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About Moksha and Rebirth


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About Moksha and Rebirth

  1. 1. Research Bay - the ultimate collection for researchers community“Moksha”- The continuous Journey or Ultimate Destination ?December 6, 2012 - By chetanFirst of all sorry to all senior people here who have gave their time to spiritualistic world and have definedLaws according to them. I am not denying their rules or laws but want to put my facts before you. From verybeginning of my life I used to believe on my eyes and used to follow my mind.I have heard a lot about “Moksha” in our old epics, in all religious tv serials and in my family too.Actually “Moksha” is word from sanskrit which meant for mukti, “mukti from Sansara”. In simple wordswhen your soul has completed all works and it’s doesn’t need to come in this world (sansara) again is calledMoksha. Now, various conflicts arise in my mind…Who is deciding all tasks of our soul (so called aatma) ?When one will realize that his soul is free from all work?Hence the base of Moksha is shaken here, the religious belief of each person about the task of soul will becontradictory.The concept of rebirth is not defined very well, hence some people believe in it and some don’t believe. Ifno rebirth then how will we track how many tasks are still left for a single soul.According to the religious Gurus the ultimate goal of soul is to find God, and God will meet only if soul hascompleted with all its responsibilities. If one has not completed all responsibilities in one birth then he has tocome again to this world (sansara) and have to do remaining tasks, and if he has done something wrong thenhe have to take more re births. It is not like Bonded Labor, do you people believe some super natural powerwill keep all souls on bounded labor, no way.All above things are very much confusing; hence I refuse all above concepts and started following myinstincts, used my mind and believe what suits best to my mind.What I believe is“Moksha is not ultimate destination; it’s a day by day regular process.” Moksha is something which we cansay happiness in the bottom of heart.
  2. 2. Just imagine when you were seven and your father brings a bicycle to you. What was that happiness- wouldyou please let me submit that point into the array of Moksha.Just remember the time when you come up with your first salary and your parents were waiting at home, isthat moment was not something like “Moksha” for your parents. yes that was !!Come on to next, you are father of a baby girl, she saw you and gave first smile of her life, she is playingwith you by rounding her arms in your neck, she is demanding with her cute voice. Now our array ispopulating with the events which can come under category of Moksha.I don’t think it’s necessary to give hundred more events of life to remind to events of “feel like heaven”(sorry Raymonds for using your tag line), you already have started imagining those events in your life.Now we are moving to conclusion part,Actually our soul is not a bounded labor, we come for some specific purposes, and each soul comes to servea number of souls too. We are in this society for fulfilling the needs of our soul and dependent souls.God has given us a task “Serve this soul best to make it maximum happy without any regret.”Hence Moksha is a regular journey which is endless and we have to serve our soul best. Just try to maximizethe events which you can submit to Moksha Array later, serve the dependent soul best.I have pointed ‘Serve best without any regret’, it makes a lots of sense. It means never try to serve yourdependents and yourself on the cost of others. Now I will force my hand to stop from typing and want to saythanks to you for spending past 15 minutes here. If you like or dislike my views then please stay with mewith your comments. I am very young so great chance of being mistaken .Comments: Pittsburgh SteelersIts such as you read my mind! You seem to understand so much about this, such as you wrote the e book init or something. I think that you could do with some % to power the message house a little bit, but instead ofthat, that is magnificent blog. A fantastic read. I will certainly be back.==============================================================