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GPS Fleet Tracking Brochure


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GPS Fleet Tracking Brochure

  1. 1. TRACK YOUR FLEET IN REAL TIME with Advanced GPS Fleet Tracking 866-GPS-4321 (866-477-4321)
  2. 2.  GPS INSIGHT OFFERS YOU... complete insight into all aspects of your fleet operations. Our GPS tracking solution provides real-time location, unlimited history, engine diagnostics, comprehensive reports and alerts, routing, and messaging - all immediately available and at your fingertips, using a simple and intuitive interface. Are your needs unique? Concerned about expensive customization? GPS Insight provides a highly flexible GPS fleet tracking solution which includes a wide range of customizable reports, alerts, and other features that can be tailored to fit your specific requirements. This ensures a quick implementation which will be tailored to your exact needs, which then generates significant and immediate return on investment. And if you need more, just ask! We continually add features and functionalities based on customer requests! GPS Insight Main Menu  THE GPS INSIGHT DIFFERENCE Our Software GPS Insight’s competitive edge is our web-based software. We specialize in software development and are continually advancing our highly customizable and user-friendly platform based on customer requests. Most GPS companies do not embrace customer requests the way GPS Insight does, and we were specifically founded in 2004 based on this premise. Every year, GPS Insight provides and improves upon the most technologically advanced GPS fleet tracking solution on the market. Customizable Reports and Alerts We go far beyond the typical speeding and idling reports which other fleet tracking companies have. GPS Insight offers a wide range of customizable reports, alerts, maps, and other features designed to meet your most challenging requirements. No one else in the fleet tracking industry provides as many valuable and in- depth reports as GPS Insight. We always welcome customer input and requests. The majority of our solution’s capabilities have come from the input of our customers. We have provided many same-day customizations for customers, and most requests are completed within a week. Unlimited Vehicle History GPS Insight keeps all of our customers’ data indefinitely. Most competitors only provide 3-6 months of historical data. You can use your “full history” for trend analysis, historical job costing, or to prove service long after it was provided to your customer.OUR SOLUTION Top Customer Service Our customer support representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. All of our customer support is handled in-house, from our US-based locations. We stand behind our product more than any other GPS provider you will find. See for yourself by contacting us for a free demo today! 2 More info at
  3. 3.  THE BENEFITS OF FLEET TRACKING GPS FLEET TRACKING A real-time GPS fleet tracking solution can provide important benefits for companies of any size, in any industry. Discover a more efficient dispatch as well as the detection and prevention of labor fraud, speeding, idling, unauthorized vehicle usage, and more. Here are a few of the most common benefits immediately experienced: Reduce Fuel Costs Greener Fleet Reduce fuel costs by dispatching more efficiently Reduce and quantify your carbon footprint by based on real-time location, as well as by eliminating idling and inefficient or unnecessary eliminating wasteful idling, speeding, unauthorized driving behaviors. vehicle usage, and by optimizing routes. Extend the Life of Your Fleet Schedule, track, and receive alerts for scheduled maintenance. Our diagnostic device provides remote DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) alerts to ensure you are aware of engine problems before they become more costly. Cut Your Fleet Size & Costs Utilization reports help you properly allocate your assets to avoid purchasing new vehicles. The additional efficiency GPS tracking affords may enable your organization to do more with fewer Improve Fleet Safety vehicles or drivers. Drivers are more responsible when they know their activity is being recorded. In case of an Theft Recovery emergency, their whereabouts can be determined Alerts and maps help you to proactively identify and immediately. GPS Insight also provides an optional combat vehicle theft. panic alert capability. Improve Response Times Bill Your Customers More Accurately Dispatch and communicate with the closest driver Detailed reports allow you to determine and via SMS text message or Garmin. defend the exact amount of time to invoice a customer. This helps to streamline billing and eliminate customer disputes. Reduce Labor Costs Dispatch more efficiently, ensure driver accountability, and verify hours worked. GPS TRACKING HARDWARE GPS Insight takes the best GPS hardware available today and adds the technology and usability enhancements which fleet-based companies demand. Our tracking solution fulfills the following needs: • Basic “GPS Only” Vehicle Tracking • Heavy Equipment/Asset Tracking • Enhanced Tracking with Switches & Sensors • Freight Tracking • Garmin Navigation and Messaging Integration • Trailer Tracking • Tracking with Remote Engine Diagnostics • Remote Employee Tracking More info at 3
  4. 4. GPS Insight Dashboard Interface  DASHBOARD INTERFACE The GPS Insight client interface is quick, simple and infinitely configurable. With just a few clicks, you can run any report or map for a single vehicle, a group of vehicles, or your entire fleet. Schedule reports, set up alerts or administer your vehicle, driver, and user groups easily from our efficient web-based interface. The unique GPS Insight “Dashboard” interface allows you to arrange, customize, name, save and share several configurations of workspaces. Moveable windows called “dashlets” provide insight via real-time maps, vehicle location lists, alerts, graphs, messages, landmark visits, and more. Individual dashlets may be moved around the screen, re-sized, added, or removed. New dashlets are constantly being added, and may be requested by customers via our “Suggestion dashlet” or by contacting a GPS Insight representative. Comparison Graphs [Front Loaders] Map [Front Loaders]DASHBOARD INTERFACE Vehicle Selector [Front Loaders] Map [Side Loaders] Last Stops [15316 - FL] GPS Insight Dashboard Interface 4 More info at
  5. 5. DASHBOARD INTERFACE Map [ALL VEHICLES] Map [Following 15362 - BT] Mapping Dashlet Following Vehicle Dashlet DASHLETS • Choose between 1-4 columns per dashboard with different width and height options • 30+ configurable drag and drop dashlets and maps are available • Customize each dashlet with multiple options and save your customizations • Choose a single vehicle to follow or groups of vehicles to view real-time on a map • Configure address format, speed and time thresholds, sort order or landmark groups • Save multiple dashboard layouts with all options exactly as you require for future use from any web browser • Up to 50 separate dashboard configurations can be saved on a per-user basis • Configure certain dashlets to work with others in 8 “dashlet groups” such as maps and graphs tied to lists • Multiple graphs options with “click-through” capabilities to run the underlying reports/maps Alerts [ALL VEHICLES] Recent Alerts [ALL VEHICLES] Vehicle Selector [ALL VEHICLES] Recent Alerts Dashlet Vehicle Selector Dashlet Idle Hours Graph Directions Idle Hours Graph Dashlet Directions Dashlet More info at 5
  6. 6. GPS Insight 2D Mapping  2D MAPPING FEATURES GPS Insight 2D mapping is powerful and easy for your Click once on a vehicle in the Vehicle Status List and a dispatch to use. See your entire fleet, any vehicle pop-up displays vehicle information and exact location group, or a single vehicle easily in a browser window. without zooming in, or double click to fully zoom into The Vehicle Status List displays your fleet with a vehicle’s location. Easily choose from several quick- configurable, color-coded icon shapes which relate to links to create a landmark, send a text message to the your vehicle grouping preferences. The colors indicate driver, or obtain turn-by-turn directions. stopped, speeding, moving or idling vehicles.  BENEFITS • Full-screen street, hybrid, and satellite mapping with configurable vehicle group icon shapes • “Table of Contents” to find a single vehicle or landmark easily • One-click access to a zoomed location, simple landmark creation, driving directions, messaging, and activity trails Vehicle Location & Driving History • Vehicle history trails are color-coded to view multiple vehicles at once • At-a-glance vehicle status list with color- coded icon shapes • Optional Landmark mapping to see your warehouses, customers, job sites, etc.2D MAPPING • Configurable vehicle label choices to see vehicle name, driver name, both, or neither Vehicle Location in Hybrid Mode 6 More info at
  7. 7. 3D MAPPING GPS Insight 3D Mapping 3D MAPPING FEATURES GPS Insight advanced 3D mapping is the ideal solution as weather, 3D building representations, zip code for your more demanding dispatch and historical boundaries, instant search capabilities, restaurants, investigation requirements. Efficiently dispatch hotels, and many others. With 3D satellite imagery, hundreds of vehicles and view thousands of landmarks take advantage of the Tilt Angle for real perspective, with real-time traffic. GPS Insight’s 3D Google Earth- Street View “as if you were there” images, and highly based platform offers all of the powerful features of precise landmarks to increase the accuracy of your 2D mapping, plus additional information such fleet monitoring, reports, and alerts. BENEFITS • Provides precise fleet location and history • Allows you to see and work with thousands of vehicles and landmarks at once • “Time Slider” allows you to drill into a particular time of your fleet’s history easily • Many reports export to 3D Google Earth for a visual analysis of your fleet’s speeding instances, odd-hours usage, idling, and more Vehicle Location in Street View • “Street View” capability shows exactly where your vehicles are with recent street level photos • Google Earth allows you to overlay countless other data elements and is the premier mapping platform for demanding users • Exclusive “3D Streets Overlay” replaces Google Terrain with actual street-level maps Vehicle Location & Driving History More info at 7
  8. 8.  POWERFUL REPORTS GPS Insight provides 30+ reports to quantify activity, idling, stop times, speeding, landmark visits, and other aspects of driver efficiency. All reports include links to export or map data in Excel, Google Maps, or 3D Google Earth. Easily set up scheduled reports to be emailed to you or others daily, weekly, or monthly. Reports are generated in mere seconds to give you the information you need fast without having to wait or run several reports at a time. Speed Graph  REPORT TYPES Activity • Activity Detail - All reported locations for each vehicle • Begin/End of Day - First start/last stop to determine payroll hours • Drive Time Summary - A summary of fleet driving statistics • Fleet Utilization - Utilization details on all fleet vehicles • Odd-Hours - Overnight/weekend driving-time violations • Run Time - View odometer and run time totals Posted Speed Report • Idle Research - Report/graph showing idle time trends over time • Idle Time - Total idle durations for your fleet by vehicle • Idle Detail - Individual idle stop detail and maps for all vehicles • State Mileage - Quantify your vehicle’s mileage in each state • Switch Report - Shows PTO usage, panic alerts, etc. • Route Efficiency - Compare actual driving to “ideal” route • Service Reminders - A Run-time report with service reminders Fuel Research • Using Wright Express fuel cards, identify unauthorized purchases • Report on and map fuel purchases, totals, etc. Efficiency Summary Report Landmark • Landmark History - Time spent in each landmark, by vehicle • Path History - Time spent on/off a pre-determined route • Unmarked - Show stops which are NOT in a landmark group Diagnostic (LD/HD-3500 Device Only) • DTC Alerts - Alerts reported by the vehicle’s on-board computer • Fuel Usage & MPG - Total gallons used and Miles Per Gallon Speeding Stop Detail & Idle Time Report • Posted Speed - Violations of local posted speeds • Speed Summary - Compare speeding trends across fleet • Speed Violations - Speeding instances with location data for each Stop Detail • Stop Detail - Information about trip and stop times/distances • Stop Notes - Stop details with SMS or Garmin driver notes • Stop Graph - Colored “swim lane” graph showing vehicleREPORTS movement and stop times Custom We will work with you to customize any report to your needs. Begin/End of Day Report 8 More info at
  9. 9.  INSTANT ALERTS ALERTS GPS Insight offers several types of alerts to keep you aware of exceptions and fleet activity. Some alerts are automatic and others may be set up as required by your company. All alerts may be customized and configured to ensure only an appropriate number are sent within a period of time or during certain times/days. They can be as specific as possible by filtering certain vehicles, certain times, certain days, inside/outside certain landmarks, or in any combination. Alerts can be sent to you, or anyone specified, via email or SMS text message. ALERT TYPES Speeding When a vehicle violates the specified speed limit by a certain amount or goes beyond an absolute speed threshold. Idling When a vehicle idles more than the specified idle threshold (optionally during certain hours and in/out of certain landmarks). Odd-Hours/Weekend When there is movement within an odd-hours violation window (could be inside/outside certain landmarks such as employee homes). Emailed Speeding Alert Landmarks/Geofences When a vehicle enters or exits a landmark (optionally during certain times of day/days of week). Long Stops When stopped or idling longer than a specific duration (could be inside/outside certain landmarks and during certain times of day). Late Arrival Alerts When taking too much time to get from one landmark to another, (e.g. any warehouse to any customer site). Out-of-Range When vehicles have not reported for a specified time. SMS Stop Alert Diagnostic Trouble Codes When your engine reports a DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code). (LD/HD-3500 Device Only) Switch-based When a device switch is triggered (panic, PTO, power-cycle, etc.). (GPSI-4000 and GPSI-3900 Devices Only) Driver Login When a driver does not log in when starting a trip. (GPSI-4000 and GPSI-3900 Devices Only with Driver ID) SMS Odd-Hours Alert More info at 9
  10. 10. Polygon Landmarks in 3D Map with Vehicle History  LANDMARKS AND GEOFENCES GPS Insight Landmarks and Geofences are mapped areas/boundaries which make it easy to set parameters to trigger alerts, reports, and maps to deliver even greater insight into your fleet’s activity. GPS Insight Landmarks and Geofences offer the most advanced mapping functionality on the market today.  FEATURES • Landmarks make alerts, reports, and maps much more intuitive and provide better context for vehicle activity • Use polygons to precisely define your landmarks • Instantly create landmarks from a location on a map or report • GPS Insight supports landmark groups such as “employee homes” or “customers” which are usable in maps, reports, and alerts • Assign user permissions to landmark groups to ensure privacy Polygon Landmarks in 2D Map • Schedule reports to email you or other defined users with specific information on your fleet’s landmark activity • Landmarks dashlet orders and shows how many vehicles are at each of your landmarks (or each of the members of a landmark group) • Create and import landmarks from Google Earth searches • Import up to 1000 landmarks at a time from Excel (there is noLANDMARKS limit on how many landmarks you can have) • Create alerts that notify you when a vehicle enters or leaves a landmark or group of landmarks, and include/exclude certain landmark groups from other alerts such as idling or odd-hours Polygon Landmark in 3D Map 10 More info at
  11. 11. ROUTING Daily Route with Stop Markers ROUTING OPTIMIZATION GPS Insight easily allows you to identify wasteful routes. Our Routing capabilities can be used to help assign the best routes for your vehicles. We integrate with several industry-leading routing packages to alert you when a driver goes off-route or is behind, and to report on route compliance after the day is complete. • Various routing functions help you to ensure the most optimal routes for your fleet • Optimize the order of your vehicles’ stops, using your highway/speed/distance preferences • Categorize your customer locations to easily create and optimize routes • Send optimized route to a Garmin nüvi inside your driver’s vehicle • Determine inefficient driving behavior using the Driver Efficiency Report • Compare your drivers’ actual route to your set route on Google Earth to visualize your drivers’ behavior BENEFITS • Fuel savings • Decrease wear and tear on your vehicles • Increase drive time efficiency • Finish more jobs per day • Improve response times • Reduce overtime and number of drivers Route Routing Dashlet & Route in Google Maps More info at 11
  12. 12. Garmin nüvi Device Integrated with GPS Insight Tracking Hardware  GARMIN INTEGRATION Integrate GPS Insight with Garmin nüvi devices* Alerts may be sent to a driver’s Garmin such as “turn for the easiest way to message and send routes to off vehicle” or “you are speeding.” Dispatch/Naviga- your fleet. Choose a vehicle, landmark or address to tion Reports will allow you to see which vehicles were dispatch a vehicle to a destination. View currently dispatched, how long they took to arrive at their des- “dispatched” vehicles and their driving/arrival status. tination, and who did not reach their destination. *Most Garmin’s are compatible. Contact GPS Insight for a list of compatible Garmin devices.  BENEFITS Dispatch Send stops and daily routes to your drivers wirelessly via the GPS Insight Dashboard or API (Application Programming Interface). Sending your driver the Routing with Auto Directions shortest route increases efficiency, saving your driver time, miles and fuel. Directions Garmin provides your driver with both visual and audible turn-by-turn directions, which helps improve driver safety. A traffic option is also available with most Garmins to help your driver avoid traffic delays. Messaging Send and receive full-text messages and one-click Send/Receive Messages “canned” responses. Inbound driver notes are available on stop reports, and inbound driver forms may be used to automate numeric calculations of pickups, units serviced, and/or people dropped offNAVIGATION per location. Accountability Garmin utilizes driver login and driver status updates. Report with Calculated Driver Notes 12 More info at
  13. 13. DRIVER ID Following Driver, not just “Vehicle” DRIVER ID GPS Insight Driver ID allows management to report on individual drivers, not just vehicles. This is particularly valuable for companies whose drivers do not use the same vehicle each day. Any activity performed by the vehicle during the time the driver was assigned will be associated with that driver for reporting purposes. Maps have driver information available for display at your preference, and alerts/messages will have the appropriate driver’s contact information (email address and cell phone number for SMS) as an optional override to the default vehicle information. Drivers can be assigned to a vehicle in 5 different ways: • Manually (via our web interface) • Touching a keyfob to a reader in the vehicle (if installed) • Sending the Driver ID via Garmin • Sending the Driver ID via SMS text message • API (Application Programming Interface) Garmin Displaying Driver ID BENEFITS • Analyze individual driver behavior with reports on idling, speeding, miles, stops, landmark visits, and odd-hours by driver, not by vehicle • Identify drivers responsible for parking tickets, toll violations, and customer complaints • Ensure a more accurate payroll Choose Driver or Vehicle Labels More info at 13
  14. 14. Smartphones Displaying Various Mobile Access  MOBILE ACCESS GPS Insight advanced mobile functionality makes it easy to track and communicate with your fleet from anywhere, at any time, by using your mobile device.  FEATURES Mobile Apps • Available for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Android • View detailed current status of your vehicles • Supports map, satellite, and hybrid views • View alerts, create landmarks, and send messages • View vehicles which are closest to your current location Google Maps for Mobile Devices • Available for all smartphones and most phones with a graphic display • Supports map, satellite, and hybrid views • View detailed current status of your vehicles • Get directions to/from vehicles Mobile Browser • GPS Insight Portal is fully functional on most mobile browsers (iPad, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry) • Many features have been adapted to work within the phone/tablet browserMOBILE ACCESS SMS Messaging • Send and receive SMS text messages to/from your drivers • Send a query from your mobile phone for instant vehicle location and status • Create landmarks, find the closest vehicles, set alerts, and more • Use the messaging dashlet, click links within maps, or the dedicated messaging interface to send/view messages • Using SMS text messages, your drivers can leave reportable notes based on their activity in the field 14 More info at
  15. 15.  TAKE FULL CONTROL OF YOUR FLEET CONTACT GPS Insight provides a 30-day, money-back guarantee and offers free trials for qualified companies. Most GPS Insight devices require no contract and are available on a rental program to minimize your out-of-pocket expense before receiving significant ROI (Return On Investment). Our tracking devices are easy to install and ship the day your order is received. Call us today for a free product demonstration in our offices, at your location, or via a WebEx presentation online. WEBSITE Visit to keep up-to-date with the latest from GPS Insight. View a large variety of product information, including video demonstrations, software and hardware details, case studies, white papers, testimonials, our CEO’s Blog, and much more. Please use our “Contact Us” form to send any comments or questions you may have. We look forward to providing our world-class technology, service, and support to your organization. GPS Insight Headquarters & “GPSI-Mobile” CONTACT US GPS Insight has superior customer service representatives that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us for sales, customizations and technical support. All of our customer support is handled in-house, from our US-based locations. GPS Insight Headquarters Arizona 21803 N. Scottsdale Road, Suite #220 Scottsdale, AZ 85255 Phone: 866-477-4321 Fax: 480-513-1694 Regional Sales Offices California Illinois Oklahoma 770 The City Drive, Suite #1400 1 Tower Lane, Suite #2530 119 N. Robinson, Suite #640 Orange, CA 92868 Oak Brook Terrace, IL 60181 Oklahoma City, OK 73102 Phone: 310-526-6076 Phone: 630-544-2790 Phone: 405-445-7130 Fax: 714-740-0380 Fax: 630-706-3996 Fax: 405-601-1298 Email: or More info at 15
  16. 16. Phone: 866-477-4321 • 21803 N Scottsdale Road, Suite #220, Scottsdale, AZ 85255 • Web: