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State of the South Loop Focus on Lucas Museum


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Cassandra Francis representing Friends of the Parks spoke to South Loop residents about the proposed location of the Lucas Museum, and alternate sites FOTP is recommending.

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State of the South Loop Focus on Lucas Museum

  2. 2. Friends of the Parks is thrilled Mr. Lucas has selected Chicago as the home for the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. However… The proposed lakefront site is just the wrong site.
  3. 3. EROSION OF OUR PUBLIC OPEN SPACE IS A TROUBLING TREND AND SLIPPERY SLOPE • Loss of the health, recreation and quality of life benefits associated with parks and public open spaces • Not currently meeting City’s CitySpace Plan minimum requirement of 2 acres/1000 residents by 2010 • Ranked number 14 out of 18 of high-density cities for parkland as a percentage of city area by the Trust for Public Land • Estimated 17% population growth and over 18% job growth in Cook County by 2040; 850,000 more residents and 435,000 more jobs • Public open space is non-renewable – more need for open space for quality of life while more pressure on open space for development
  4. 4. ECONOMIC BENEFITS OF OPEN SPACE • Increase of value of property due to location near parks • Increase in tourism and related dollars attributed to parks • Costs savings of using public open space for recreational activities rather than paying for the use of privately-owned facilities • Gross National Happiness Source: The Economic Benefits of Seattle’s Park and Recreation System from The Trust for Public Land, March 2011
  5. 5. Chicago’s CitySpace Plan: An Open Space Plan for Chicago January 1988 By the City of Chicago, Chicago Park District and the Forest Preserve District of Cook County
  6. 6. Friends of the Parks Opposes Use of Lakefront Public Open Space for Proposed Lucas Narrative Arts Museum Chicago, Illinois (June 24, 2014) - Friends of the Parks has a long history of partnership with the City of Chicago, the Chicago Park District and various governmental agencies to preserve and protect our open space and parks for Chicagoans and visitors. “While we are very supportive of the Lucas Narrative Arts Museum coming to Chicago, we oppose its siting on lakefront public open space. The Lakefront Protection Ordinance specifically states that, ‘in no instance will further private development be permitted east of Lake Shore Drive’. It is clear that the siting of the Lucas Museum in this lakefront location contradicts our prior city visionaries’ goal of continuous public open space along the lakefront”. Such a siting of the museum contradicts the Lakefront Protection Ordinance and our city visionaries’ goal of continuous public open space along the lakefront which was to remain, “open, clear and free”, says Cassandra Francis, President of Friends of the Parks. “Although the proposed site is now used as a parking lot, its future reversion to parkland is possible. Once a building is in place, it is forever precluded from being public open space. This is not a new issue given Friends of the Parks’ mission and extensive public opposition to the proposed siting of the Chicago Children’s Museum in Grant Park. It is a slippery slope,” says Lauren Moltz, Friends of the Parks’ Board Chair. We look forward to working collaboratively with our open space partners, the community, the Mayor’s Office and the Chicago Park District to identify the strengths of alternative sites that will secure broad community support and will entice Mr. Lucas. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
  7. 7. Not long ago, on a lakefront not very far away . . . Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel got what he wanted: a new museum from "Star Wars" creator George Lucas.
  8. 8. LEGAL ACTION • Violates Due Process • Reclaimed land is held in public trust by the State of Illinois for the benefit of all Illinois citizens • Acceptable land use and function, public vs. private • Violates Public Trust Legal Doctrine (Lakefront Protection Ordinance) • Degrades the lakefront as a natural resource and pristine or improved physical environment which is available for access and use by all citizens on an equal basis, both now and for future generations • Interferes with the keeping of the lakefront clear and free for equal access by all citizens to navigation, boating, fishing, recreation and commerce
  9. 9. PUBLIC PROCESS • Lucas Museum Site Selection Exercise • Chicago Park District – Museum Campus Framework Plan • Plan Commission – Lakefront Protection Ordinance, Zoning, Design • City Council Approval • Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Army Corps of Engineers
  13. 13. Proposed Beckham Soccer Stadium – Plan A
  14. 14. Proposed Beckham Soccer Stadium –
  15. 15. Proposed Beckham Soccer Stadium – Plan B
  16. 16. CITY AND PUBLIC RESPONSE TO BECKHAM SOCCER STADIUM David Beckham's MLS plan derailed as Miami mayor vetoes stadium site Miami Rejects David Beckham's Waterfront Soccer Stadium Will Miami-Dade voters bend to Beckham’s request for public land? County commissioner opposes David Beckham's MLS stadium at downtown Miami slip David Beckham group looking at other locations for new soccer stadium
  19. 19. PUBLIC OPEN SPACE POLICY Proposed Site of Lucas Narrative Arts Museum in Museum Campus