Jagriti yatra 2011


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Annual 7,500 km train journey across India exposing youth to social entrepreneurial initiatives.

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Jagriti yatra 2011

  1. 1. Jagriti Yatra 2011 Vinay Neekhra Ravi Agarwal
  2. 2.  1 Train  12 Destinations  15 Role Models  15 Days  450 Youths  9000 kms A Journey of discovery and transformation...
  3. 3. Addressing the middle India • Has roof, food on the table but often lacks the employment opportunities. • From Job seekers to job creators. • Enterprise led development.
  4. 4. Awakening the entrepreneurial spirit…
  5. 5. Day 1 - IIT Bombay
  6. 6. Dr.RA Mashelkar • Some Indians are doing well, when will India do well? • 1.2 billion minds not mouths. Three „S‟ for a successful enterprise  Speed  Scale  Sustainability Three „T‟  Talent  Technology  Trust Innovation is about getting more from less.
  7. 7. Dr.RA Mashelkar(contd…) India adventure capital fund PMs Innovation Fund Tata Capital Innovation Fund Govt of India Inclusive Innovation Fund There is no limit to human achievement except the limits he puts on himself. Effect of collaboration  n(n-1)/2  For IIIT- 1200X(1199)/2~720000%
  8. 8. “Innovator is someone who doesn’t know it can’t be done”-Dr.RA Mashelkar, Padhma Bhushan
  9. 9. Day 3- Hubli(Dharwar) - SELCO
  10. 10. SELCO(Solar Electric Lighting Company) Four basic necessities Roti, Kapda, Makaan & Roshni Problems of poor do not come as a homogenous lot. Economic, Social, Environmental sustainability
  11. 11. Day 4 - Infosys, Bangalore
  12. 12. Entrepreneur Antarprerna…
  13. 13. Dr.Narayan Murthy, Infosys C.L.I.F.E. Customer Focus Leadership by example Integrity and transparency Fairness Excellence Infosys-designing solutions for foreign countries Foreign companies designing solutions for India
  14. 14. Day 5 – Arvind Eye Care, Madurai
  15. 15. Dr.V Became an entrepreneur at 58. Driven not only by passion but also by compassion. “Intelligence and capability are not enough, there must be joy of doing something beautiful” -Dr.G Venkataswamy (Dr.V)
  16. 16. Day 6 – Kanchipuram, Chennai
  17. 17. Gouthami, Travel Another India Promotes rural tourism Responsible Tourism Venture Enriching lives along roads less travelled Polka Village Story
  18. 18. Panel Disc-Agriculture and sustainability Organic Farming Is more sustainable Value Chain System in agriculture Is important Can‟t expect farmer to do everything Information about the demand No market research on how much people eat Farmers don‟t know how to set the price
  19. 19. Day 7-Naandi & Naval Dock, Vishakhapatnam
  20. 20. Manoj and Neena, Naandi  Naandi Foundation  PPP Model  Provides mid-day meal  Asia‟s largest kitchen  Combination of livelihood and agriculture  Mahindra Pride School  Business school for the unemployed  Both, monetarily and spiritually, this is far more meaningful than all the soaps you can sell in your life.  If they know that you are connected to the community more than they are then naxalites will be your friends.  Youth has to take this country in their hands.
  21. 21. Day 8 – Gram Vikas, Brehmapur, Orissa
  22. 22. Joe Madiath, Gram Vikas  Working in tribal villages since 40 years.  250,000 people in 701 habitations of 21 districts in Orissa  Working in-  Water and Sanitation  Health  Women Empowerment  Education  Energy  Built 60,000 (Deenbandhu)biogas plants in Orissa  85% of total achievement  100 % inclusive growth  There cannot be 1 family left out  Excluded bureaucracy
  23. 23. Joe Madiath(contd…) A village model which is much more sustainable and relevant way to live. Gram Vikas School 600 tribal kids Residential Excellent academic records National level weight lifters “I am in this job because I am very selfish. I get the most amount of satisfaction in doing this and that’s why I do this.” -Joe Madiath, Gram Vikas
  24. 24. Day 10 Nidan, Patna
  25. 25. Arbind Singh, Nidan Empowering the informal workers, women and children Financial Services Education using current government infrastructure “From the slums of Bihar to the streets of Delhi, Nidan gives informal workers more than a voice. It gives them ownership of their collectives.” –Sally oshery, President, Skoll Foundation
  26. 26. Day 11&12–Deoria,UP
  27. 27. Barpar Village, Deoria, UP Business Plan competition in 8 different areas Wanted to give demand driven solutions Stayed in the village Interacted a lot Lack of leadership and awareness Create Community Centered model to enable local change Youth migration Promote local employment and build sustainable local economy
  28. 28. Day 13 Goonj, Delhi Changing Face
  29. 29. Anshu Gupta, Goonj, Delhi Concentrates on clothing as a basic need Cloth for Work  Charity takes away the dignity of people, so gives clothes as incentive  Repositioning cloth as a development resource instead of a traditional charitable give away.  Village communities are motivated to identify the pressing development needs of their own area.  They are encouraged to do shramdaan ( community labour) and get material in return, with dignity; as a reward. Some Examples  Village school in Rs.80 in Sitamarhi  240 ft x 6 ft bamboo bridge made on river Sukhsar in Bihar with no money involved.
  30. 30. Anshu Gupta(contd…)  Sensitizing urban women about the plight of countless women; forced to use sand, ash, rags, newspapers etc. during menses  Women also learn about how to make clean cloth sanitary napkin “We are not doing any service by giving our discarded clothes, infact the person who is wearing them is doing a service to us by using our waste as a resource.” “What you need in this country is action. When you couple action with a thought, it becomes an initiative.” What can one youth do…to answer this, consider you want to marry your boyfriend/girlfriend, what will you not do?
  31. 31. Ministry of External Affairs, Delhi William Besell, Fabindia  What most humans might see as hurdles stopping them, an entrepreneur sees them as challenges.  India‟s greatest strength is the quality to innovate. Ravi Gulati, Manzil  Quality of a good educator is that he should love company of kids.  Profit as a small surplus is important to ensure sustainability. So, having profit as a motive is like driving car to burn petrol. (In context of foreign policy of India)”When you are increasing your prosperity the world around should feel happy about it and not see it as threat.” -Ranjan Mathai, Foreign Secretary of India
  32. 32. Day 14 – Tilonia, Rajasthan
  33. 33. Bunker Roy, Barefoot College, Tilonia A college without boundaries. Student Parliament  7-14 yrs old ministers, 14 Schools, 7000 students  “Please tell her that I am the prime minister” Caste System  Put hand pumps in lower caste communities only Zokhim Chacha “Now that you have shown Barefoot College working in practice, lets see if the Professors and researchers can make it work in theory”-Dalai Lama “We went to Tilonia thinking we will teach them something but were humbled by their wisdom.”- Shashank Mani, Chairman,Jagriti Yatra
  34. 34. Zokhim Chacha
  35. 35. Day 15 – Sabarmati Ashram & SEWA, Ahmedabad
  36. 36. A perfect ending… Sabarmati Ashram  Purity of the place  Enterprises running on Gandhian ideas and values  Be the change you wish to see in the world Ekatva-Dance Drama show  The spirit of Oneness  Connect nature and people around  16 children  SEWA  94% female labor force in unorganized sector “Khud aur khuda humesha dekhte hain” -Anar, Manav Sadhna, Sabarmati Ashram
  37. 37. What we learnt…  Do what you would like to do but fuel with...  Purpose  Love  Compassion  Integrity  Patience  Perseverance  Indosys and Infosys  Need more of „Indosys‟ than „Info(reign)sys‟  Problems not limited to India  Similar problems being faced globally  We don‟t want fish, we want to know how to fish.  We have to find rural solutions to rural problems.  Questioned some basic assumptions-Is money necessary for survival?  We are just 1 species out of 1 trillion
  38. 38. Some ex-Yatris Ashmeet worked in US for 7 years, after the Yatra came back to India and started Jagriti Agrotech, works on organic farming. Devika, final year BE CS student from BITS P didn‟t sit for placements, wants to explore non-profit organizations “Agar har koi Microsoft, Google ke glass cubicle mein baithega to ye desh kaun badlega, iske liye kaun kaam karega” Manu, Sky ke Paar- helps kids to find their passion and ensures that they do not end up doing only engineering like every other Indian.
  39. 39. IIIT and Jagriti Yatra Engineering is supposed to equip you with tools to solve problems. India being a country where so many problems need to be solved, engineers have tremendous opportunity to exercise their knowledge. IIIT aims to build IT equipped social reformers. Krantikaris not Karmcharis
  40. 40. Our Sponsors Mr. Anumukonda Ramesh Flocked in Special thanks to Ms.Kavita Vemuri
  41. 41. Thank You Kuch badal raha kuch badlega Tab badlega jab badlenge Kuch dekha hai kuch dekhenge Kuch likha hai kuch likh denge Yaaron Chalo, badalne ki rut hai Yaaron Chalo, badalne ki rut hai! -Jagriti Geet by Prasoon Joshi