Dragon Medical With Dictaphone Power Mic Ii


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Using a Dictaphone PowerMic II with Dragon Medical

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Dragon Medical With Dictaphone Power Mic Ii

  1. 1. Re-pairing the Headset Dragon Medical v 10.1 & PowerMic II JOSHUA STEWART Manager of Technical Services March 21, 2011
  2. 2. Re-pairing the Headset The Dictaphone PowerMic II is only compatible with the Dragon Medical series.Specifically designed to enhance physician productivity, the PowerMic II offerssimplified, thumb-control operation for dictating, navigating, reviewing and editing speechrecognition generated documentation.If you are using Dragon Medical version 9.x or lower, you need to upgrade to v 10 to take advantage of mostof the features of the PowerMic II.
  3. 3. Re-pairing the HeadsetCreate a Profile selecting PowerMicII Microphone as your dictationsource.If you already have a profile created, Iwould recommend adding anadditional dictation source rather thancreating a new profile.
  4. 4. Re-pairing the HeadsetThe Integrated Configuration Tabwill be added to the Dragon >Options menu, allowing users to re-program the buttons.
  5. 5. Re-pairing the HeadsetDictaphone PowerMic IIDefault Button Configuration
  6. 6. Re-pairing the HeadsetRe-assigning PowerMic II buttonsStep 1: Choose the application where PowerMic II buttons will apply. In the Application drop-down list, set the application that the microphone button apply to. Global is the defaultsetting.Global: Microphone button commands apply in any application except the Dictation Box.Dictation Box: Microphone button commands apply in the Dictation Box only.
  7. 7. Re-pairing the HeadsetRe-assigning PowerMic II buttonsStep 2: Configuring PowerMic II ButtonsThere are 10 programmable buttons on the Dictaphone PowerMic II. Select the button that you wish toconfigure and, to the right, a table listing the customer actions you can have any of these buttons initiate.Your options will be:• Dictation• Navigation• Recognition Modes• Playback• User Commands
  8. 8. Re-pairing the HeadsetDictation Commands• Microphone On/Off – Press once to turn on, again to turn off.• Show Correction Window - Opens Correction dialog box.• Microphone Sleep/On – Toggles the microphone between sleeping and being on.• Press-to-Talk – Hold down the button when you speak to turn the microphone on, release it to turn the microphone off.• Train New Word – Opens the Add Individual Word dialog box.• Transcribe Recording – Opens the Transcribe from… dialog box.
  9. 9. Re-pairing the HeadsetNavigation Commands – Navigates audio playback: • Skip back • Tab forward • Skip forward • Previous field • Press OK button • Next field • Press Cancel button • Accepts defaults
  10. 10. Re-pairing the HeadsetRecognition modes • Force Normal Recognition – Goes in Normal Mode • Force Dictation Recognition – Goes to Dictation Mode • Force Command Recognition – Goes to Command Mode • Force Numbers Recognition – Goes to Numbers Mode • Force Spell Recognition – Goes to Spell Mode • Hidden Mode On/Off – Goes to Hidden Mode. You use Hidden mode only in the Dictation Box
  11. 11. Re-pairing the HeadsetPlayback • Playback – Plays the audio of the current dictation • Fast Playback – Speeds up playback of current dictation.
  12. 12. Re-pairing the HeadsetUser Commands This is assign a recently recognized voice command (macro) to a button. If you do not see your “custom command” on the list of available commands, close the dialog box and dictate the command into an application. This will grab the command and put it in your list of available commands.
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