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Childhood Obesity Powerpoint


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Childhood Obesity Powerpoint

  1. 1. Childhood Obesity in Western SocietiesBy Carmen Hex, Tom Hardy,Tim Hicks and Ethan Mcintosh
  2. 2. Childhood Obesity Obesity is caused by a person consuming more energy than they ex spell or use during physical activity, resulting in a build up of unnecessary energy and the body turning it into fat. - measurement of weight: BMI = Weight (kg) 2 Height - under weight range: 20 and below - average weight range: 20 - 24.9 - overweight range: 30+ACTIVE KIDS ARE HEALTHY KIDS!!
  3. 3. Childhood Obesity cont.SOME CAUSES OF OBESITY Genetics Birth Factors kilojoule intake and use inactivity socioeconomic factors
  4. 4. Food Pyramid
  5. 5. Effects on Wellness
  6. 6. Effects on Wellness cont.
  7. 7. Active Citizenship
  8. 8. ‘Smart Moves’AIMS TO INCREASE THE CURRICULUM TIME IN WHICH STUDENTS ARE AFFECTIVELY ENGAGED IN PHYSICAL ACTIVITY Designed to be... - quick and easy to organise - driving students to work physically - engaging - integrated within all key learning areas, rather than taking over other subject times through activities What a fantastic initiative for kids health!
  9. 9. Food Dudes
  10. 10. Smart Moves Activities