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Media innovation and operation management - AAU


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Lecture given to postgraduates on media transformation, cultural, strategic and innovation approaches and operational management focusing on both proces and product.

The Operations and Innovation Management programme is designed to develop the candidates international practical experience and theoretical understanding of international aspects of strategy, innovation and change processes. The programme is focused on the development, operation and maintenance of business systems and aims at giving a balanced analytical, systemic and managerial understanding of Global Business Development and its underpinning disciplines.

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Media innovation and operation management - AAU

  1. 1. Aalborg University Postgraduate Programme in Operations and Innovation Management STRATEGY AND INNOVATION IN CONVERGING MEDIA ORGANISATIONS Johan Winbladh – march M: 21915612
  2. 2. About me (career part1 – fun analogue content production) …but late 90’ies I was attracted by the digital opportunity…200 x TV & Cinema Productions 1984-1998Musician 1982-1992Set Designs (Theatre) 1991-1994
  3. 3. About me (2) About me (career part 2 – digital business) ..which actually became a complementary adventure… Strategist, Marketing Agency1999-2001 Market Research 2001-2005 Innovation Manager (digital) 2006-2011 Project Manager (digital) 2011-12 Media Innovation Biz developer 2012 >In my beginning, this interactive sphere was approx. where I spent my first years: Interactive TV 2000 Mobile News/voting 2001 Teletext 1983 (2002) 1996 (2003)
  4. 4. For TV, participation, interaction, engagement is no newsCreativity quickly adapted new opportunities 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 Phone Donation Golden Arrow Hugo Eurovision for Hungary Crime (game) Song Contest Investigation (game) You Decide Pick a Movie (vote) (vote) What is it worth? Animals and me Ask the doctor Do it Yourself assistance
  5. 5. PARTICIPATING IN THE DIGITAL AGEIt’s not content (still very creative)-Participation-Lean forward-Communities-“broadcast?” vs.
  6. 6. But other things than content changed the game: ‘SOME DEFINING MOMENTS’ 2006 podcast
  7. 7. Content Production companies in Denmark Game growth – goes global Revenue 2011 •TV: 1.110 (export: 230m) •Cinema: 885 mio dkk (export: 113m) •Computer games: 425 mio dkk (export 240m) •Advertising: 390 mio dkk (export: 42m)
  8. 8. MUSIC - fragmentation
  9. 9. NEWS PAPERS – Rapid decline… Borrowed from Jon Lund
  10. 10. NEWS PAPERS – Rapid decline… Borrowed from Jon Lund
  11. 11. ADVERTISING – changing channels The money flow changes channels(mio dkk) Advertising spending/year - Denmark Own figure, data provided through Mediawatch/FDIM
  12. 12. It’s all about the business modelAll 9 aspects…
  13. 13. It’s all about the business modelAll 9 aspects… Relations: Digital is Competences, new rules of game culture, mission (il) loyalty New Partners gravitate Consumers change competitors to best ROI needs and behaviour Offer better value Ressources: Global New technology for Corporations are BIG distribution New initiatives Revenue stream: increase expenses disrupted by free / freemium etc
  14. 14. NEW STRATEGIES• Create new revenue streams (business development)• Find new + maintain partners (increase brand position,)• Improve customer service (ARPU, Cable-co open channels etc)• Establish content paywalls (subscribe, micro, freemium)• Reduce cost: Downsizing, outsourcing, processing• Play politics (governmental support/funding)• Improve products (, BigData, 2nd Screen etc)• Establish culture of innovation (departments, initiatives, Incubation)• Re organize to meet demands (structure, roles, tasks)
  15. 15. NEW STRATEGIES > new jobs
  17. 17. A case story
  18. 18. A song contest in 3 stages ending with one winner1. First unknown candidates are presented and selected by 4 coaches2. Then teams duel internally, eliminating half3. Finally live broadcasts, with viewer participation • Its TV 2s most ambitious entertainment cross-media venture ever. • Objective: to engage the audience more than ever before. • Reduce silos. TV & digital must merge in equal mutual dependecy. • Find new revenue streams
  19. 19. TV creates emotions, digital media is the tool to strengthenthem and provide the opportunity to express experiences.• User involvement was essential as a part of the TV show• Engaging video was a key ‘water cooler’ asset• Attract audience ambassadors that virally helps to create loyalty and engagement• Produce the feeling of being an important and active part of something bigger
  20. 20. Channels we used• 2 responsive-designed websites• 3 mobile apps: iPhone, Android, Html5• Full broadcast on TV 2 Play• Integration with Radio 100• 45 Facebook pages• 25 twitter accounts• SMS polls• A branded iTunes channel where a music download counted as a sms vote• 44 playlists on Spotify, Wimp, iTunes• Integration of digital into TV program
  21. 21. Content•Ca 150 News Articles•Ca 200 Unique Video clips= ca 13 hours•Ca 120 tv highlight clips= ca 4 hours•19 completetshows on demand= ca 16 hours•15 live backstage webtv = ca 5 hours•Ca 200 viewer’ online karaoke’ audition videos•Ca. 200 photos in galleries•44 profilepages(pics, bio, comment, social etc)
  22. 22. ‘Backstage’ Live My desktop….
  23. 23. 6 recommendations for crossmedia projects:1. Start with users and root the concept in your understanding of their behavior, motives and needs. Go create value!2. It’s a creative and ‘liquid’ process. Begin with the final outcome and work backwards. With the vision, the roadmap and priorities comes easier.3. Establish crossfunctional teams in the key development tasks instead of just handing over. Connect analysis, design, technology, content, marketing, sales etc. To remain flexible, fast and avoiding waste.4. Think of iterative loops to create space for development, freedom for creativity and room for unforeseen tasks. Stay agile to adapt.5. Ensure continuous measurement. Use KPI’s, benchmarks as baseline. Monitor frequently, and listen to your users. You’re happy, when they are. Listen to users all the time. They often bring ideas..
  24. 24. The Media industry share an understanding that 80%of the revenue would come from radical innovation.The remaining come from projectsfocused on incrementalimprovement of existing business.The reality is the opposite. Mikkel Rasmussen (ReD Associates)
  25. 25. Barriers – Case:
  26. 26. CULTURE business value is achieved Know how AND STRUCTURE What is measured, gets paid, What gets rewarded, gets done.• Culture: The ‘way of life’ and stable beliefs as understood by employees• Burning platforms, new values, reward systems and job designs• Dismantle silos and build organisational alignment (crossfunctional, selfdirected)• Learn teams to be self-directed and improve methods, communication, cost control etc• Value ‘idea champions’ as risc-taking creators of competitive advantage• Ensure ‘sponsor’s for resources – a protegé that lends positional power• Add a ‘Godfather’ to clear political obstacles for commercialisation• Concider establishing an organisational greenhouse PRODUCTION CUSTOMER MARKETING FINANCE SALE R &D LEGAL SERVICE IT
  27. 27. CULTURE OF INNOVATION Innovation Inside. February, 2010, The RISE of the CREATIVE MASSES
  28. 28. Why Media Companies Are Being Eaten by TechCompaniesNew technologies have been massivelydisrupting the media space for 10+ yearsGoogle isnt moving into media based on the existing rules that the mediacompanies play by – it is approaching media through the lens of technology.There is a vast gulf between the executive leadership of media companiesand the needs to understand technology.A super smart engineer who can wrap his or her head around platforms andtechnology issues can probably learn business concepts and issues fasterthan a super smart business person can learn technology
  29. 29. TRADESHIFT’s APPROACHTradeshift is currently used by over 150k businesses in 190 countriesTradeshift was awarded Best Enterprise Startup 2010 at The TechCrunch Europe startup award •Think like pirates •Act like pirates •Think outside the box – challenge decisions •Agile •Validated Learning (it’s OK to make mistakes) •Team Camps •Transparency •Break up structures From Tradeshift presentaion; Symbion Investor Day, dec 2012
  30. 30. Disruption from the inside: Media “If you continue to disrupt our industry, wecompanies seek hope in incubators want to work with you.”
  31. 31. Johan M: 21915612