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Elevate Graduate Development Programme: Retaining Top Talent


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Retaining Top Talent - Balancing the expectations and aspirations of graduates and senior management with the Elevate Graduate Development Programme from GP Strategies

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Elevate Graduate Development Programme: Retaining Top Talent

  1. 1. Retaining Top Talent BALANCING the EXPECTATIONS and ASPIRATIONS of graduates and senior management OUR RESEARCH FOUND…
  2. 2. An IMBALANCE between what graduates see as important in their development v what senior management deem important
  3. 3. Experiential learning was rated MOST IMPORTANT TO GRADUATES v Blended learning rated MOST IMPORTANT BY SENIOR MANAGEMENT
  4. 4. Graduates and senior management AGREE leadership is important
  5. 5. SENIOR MANAGEMENT think GRADUATES need more people skills GRADUATES think their technical skills are more IMPORTANT
  6. 6. Talent retention ranked as the most important measure of success for a graduate development programme by both GRADUATES and SENIOR MANAGEMENT
  7. 7. Recognition of passion and talent is the top reason for GRADUATES REMAINING AT A COMPANY
  8. 8. INTRODUCING… A graduate development programme that balances expectations and aspirations. View Elevate brochure View Elevate programme structure and modules
  9. 9.