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Learning Hub - Does your L&D campaign need one?


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A Learning Hub is the one stop shop full of informal and formal performance support assets for your learning campaign. A place to learn, collaborate, discuss and share to ensure the campaign is a success.

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Learning Hub - Does your L&D campaign need one?

  1. 1. Does your next L&D campaign need a... LEARNING HUB?
  2. 2. ACTIVITY, REGION, or NETWORK. The effective centre of an
  3. 3. Technological, cultural and generational SHIFTS are shaping a very different world for LEARNING.
  4. 4. WE ARE CONSTANTLY CONNECTED. GLOBALLY. Inside and Outside the Workplace. People can pretty much learn... WHAT they want WHEN they want. ..using the media they prefer.
  5. 5. BUSY lives and BLURRING boundaries between WORK and PLAY. LEARNERS increasingly want to DIRECT their own learning. LEARNERS want to PULL learning at a time that works for them. Rather than it being PUSHED to them when it suits the organisation.
  6. 6. KNOW YOUR LEARNERS How do they want to learn? To continue delivering EFFECTIVE, RELEVANT learning.. ..recognise and align with how your learners want to learn today.
  7. 7. Make this space A CENTRAL LEARNING HUB for learning, sharing, chatting and collaborating. Facilitate a space for your learners. A space they can direct their own learning more. That gives them WHAT they need WHEN they want it.
  8. 8. Make your learning hub A ONE STOP SHOP. A shop full of INFORMAL and FORMAL performance support assets for your campaign. Everything you want your people to learn, understand and adopt should radiate from this one point.
  9. 9. INTRANET, SHAREPOINT or any other platform.. remember, LOOKS COUNT. Design your learning hub to generate engagement participation. Will your next learning campaign have a LEARNING HUB at the heart of its implementation?
  10. 10. We’ve been there and done it. LEARNING HUBS WORK. For Induction. For Skills Training. For Technical Training. FOR YOUR NEXT LD CAMPAIGN.
  11. 11. So... does your next LD campaign deserve a LEARNING HUB?
  12. 12.