Douglas mawson


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Douglas mawson

  1. 1. DOUGLAS MAWSON Alecia Bell 6Blue
  2. 2. DOUGLAS MAWSON was born on the 5th of May1882 in Shipley, Yorkshire, England.He died on the 14th of October 1958 in Brighton,South Australia, when he was 76.Douglas moved to Australia when he was young,and lived there his whole life.
  3. 3. DOUGLAS MAWSON was a geologist,Antarctic explorer.He was an expedition leader during theAntarctic exploration.
  4. 4. DOUGLAS MAWSON explored Antarcticafour times. He first went in 1909, then in1911 and 1929 and his last time goingto Antarctica was in 1931.
  5. 5. DOUGLAS MAWSON went to exploreAntarctica because he wanted to seethe glaciers, he wanted to studyit’s volcano and he wanted togo to the South Pole.
  6. 6. He helped in thediscovery of Antarctica,he helped travel andmap the South Pole andhe was the first to useradio in Antarctica.
  7. 7. Thank you year 6blue and Mrs PULJAK:)• I hope you enjoyed my key note on DOUGLAS MAWSON.