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moForte - Introduction 05_03_2016


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moForte - Introduction 05_03_2016

  1. 1. 05/03/2016 moForte
 Introduction Pat Scandalis (CTO, acting CEO)
 Dr. Julius O. Smith III (Founding Consultant) 
 Nick Porcaro (Chief Scientist) 
 moForte Inc. 05/03/2016 1
  2. 2. 05/03/2016 moForte • Founded 2012 • Commercializing audio modeling technologies developed at Stanford/CCRMA 2
  3. 3. 05/03/2016 Team • Pat Scandalis CTO, Acting CEO • Dr. Julius O. Smith III Founding Consultant, Professor at Stanford/CCRMA • Nick Porcaro Chief Scientist
 Former members of Stanford University’s Sondius team (1994-1997) formed to create IP around audio DSP inventions
 Former founders of Staccato Systems, a spin-out from Stanford/CCRMA, which was sold to Analog Devices in 2001
 moForte’s team is composed of experts in interactive audio modeling. Dr. Julius Smith III is considered to be a pioneer in the field. 3
  4. 4. 05/03/2016 ` • Products are based on unique DSP algorithms for interactive audio modeling known as Physical Modeling Synthesis. 
 • These algorithms, unlike sample playback, are highly interactive and bring the emotional experience of performing music to a broad audience. Demo Europa
 • moForte is generating new IP to protect its emerging market position. 4
  5. 5. 05/03/2016 moForte/AirJamz Guitar Modeled Guitar for Consumers • Originally Released Nov, 2013 • Aimed at consumers • AirJamz Version with Zivix linked to wearable device. • Includes built in store for in-app purchase of songs.
  6. 6. 05/03/2016 GeoShred Modeled Guitar for Musicians • April 2015 • Aimed at Musicians. • Paid App • Developed in partnership with Wizdom Music/Jordan Rudess
 • Stand alone musical instrument. • Unique isomorphic playing surface • 2-D expression pad • Modeled guitar • Effects chain and preset editor • Consistently rated 5 stars • Top 10 app in the music apps category • Craig Anderton says: 
 "it's the coolest app I've ever reviewed."
  7. 7. 05/03/2016 PowerStomp Modeled Effects Chain for Guitar Players • June 2016 • Aimed at Guitar Players • Paid App • Single Price, no in-apps
 • Modeled Effects based on leading edge circuit modeling techniques • Effects chain and preset editor • Proposed low cost audio/midi pedal
  8. 8. 05/03/2016 Guitarinator Guitar Game Prototype • Release TBD • Aimed at consumers • Game-ified Performance Experience 
 • Modeled guitar • Simple tap interface • Jam Mode • Social sharing of performances and scores • Proposed low cost/high volume plastic enclosure.
  9. 9. 05/03/2016 Gallery of Video Demos 9 moForte Guitar Private Demo Reel Guitar-Inator PowerStomp Using for Accompaniment Geo Shred