTITUTION 2Why I chose E4 in prezi.Borderline is suited to the E4 brand because it address some of the key issues that areraised in the majority of the programmes that are shown. Mainly because the audience of E4are teenagers and these are the problems that are likely to be affecting them. Teen Bullying Sexuality/Confusio Pregnancy n
    10. 10. INSTITUTION 2The E4 style guidewas used to createthe strap in the bottomcorner. Next time I would ensure that the logoOur group made sure was the exactthe purple amount of widthbackground was the from the edges.exact colour it shouldbe, and the fontAmerican Typewriterwas downloaded.I would also useAmerican Typewriterfor the additionalinformation on thetrailer ending card.
    11. 11. AUDIENCE FEEDBACK 3Audience research in prezi.I screened my trailer to a sample of my intended audience so that I could use their feedback toimprove and re-edit my work, and also to see if it was a suitable trailer that would appeal tothem. “the cast match the audience as they are young females making them relatable.” “the soundtrack matches the narrative“I like the way it is set perfectly.”it in college and indomestic surroundingsto make it seem morereal.”
    12. 12. IMPROVEMENTS 3 After receiving feedback from my intended audience I have decided to make some alterations to my trailer for Borderline.“I don’t understand whythese two characters arefighting?”I am going to add an opening andtitle cards to my trailer so that thenarrative is more understandable.“the editing should be faster when the music speeds up”I am going to change the transitions to fast cuts rather than fade to blacks whenthe music is fast to make it seem more urgent.
    13. 13. CONSTRUCTION 4I used three different video cameras altogether to film my soap trailer.Next time I would make sure they were exactly the same as I cannot remove theblack bars on some shots due to them becoming pixelated when I try to correctthis.This was so we would be able to get a range of different shots such as shotreverse shots and over the shoulder shots. This makes sure the framingwould be the same and to make it look more realistic.I used a still camera to take images for continuity and the ancillary texts.
    14. 14. CONSTRUCTION 4 I used Adobe Premiere Elements 8 to edit my final soap trailer. As diegetic sound was only going to be used for one line I cut the speech right down and matched it up to the clip.I used the red line to help cut down clipsexactly how I wanted them.APE8 makes it easy to drag clips from theproject folder and then around the timeline
    15. 15. CONSTRUCTION I used APE8 for the preliminary trailer and comic strip so that I would already know how to use the software properly for the final product. 4 I used the dip to black transition in between each clip to make my trailer flow and feel smooth. I used sceneline rather than the timeline to do this.I decided on Queens Of The Stone Age –I Never Came to play as non-diegeticmusic, to let the lyrics tell the narrative.I dragged this into the soundtrack bar onthe timeline and cut the song down so itwould fit with my editing.
    16. 16. CONSTRUCTION 4I uploaded my trailers to Youtube straight from Adobe Premier Elements CS4. The share section on APE8 enabled me to transfer my finished trailer onto my youtube accountAfter youtube processes the video, it is then available towatch online and copy the html code into my blog.
    17. 17. CONSTRUCTION 4I used Adobe Photoshop CS4 to edit the images for the Front Cover. To give a yellow glow around the images, I used the round brush tool with 70% opacity, and 0% hardness to make it feathered. I then overlapped the same image over the top on a second layer so the yellow was behind their heads.I used the magic eraser brush tool to erasethe background and make the imagetransparant. This is so I could overlap otherfeatures easily on the FC and have anybackground I wanted.
    18. 18. CONSTRUCTION 4I used Microsoft Publisher to create the Front Cover and Billboard. Creating the masthead was the first thing I did. Using autoshapes and word art. After editing the picture backgrounds in Photoshop I decided on where they would go.Adding the text was the finalpart of creating the FrontCover, all of which was doneusing word art for eachindividual word.I saved the document as a jpegfile so that it could be uploadedinto my blog and easily
    19. 19. CONSTRUCTION 4To create the soap logos I used Microsoft Publisher. I used word art andautoshapes because the logos are quite simple to recreate.
    20. 20. RESEARCH 4 I used Youtube to research a variety of existing soaps and dramas in order to learn about soap codes and conventions. I evaluated Skins, EastEnders, Downton Abbey and One Tree Hill using youtube to find the trailers. The search boxFrom looking at and suggestionsthe youtube videos on the right wereI was able to helpful for findingunderstand that all suitable trailers tosoaps use the look at.same codes and CAMERA WORKconventions to Two shot and aportray genre tracking shot asand meaning to they walk in theits intended door.audience. Two shots areNARRATIVE stereotypical of theTeenage boys soap genre as theywalking into a pub. show conversationIts what the audience and make thewould get up to, they audience feelcan relate it meets involved as a thirdtheir expectations. person.
    21. 21. RESEARCH 4Youtube was also helpful for finding the song that I would use to tell the narrative ofmy trailer. As the main theme/storyline is about a stalker I wanted a song to give thisimpression. Queens of the Stone Age – I Never Came CHOSEN SONG I was able to find lyrics videos so I could understand them and Link to Slide 3 for why decide if they were the lyrics are suitable. suitable.
    22. 22. RESEARCH 4During the course of creating my final products I have been using Blogger tokeep track of progress and planning.I have all my work to myblog using html codes.(Slide 22) To upload html codes, or even to just post normal text, I had to first create a New Post. Continued..
    23. 23. RESEARCH/PLANNING 4 Html codes can be copied and pasted into the Edit Html section when creating a new post.Then they will be viewed in the correctformat ready for posting in the composesection. Any text can be typed underneathin this section.
    24. 24. RESEARCH I used youtube and tinypic to 4 upload work and get html codes for my blog.By uploading work onto these video andimage sharing websites I was able to copythe html codes and then past them into anew post on blogger.
    25. 25. PLANNING 4I used Prezi for all of my planning because I think it is easy to navigate through everythingin a different order if you want to find something in particular.Click here to go to my PreziCapture View andPaths make it so itcan transition througheverything inorder, but you canalso drag the pagearound if you wantsomething inparticular.
    26. 26. PLANNING 4 As part of my planning is relevant to my evaluation I have used the orange number buttons in my prezi. I could insert youtube videos and images easily from prezi to make it more image focused and show my examples.
    27. 27. EVALUATION 4Slide 3 for using video in PowerPoint. Slide 19 for using audio in PowerPoint.
    28. 28. EVALUATION 4 I used Slide Master to make sure all titles would be in the same place and the orange number button would also be in the same position on every slide to ensure continuity. Orange button in the topTitle in top right handleft hand corner.corner. Fontis FranklinGothic Booksize 40.
    29. 29. ANCILLARIES 3After receiving audience feedback from the TV listings front cover and 1Billboard I have decided to change them both.For my front cover I decided that I wanted to change the angle completely andcreate a more glossy listing magazine similar to TV and Satellite week.Simple Strap -colour conventionscheme thatmatchesrather than Lesslots of featuresclashing crammed oncolours to making itattract less tacky. Iattention. think thisLarge wouldmasthead appeal to mythat targetstretches all audiencethe way more.across thepage
    30. 30. ANCILLARIES 3I decided to start completely afresh for my new front cover, so I created a new flatplan before building my front cover on publisher.Eye contactwith thereader to Strap - convention Features highlighted in yellow to be eye catchingConventionsbarcode, website, date Red, white and yellow colour Only three main features to scheme is simple make it less over crowded and more appealing to my target
    31. 31. SIMILARITY SIMILARITY 1Conventions of a soap magazine LAYOUTMASTHEAD both in top right hand corner. They both have a limited number of featuresLOWERCASE both use the same mixture of creating more space and making it less crowded.uppercase and lowercase for features andheadings.COLOUR both use a three point colour scheme.DIFFERENCEAUDIENCE DIFFERENCEI wanted to aim my magazine at a younger COLOURaudience so I only included soaps and tv I used brighter colours to make it more attractive toprogrammes that are aimed at the same my audience.audience.
    32. 32. ANCILLARIES 3I also wanted to add more detail after audience feedback said that the narrativewasn’t obvious enough. 1 Original BillboardAdded graffiti to Anchored textthe fence to doesn’t give tooreflect teenage much away toculture and draw audiencestereotypes. It in, but stillalso creates a creates meaningnarrative because so the audienceit is showing know what theconflict. soap will be about. New Billboard