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This E-book will give you a step by step easy to follow guide to maximize what Instagram has to offer.

Instagram is one of the most viral platforms out there today. Yes it's owned by Facebook, but doesn't have all those hidden rules that land you in "Facebook Jail."

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  • Nice E-book, but in my opinion unfollow violin too! I found to way of to remove all my unfollow in Instagram on This is very faster and cheap service!
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Instagram ebook funnel

  1. 1. @gr8fldanielle INSTAGRAM! Get Results Fast! Less than 36 hours later… on autopilot! Learn The Secrets of the Most Viral Social Media PlatformToday Step by Step Easy To Follow
  2. 2. Instagram What is Instagram? Instagram is a free online service that allows users to take and upload photos and videos along with digital filters then share them on Facebook and other social media networks. 78% of online Americans aged 12-17 use Facebook at least once per month, compared to 52% for Instagram, and 20% for WhatsApp. 41 million Americans access Facebook only via mobile devices, compared to 26.3 million for Twitter, and 33.4 million for Instagram. Twitter users see an average of 9.3 movies per year, compared to 8.7 for Instagram, 7.9 for Facebook, and 7.6 for Pinterest. 24% of US Instagram users have posted photos about a movie 57% of US adult Instagram users visit the site at least once per day, and 35% do so multiple times per day 32M Americans used the Instagram mobile app each month in 2013, up 66% from 2012 13% of mobile internet owners who use their devices to access social media sites visit Instagram Adobe 2013 Mobile Consumer Survey: 71% of People Use Mobile to Access Social Media Instagram users upload 40M photos to the site each day Using Big Data to Engage with the New Consumer 17% of teens say Instagram is the most important social network, up from 12% in 2012 As you can see by the facts above, Instagram is more than likely a more viral platform than even Facebook!
  3. 3. How to Setup an Account The only way to create an account on Instagram used to be by using their app on Android or iOS (iPhone) supported devices. Most supported phones today come with The app already available, but in case it isn’t then you can easily download it from The App Store or Google Play. Today you can use an emulator which allows you to use Android and other apps on your home computer. This is the most popular emulator called Bluestacks. You can get it here:
  4. 4. Once the download completes, click on the icon and tap register. You will be prompted to fill in the details including a username and password, along with other profile information including your name, e-mail address etc. Tap “Done” When you have filled in the desired fields and your account will be created in less than 5 minutes. Make sure that you use a name that aptly describes your business as a brand, and that is catchy and easily identifiable. But in saying that, since we are in the people to people business, you might want to use your name. We are about showing lifestyle not just promoting a business. The goal here is to promote you as one with awesome content!
  5. 5. Make sure that the details you provide are accurate and you don’t give out any information that is too personal. Remember, this is a very viral platform. It is alright to promote and share the photos and content of your business by linking it on your profile although some think friends and family don’t need to be constantly reminded of your business via a personal page. Personally I don’t care what my friends and family thinks, if that’s an issue for you, then create more than one account. We are about lifestyle and it’s not all work nor is it all play, but the Internet lifestyle is about both!
  6. 6. Getting Started Now that you are officially on Instagram, it is time to play with it. The first you’ll want to do is add your profile pic. I don’t recommend a pic of your company logo but that’s just me. The same goes for Facebook. They call it “face” book for a reason. If you own an Italian restaurant, then put the logo up. Now add a link to your website or Facebook. People love Facebook and feel very comfortable there. There is a proper way to set up Facebook as well. I can provide that info for you as well but we’re not going to cover that here. Instagram will allow a 150 character biography which will appear on your profile page. Say something about yourself, your lifestyle, how you can have this amazing lifestyle and then add a link at the very end. How to Edit Your Bio The cool thing here is you can change your name as many times as you want which is very different than Facebook. If you change your name, all your followers will be notified which is rather awesome. We definitely want to connect our profiles to other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Hipstamatic, VK and others. Easily done by tapping or clicking on the “Sharing Settings” icon and connect to the 3rd party networking sites you want to integrate and share on. Important Stuff: Instagram has a ton of cool features to help you connect with those you wish to connect with. We can be much targeted here which is our goal and have a lot of fun as well.
  7. 7. Your Web Profile: Should be updated regularly and be correct. Kind of a no brainer. Make sure your profile says something about you and link it to your website, Facebook or blog. Here’s a freebie tip for you, your Facebook should be linked to your fan page which is then linked to your blog! Don’t underestimate the power of the blog. It is by far the best for organic traffic and high quality leads. Here is an example of a well laid out blog – When people land on your Instagram page, make sure it’s clear and concise so that people can make a quick decision whether or not whatever content you are providing is going to be of any value to them. #Hashtags – The Mother of Virility! What the hashtags do is enable users to get access to information that is of interest to them easily. Twitter uses hashtags and so does Facebook. What our goal is here is to start clicking photos and hash-tagging them with tags that are not only relevant to the photo but to your business and/or interests. Keep in mind here that #hashtags are “keywords”! What this does is make your post content whether it be a pic or quote, banner (there’s a hint) accessible to others with similar interests, even if they are not a fan or follower yet. Big emphasis on the “yet”. You haven’t made your first million “yet”. We want followers, isn’t this what it’s all about? Followers are what? A list! We can build a list of thousands in a very short time. When in sales, if you don’t put in a call to action or commonly known as asking for the sale, you don’t get the sale. We can do the same thing with Instagram and hashtags. For example; #followme #follow4follow #followback #subscribetomychannel and I’m about to give you tons more and some resources. Notice with the hashtags, there are no spaces between the words such as #workingwithdanielle that hashtag would reference my blog. You’re probably thinking what hashtags should I use? I don’t know a freaking thing about hashtags, where do I start? Here’s a great tip: Dogs of Instagram: “ Redheads: “ Coca Cola: All you have to do here is substitute your keyword. So instead of “redheads”, how about homebusiness? Let’s try it… and this is what we get – #TagsForLikes.COM #TFLers @TagsForLikes Http:// change your life today #wanted #promoters #workfromhome #workathome #mlmsuccess #mlmleads #mlm #businessopportunity #opportunity #homebasedbusiness #business #homebiz #directsales #freesignup #debtfree #homebusiness #network #networkmarketing #networkmarketers #downlines Wednesday, July 16, 2014 6:54 PM
  8. 8. That was pretty easy wasn’t it? Let’s try another one…. Experience More! #luxury #luxurylife #lifestyle #rich #richness #wealth #happiness #freedom #money #mlm #marketing #business #networkmarketing #multilevelmarketing #opportunity #success #directsales #business #businessfromhome #businessopportunity #internetmarketing #homebusiness #homebasedbusiness #workathome #workfromhome #residualincome #entrepreneur Wednesday, July 16, 2014 6:47 PM You like to cheat? This really isn’t cheating but since it’s so easy and powerful I almost feel like it is. Check this out:
  9. 9. Tags for Likes Now this is crazy stuff here and we’re going to really take advantage of this one. Go here to and you’ll see this: Scroll down and you’ll see clickable links in many different niches. (“nitch” “neesh” “tomato” “tomahto” etc)
  10. 10. Check out the drop down! How easy is that? This is killer stuff here, you’re welcome! How to make Instagram even easier if that’s even possible… Let’s jump to something called Iconosquare. Here it is –
  11. 11. 3 Days Later Using Iconosquare!!!
  12. 12. You want Instagram connected to your Facebook for sure! Of course click Okay
  13. 13. Add your fan page for sure. If you’re Facebook is not set up with a fan page, you need to see me ASAP!
  14. 14. Cool tools for marketing your blog. If you don’t have a blog, here’s where you get one:
  15. 15. Add a photo widget and Follow Buttons to your blog!
  16. 16. How to Get Super-Fast Amazing Results on Instagram
  17. 17. Instagress I add I added more tags to this. I got them from This service is very inexpensive, make sure you take the 3 days free trial and then get the 30 day package since it’s by far the best value. This will make you money when done correctly. 3 Day with Instagress!!!
  18. 18. A tip about following: Just like Facebook’s subscribe option or Twitter and Pinterest’s Follow option, Instagram enables users to follow other profiles. It is important that you set your Profile to public so that it is easier for others to find and follow you. You should however be following other uses or people in the same niche in order to get a good idea what others are talking about and what the latest trends are. Follow your:  Competitors  Celebrities  New channels  Other prominent and relative users Just go to other people’s profiles and click “Follow” and you’ll be following their posts, easy as that! Photo Editing: For some reason people tend to like older looking photos, don’t ask me why, they just do. When you take a photo, you have at the bottom an image of a balloon which has a different filter effect. You want the sharpest clearest photos possible that give the image a dynamic look. You can even do images in black and white for a very cool effect. Use the Web Feed: When you log into Instagram from your computer, you can go to your details and browse those that are following you. This is an easy way to check your followers, photos and videos. Use the widgets and web feed link on Facebook and your blog to increase the number of followers and create interest. Remember, this is about lifestyle. You want to show that you are an interesting person worth knowing.
  19. 19. Photo Maps: If you want, you can add the time and location of where the pic was taken. If you’re a business or on vacation this is a very cool feature. For businesses of course this gives customers a way to find you, if on vacation, it really verifies that you are on vacation. It’s just very cool. A word of caution. There are stalkers out there. You do want to protect your children and family, therefore you don’t want to add maps of your daily routines or where your children are staying or going to school. Common sense really but I felt it had to be said. Instagram Videos: This very cool feature came out in June of 2013. You can record videos but only up to 15 seconds. This should be a “light bulb” moment for you as to where all those 15 second videos you’ve been watching on Facebook are coming from. You can filter the videos for different visual effects and even take a particular frame from the video to use as the cover image to make it more attractive. The cinema feature allows you to stabilize the video after it’s been made. Great for businesses that want to offer a discount to customers that do a short testimonial or video of their food being brought to them. This is a great way to encourage customers to get engaged and share feedback. Remember, this stuff goes viral very quickly.
  20. 20. When to Post: Considering the speed in which Instagram moves, your post may only have a lifespan of 3-4 hours. There is the chance that your post will become pretty much nonexistent very quickly so timing is important. The best time to post is of course when there is the most traffic. When you think about it, mornings, evenings, lunch time and when people come home from work. What do people do on the bus or the train? They stare at their phones! The best time to reach out to these people is in the early hours such as 8-9 am or early evening around 5-7. But this does vary as people do not travel all at the same time although sometimes is does seem like it. Just do it all day long then! Keeping Your Followers Engaged: Getting the followers is not that big of a deal anymore since I’ve already shared some cool tricks on how to do that. Keeping them engaged is more of a challenge. You won’t get sales or leads from people that don’t find what the “see in the window” attractive enough to “go inside the store”. This is really the same kind of thing here. You want what you post to be intriguing and create interest where they are going to want more info. Questions are always good since we are designed to answer them. Have you ever read a question and answered either out loud or to yourself? You probably just did, case and point! This is like inviting people into your home and making them comfortable and trust you. People don’t usually buy from strangers, they buy and work from friends. Know What Your Followers and Fans are Doing: Always look at what the others are doing and see what gets the most like, shares, comments etc. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just copy a good one that works. What most people want is to be entertained. What do marketers want? How to get results and make money. Make sure you keep that in mind when you’re cruising around Instagram checking out other’s posts. This is a marketing tool and a darn good one at that! Customers convert to sales when you understand them. The first step you should take and always be conscious of is understanding where they are coming from, be open, transparent, and become their friend.
  21. 21. What to Post: Common sense would say post what gets the most likes and shares. When you think about it, you’re competing with over 40 million other posts. But since we’re targeting a specific audience, we want to post what is getting the most attention. One way to do that is to find out what’s hot in your niche and check out the posts. Remember how to do that? Here ya go: You want to show your people what your products are. If you’re in the restaurant business, show them how the food is made. If you’re in the marketing business then you’ll want to show them what it is your business has to offer. In my case, we offer training, we teach you how to make money on the Internet. So I would be sharing how to make money the easy way. Once you know how to market, it doesn’t matter what the business is. You can make any business work. It just so happens that the Internet Lifestyle Network has the best compensation plan I’ve ever seen. It’s important to show that your products are easy to use and have value. Ask your viewers to share your photos or uploads using the correct hashtags like #share. One great trick is to share something that is about to come out. You want to create some mystery about something that is going to be released. How many times have you seen someone post “later today I will be releasing the secret to making money on Instagram”? That kind of stuff really works because people are going to be looking for your posts. Highlight success! There is no better way to show that what you’re doing is working by showing that it’s working for others. When someone gets their first sale, share it! When someone hits a new level like goes Pro, share it! There is no better recommendation than a 3rd party. People love animal and baby pics, they just do. For some reason, cats do better on Facebook than dogs. As long as the picture is cute, it’s going to get shared. Use some imagination with this. How about a cute doggie and a caption; homeless due to owner is a failed Internet marketer, had he only contacted Danielle. I’m just playing here but I’m not. It’s funny, so people share crazy funny stuff.
  22. 22. The Offer – What You Really Need 1 in 4 people around the world are using social media, maybe even more at this point. There is a reason so many companies are turning to social media to promote their brand. Take Zappos Shoes for instance. The reason they are so successful is they are more than a great shoe store with unbelievable service, they are a social site. Its’ absolutely brilliant. With more and more companies jumping on the social media bandwagon, you have to be creative and by offering a better opportunity with engaging content and something of value like a great opportunity or product that will help them take their business to the next level or improve the quality of their lives. Keep your offers hard to refuse or ignore by offering something in return for their time and effort. Contests: Create a photo contest of people using your product. If you are offering training such as this one, then create a contest showing results from using it. Make sure being in the contest includes a hashtag with your name or brand, something like #withgr8fldanielle. Sharing the success of others such as people on your team, paychecks, first signups etc. work very well! You can even offer a prize. The prize can be cash or an mp3 player, or even a free coaching session which in my opinion would have far more value than the previous two examples. 30 Day Photo Challenge There is no better marketing tool than consistency. Hopefully you’ve seen videos where people have stated they are doing a 30, 90 or even a 100 day video challenge. This is where you consistently post a new video with some kind of marketing value or tip or just about your lifestyle. Lifestyle is what keeps people engaged, not just pics of kittens and plates of food. If you are a marketer like myself, then it would probably be best to choose a marketing subject for the post or 15 second videos. But the topic can be about anything really. It could be cars, kids, pets, food, the topics are endless. Make sure you have them include a special hashtag like #30daypicchallenge or something. You don’t have to offer some kind of cash or physical product as a prize. The winner could have all those that participated have a company review or personal review with the appropriate branding hashtags included. That in the long run could be extremely profitable.
  23. 23. Branding Using Instagram: Because of the virility of the social media phenomena, branding today is easier than it’s ever been. Think how difficult it must have been for companies like Coca Cola or Levis to brand their name when communication was so difficult. Before you go out and start branding yourself and your company, you will really want to think long and hard about the target audience and how you want to associate your business with them. Many make the mistake of including way too many factors rather than focusing on just one key point. The key point I would focus on being a part of the Internet lifestyle Network is we teach marketing. I would stick to that one subject, how to market and expand from there. As a former ESL teacher, English as a Second Language, how to market is an uncountable noun with many facets included in it. Free leads, how to use Instagram, capture pages, closing sales all go in the same category as well as much much more. But I would keep it as to how ILN, the Internet Lifestyle Network is really the key to success because if you don’t have experience in an online business, you need it. If you have inexperienced people joining your team, how are you going to get them to duplicate if they have no idea how to market? The “how to” is a very powerful tool in the marketing arena. Hashtags long this line, #howtogetfreeleads, #freeleads, #facebookmarketing etc etc etc. You get the idea. The photos you share have to be relevant to what your message is. A beach scene is great, but what does it have to do with free leads? Keep it relevant! Coming Soon! To be announced! Who Wants…. These are all great way to get followers and create engagement. Make it a priority to say respond back with #freeinstagramtraining and make them send it to @gr8fldanielle. Get people to respond with a hashtag that you are connected to. This is branding of the highest degree, use it! Who wants a free Instagram training? I posted that on Facebook and got two replies in less than 15 seconds and that was at 3am EST. Think about if I posted it at 9am EST during the week, or 7pm EST during the commute home? It would be huge! Don’t be afraid to consistently ask question and demand feedback. You can say that you’ll get this free Instagram training if you’re one of the first 200 to comment and say why you want it. Create engagement. Have them include a funny photo or experience in the response, either on Facebook or Instagram. Make it fun and make it something that people are going to want to check back on to see what crazy things people are posting. Respond to their feedback! This will certainly create a bond with these people as well as lead to more sales and branding you. We all need an identity, something people can relate to and associate with you when they see it.
  24. 24. Turning Followers into Customers Of course the reason we are doing this is to get customers or better put business partners in my case. Everything you do has to in some way lead to your website, landing page or better yet your blog. If you don’t have a blog you’re crazy! If you want unlimited blogs go to Make sure that what you’re doing encourages your viewers and followers to show interest in whatever services you offer or even standalone product. Don’t Forget The Call To Action! If you don’t ask for the sale you won’t get it. It’s as simple as that. If you are posting an upcoming event or product, you need to lead them to where to get it. You have to have your links in your profile set up properly which we have already covered. You can have a coming soon register here to be first on the list and link to a website with an opt in so they can receive your product as soon as it’s available. The beauty of digital products is you can send them out in one click of a button or broadcast. Once the product is out you can direct them to the page where they can opt in and get it. Here’s a great trick or better yet marketing tip. Banners! What is you can put a banner on any page you wanted, even if the page didn’t belong to you? What is that banner had a timer in it the created urgency? How cool would that be? What if that page had a popup either during the time they are on the page or when they leave the page with a strong message or even a timer? This is what we call creating a sense of urgency with a need to act now before the offer is gone. This is how real marketing is done when you hear about people make 6 figures or even a million dollars in 24 hours. Here’s how it’s done. Use it for 2 weeks for free and see how you like it - Promo Codes: Using promo codes is very powerful. Restaurants do it to offer discounts to their customers. The Internet Lifestyle Network used to offer a 7 Day Free Trial but since the value is so high, there is no need to attract the freebie seekers. If you want to learn Internet Marketing, if you want a training on how two young guys in their early 20’s sponsored 1000 people into their business in two months, we’re talking pocket change here to get that information. What is a $1.22 a day? Its pocket change my friend. I’m sure you’re just like me, you’d rather have serious people that can come up with a measly $37 and make it back in the next few days.
  25. 25. Promotions: If you’re in the business selling affiliate products, then of course you’re going to want to promote them on Instagram. As mentioned before, direct them to a page and include a banner with a countdown timer. Here’s the link again: Include discounts, special bonus offers and any other relevant information. Remember that Instagram is a flood of offers of all kinds to be keen on your target using the correct hashtags and keep the content attractive with an immediate call to action. Respond Respond Respond! This is social media which means you have to reply with something relevant! A response not only keeps your prospects, friends, customers etc. engaged, but shows you as one that other would like to connect with. There is nothing worse than taking action on something and never hearing from the person that supplied the product. Put yourself in their shoes. Wouldn’t you want to hear from the person you just joined or purchased something from? How great is it to see comments about great service. Getting back to Zappos, if you look at the product comments, you’ll see most of them talk about the amazing customer service. That speaks volumes in the marketing world. You want positive feedback, so be the person that takes the time to respond to those that responded to you. Connecting Instagram with Other Social Media Sites: Instagram all by itself is super powerful, but think about supercharging your Instagram activities. The beauty of Instagram is that you can connect many other social sites to it so in one post you’re getting out there en masse. It’s called the World Wide Web for a reason, and you want to be the center of a large connected network. Let’s talk about that. Connecting Facebook: Facebook has been by far so far the best social media marketing platform. So when you think about the virility of Instagram and connecting that to Facebook, your mind should be reeling right now. Facebook has over 1 billion users and almost all, if not every type of business is somehow somewhere being represented there. Our goal here is really to reach as many potential customers that we can. We’re marketers, we’re network marketers whether we are doing it for money or not. I do it for money and if you want to know how it’s done well where financial and time freedom can be yours, just contact me. We talked about linking other social sites in the beginning of this tutorial, to get there fast just CLICK HERE. You want to make sure you select Facebook timeline and Instagram simultaneously. Do not forget
  26. 26. to put your Instagram link in your About Me or About Us section on Facebook. You want the most exposure as possible. It’s a good thing to post from time to time on Facebook telling your friends to follow you on Instagram. You can also import and sync your Facebook and phone contacts to follow them on Instagram. We do the same thing with LinkedIn. With Instagram you follow those that do follow you. If you’re following people and they are not following you, then unfollow them. We talked about that earlier and how you can do that in one click using Twitter: Connect with Twitter, it’s the epitome of micro blogging. Since Twitter only allows 140 characters, keep your posts short, but you can put in links which direct to you or your product, business etc. Don’t forget that twitter is hashtag related too, so something like #followontwitter, #connectonTwitter, #connect @gr8fldanielle are all good ways to get more followers. With Twitter, you can’t have more followers than you are following so you want to be conscious of getting people to follow you first. Instagram is quite the opposite. You can follow as many as you want, but you want all those you are following to be following you. It just makes sense. Connect with me on Twitter - Instagram and Blogs I can’t stress enough the importance of having a blog. There really is no better way to for a constant flow of high quality leads from organic traffic which is by far the best. Here is the best blogging platform in the world with the best marketing training included. Remember, with this program you can have unlimited blogs for anything you wish complete with opt in boxes and auto responders already built in. Check out this blog here – and also check out One of the beautiful things about Instagram is you get to embed your photos and videos right into a webpage or blog. Keep your blog active of course and share your photos and videos there. Why is this great? Because you don’t have to backlink your pics on Instagram to your blog, they’re already there. Just copy the embed code and place anywhere you want on your blog, you can even feature pics or videos in the blog’s sidebar.
  27. 27. Integrating other Apps with Instagram There are many apps that integrate well with Instagram, Hipstamatic is one of them. This is predominately an iPhone app that take square pictures but also give them that vintage look. Hipstagram is like a photo editor that digitally employs simulated lenses, flashes and process your pics for a very unique look so as to give your pics the professional look. You can share your images directly from Hipstamatic to Instagram. This is great for the serious photographer and to attract others with the same interest in photography use the hashtag #hipstamatic and share in a caption the camera and lens details. What’s in the Pic, Gramgrab Will Tell You: Just by hovering over a pic, the Gramgrab app will reveal what filters were used as well as the number of likes and times it’s been uploaded. If you want to know what’s in the pic, Gramgrab is the app for you. Share to Facebook and Pinterest with GramFeed: Many of us including myself are not one to walk around with phone in hand all day. You can now select photos, share then on Facebook and Pinterest all from your PC’s web browser. I like this because I do most of my work right from home. I don’t have a job, don’t want one nor need one so I’m not out and about as much as those that do have to be somewhere at a particular time. Print Your Pics with Prinstagram: A very cool app and quite simply it is what the name implies, for printing. Create mini albums, print stickers or make posters, its’ just very cool and handy. Keep up With Your Stats with Statigram: Facebook timeline integration, a Facebook tab and cover creator, Statigram is more than a stat recorder. You can create awesome cover pics as well as other things by accessing the stats to see what is hot and what is not. Other cool Apps for Instagram: Do a search. More and more apps are coming out all the time and the Google Playstore or Apple’s app store will provide you with more than enough to keep you busy.
  28. 28. In Conclusion Instagram is for all businesses, large and small. It is also perfect for the online marketer like myself. Instagram when used correctly is a very powerful tool that enables you to connect with like-minded individuals and prospects, customers and potential business partners. People these days have gotten lazy. We know that video is king when it comes to marketing, images when used correctly can be just as powerful. Keep your content fresh and interesting and always keep in mind that you are building relationships with your audiences. For those interested in marketing online, network marketing, working from home etc., then this is where you want to be: To really be successful you need a coach and a mentor. You can and should connect with me if you want to be successful online for whatever reason. For me I had to find a way to support myself while living overseas which I am still doing. It works! I don’t have a job, I don’t want a job nor do I need a job. You can connect with me in these ways: More about me and what we do here: Join me on Facebook: Like my fan page: Follow on Instagram Weekly Marketing Tip Shared Live - Wed 9:30pm EST Get Started Now Because You Know You Need This: Danielle Herbert Call me - (347) 333-1516 USA Email - Skype - gr8fldanielle
  29. 29. NOTES