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Social Streets in Revolutionary Egypt


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Mapping Social Media tools to lo-tech solution for delivering the messages to people in the streets

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Social Streets in Revolutionary Egypt

  1. 1. S o c ia l S t r e e t s in R e v o lu t io n a r y E g yp t Tarek Amr @gr33ndata
  2. 2. Internet Revolution?
  3. 3. Right After the RevolutionOnline Offline
  4. 4. Not Really An Internet Revolution• Egypts Internet penetration rate grew from less than one percent in 2000, to 5% in 2004, and to 24% in 2009• Illiteracy rate in Egypt is about 40%
  5. 5. Map the Internet to Real World
  6. 6. Facebook Wall
  7. 7. TweetShare3 - Tweets• Topics already active on Twitter• Twitter/Facebook Group where topics are chosen/voted• Political and Social topics
  8. 8. TweetShare3 - @Users• Self Funded• Members abroad participate via sending money• Researches• Creative Artists (Flyers)• Video Documenting• Recruiting
  9. 9. TweetShare3 - Retweets• 7 Governorates (States)• Anyone can join/replicate the work• Currently looking for ways for people to retweet the discussions to their family/friends
  10. 10. TweetShare3 - Followers• Streets, gas stations, etc.• Sometimes they meet same people again and see their feedback• People like that they are not members of any parties• Government propaganda scares people of them sometimes (spies)