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A Guide for Successful and Safe Tailgating


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A Guide for Successful and Safe Tailgating

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A Guide for Successful and Safe Tailgating

  1. 1. A guide to successful & safe tailgating
  2. 2. Towson University is committed to promoting a safe and fun environment for our university community and students to come together and support our athletics program.
  3. 3. The 3 “S”s of Tailgating  Safety! Safety of our students, of our visitors and of our staff  Spirit! Tailgating should be a warm-up for the spirit of the home athletic event. It is done so in the spirit of TU Pride.  Socializing! Tailgating should be a time for students to get together, have fun, and celebrate being a TU tiger!
  4. 4. What should tailgating look like? Yes! No!
  5. 5. What should tailgating look like? Yes! No!
  6. 6. What should tailgating look like? Yes! No!
  7. 7. What should tailgating look like? Yes! No!
  8. 8. Is it a party or is it a tailgate? A tailgate  Variety of food & beverages  Non alcoholic beverages available  Sufficient number of food & drink for people attending  Precursor to going to enjoy the game  Fun and relaxing way to enjoy the day  Individual, small groups A party  Common sources of alcohol (kegs, beer tubs, trash cans of beer)  Loud music  Drinking games  Underage drinking  Lack of food  Excessive quantities of alcohol  Large number of people
  9. 9. What are the tailgating policies*?  All state & local laws AND university policies are in effect.  To consume, transport, or possess alcohol you must be 21 years of age or older  Those 21 years of age or older can have no more than one 6-pack of beer or no more than 24 oz. of wine. No hard liquor or common sources of alcohol (kegs, party balls, wine boxes etc.)  Individuals must carry their own alcohol  Drinking games are not permitted  No person or group can provide alcohol to anyone under 21 years of age
  10. 10. Policies continued…  Public intoxication is prohibited, even if you are of age to drink  No pets permitted (with the exception of service animals)  Individuals are not permitted to bring an open container on to the lot or in the game.  Glass beverage containers are not permitted.  All vehicles must have a valid Lot 14 permit.  Active sports (Frisbee, football throwing) are permitted as long as they do not endanger anyone around them.
  11. 11. Policies continued…  Tents larger than 10x10, platforms & stages are not permitted unless approved in advance  Open containers may not be brought onto the lot or into the game  The lot will be cleared at the start of the game *See: Tailgating Policy and Procedures (TU 06-09.02)
  12. 12. How to help if things go wrong…  Step in and do the right thing! Don’t just be a bystander.  If you see someone who needs medical attention, alert a staff member or call TUPD 410-704-4444.  Gather a group of friends to step in and don’t allow others to get hurt.  If you see a friend acting inappropriately, step in and address it—help to stop the behavior.
  13. 13. So, what is expected of all of us?  Students: Tailgate responsibly, have fun, and abide by laws & university policies. Also, please clean up after yourselves on the way out!  Student Affairs Staff: Inform students and the community about appropriate tailgating procedures and assist tailgaters with any questions they have.  Parking Staff: Direct traffic to appropriate parking spots. Assigned spots are not negotiable.  SAFE Event Staff: Ensure acceptable tailgating, uphold policies, cite inappropriate and/or dangerous behavior, remove tailgaters as necessary.  University Police: Uphold the law & university policy. They are recognized, sworn law enforcement officers and have full powers of citation and arrest.
  14. 14. Alcohol Education @ Towson University  Information regarding alcohol and other drugs can be found at the following website: 
  15. 15. The End  Click here to enter your email address to acknowledge you have read this PowerPoint.